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Rumble Build Guide by Shavsheti

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shavsheti

Let's get in da fight!

Shavsheti Last updated on September 24, 2011
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Hey everyone. This is my first build/guide in MobaFIRE.

First I want to introduce Rumble;
Rumble is a Melee-Caster-DPS-Offtank. Yes, he includes this many roles alone. Why I'm making a Rumble guide is, when I played Rumble on Dominion mode, we won that match and I was the first ranked summoner. I think Rumble is pretty OP(or just strong) on Dominion. He can be built as a backdoor turret capturer, tanky AP, AP carry etc. Anyways, let's get into the guide.

Build 1 includes tanky Rumble build.
Build 2 includes deadly Rumble build.

For the new Rumble players, I suggest to go for Build 1. As you'll have a decent damage and enough survivability.

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• Deadly
• Not squishy at all
• Fast
• Huge range, huge DPS and huge slow ulti.
• Shield
• Can heal himself easily with spell vamp.
• Bully
• Great passive.
• A little, lovely, pretty, cute Yordle.

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• Can overheat easily.
• Silence ruins him.
• Riot loves to nerf him.
• Can get bullied by some anti-carries.

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For runes I run for 9x Magic Pen. reds, 9x HP/lvl yellow, 9x AP/lvl blues and finally 3x Flat AP or 3x MS quints.
Mark of Insight; I use this because it's the simple AP reds.
Seal of Vitality; More HP, more survivability, Rumble doesn't need ManaReg runes right? Could put Dodge or Armor but I prefer more HP for Rumble.
Glyph of Force; More AP, more dangerous. Could put Magic Resist runes but more AP suits Rumble better. As you're going to build WotA(which is a core item for Rumble), more damage = more heal.
Quintessence of Swiftness; You can go for flat AP quints(which i prefer sometimes) but this MS quints increases your movement dramatically. Yes, you're not Singed but in Dominion, you've to be fast to capture or run for defend. With Danger Zone boost Scrap Shield and the whirlwind thingy movement boost on Dominion map and Ghost, you can be everywhere you want!

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For masteries, I go 9/21/0 for tanky Rumble. Which will provide some Armor, Magic Resist and all damage reductions. Some AP boost too but doesn't affect that much. For deadly Rumble, I go 9/0/21. It provides better utility for Rumble. You'll be more squishy but reduced CD, increased buff duration and decreased CD of Flash/Ghost... Who would say no?

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I rush for Boots of Speed and two Ampf. tome at start. As Rumble can defend one point vs. two alone, you can start with a Prospector's Ring, which I don't suggest. It provides HP and 30 AP, nothing more for Rumble.
At dominion, you wouldn't like to go back till your HP drops to zero. So going for Hextech Revolver and a Giant's Belt or Sorc. Shoes at first trip back is possible, as long as you defend and don't die early. After that I rush for Rylai's. If my team is bunch of squishy insta-lock in guys, I go Abyssal Scepter after Rylai, then Sunfire Cape. From now, you can bully around. If my team needs damage, I go a fast Rabadon after Rylai, then Void Staff.

You have many choices for the last item. If you're always bullying around and capturing enemy points, I suggest you to go for Priscilla's Blessing. This new item increases your Capture Rate and gives decent movement speed boost for very very short time.
If you feel like dying in every team fight and being useless because of it, you can go for Guardian Angel. Which will provide Armor and Magic resist, and ofc. rebirth after dead. Rebirth after dead is a good choice. Because the main idea of Dominion is capturing points and interrupting enemies from it. Giving your team more time to capturing other points with rebirth is very useful at Dominion.

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Skill Sequence

For the backdoor or tanky Rumble, max Q>W>R>E. For deadly Rumble, max Q>E>R>W.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer going Flash/Ghost. But who doesn't like options?

Viable picks;
Flash = Blink really helps Rumble in chasing or escaping.
Ghost = In my opinion, ghost should be used in every Dominion game. Getting to points quicker increases your win chance.
Exhaust = Slowing and reducing the damage and resistance of your enemy is good. But I think Flash & Ghost are more useful for Rumble.
Ignite = Tired of healers and luckers? This may help.

comparing to other spells, these are the only viable spells for Rumble.

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• Send all of your team to Wind Mill at starting. Let Rumble defend Quarry/Boneyard alone. As long as the enemy isn't more than two, Rumble can defend and give you the time to dominate other points.

• If you have an offtank with you at start, rush for the enemy middle capture point.

• You will be a beast with the Storm Shield buff. With Storm Shield, you'll be using your W for only to get in Danger Zone. It'll decrease your chance to get overheat and silence. Rumble is OP without silence because of infinite Flamespitter heal. So abuse this buff, and when you see it up, rush for it.

• If the enemy team doesn't have assassin/anti-carry champs, you can go for a Mejai as long as you survive while getting Double-Triple kills.

CDR items are bad for Rumble! You can spam your Q and E faster, but it'll incredibly increase your overheat chance. So how's the cooldown reduction good if you're silenced in every fight?

• If the enemy team doesn't have fast movers like Udyr,Garen or blinkers like Kassadin or Lee Sin, you can backdoor 24/7. Remember the key to win is capturing the turret thingies!

• Running is always an option.

• If some1 picked Rumble for your team, picking any other AOE damage dealers like Kennen, Gangplank is always a good option.

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I hope you enjoyed my first guide, and try it sometime. Excuse my bad English. And there isn't much color and picture because I'm so lazy to put them. Maybe I'll put them while updating. Don't hesitate for bad or good comments. I can use some MobaFIRE experts help in guides :).

See you.