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Rumble Build Guide by MaxedVolume

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MaxedVolume

Lets Rumble Things Up

MaxedVolume Last updated on September 19, 2012
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Hello Summoners

Today i will write my build for Rumble
Basicly im making this build to help my friend play him bacause i've seen him play and honesly i wasnt impressed.
I know Rumble is not the easiest championg to play, so im hoping this guilde will help u as much as it helped him

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Skill Sequence

I am starting the Game With My E spell and i take it for the early game harrasing
getting your E first will help u while farming and preventing your enemy from farm

I continue my game with my Q because its my greatest dmg dealer, Rumble had build a reputation of a bully which is why when your enemy will see u use your Q they will immediatly back off and run the opposite way

The Equalizer
Rumble's ultimate abillity, this Atk is one of the strongest atks in the game which is why useing it wisely can win u most of the teamfights

Rumble's passive can be tricky because he can win u fights or loose them
i reccomend keeping your heat on 60 all of the time
when engageing fight use your W and quickly Q for max DMG out-put
any other heat use might loose you fights because your spells are disabeled untill the heat is down

notice that I lvl the E spell at the same time as my W, this will give u the amount of stabbiliy u need and the amount of poking dmg that u will use to lower the enemys health before teamfights

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Rumble is very squishy which is why i start with a dorans ring

I continue to work on his stability with a mercury threads and give myself some dmg with the Haunting guise

I continue my buiild with a crystal septer to slow enemies to help your team control the fights

i keep my DMG and stability up with an abyssal septer for its MR and MR reduce for ur nearby enemys

i finish my buil with a guardian angel because in this step of the game u will want to keep up with the enemy tanks while still dealing a large amount of dmg.
remmember that rumble is a meele ap fighter and u cannot go head on unprotected so u might consider getting guardian angel abit earlier then that

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Masteries And Runes

i focus my masteries and Runes on magical dmg and defence because rumble's spells are really strong so can focus on defence instead of pure offence for a better late game while still keeping on dealing tons of dmg to your enemy team

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Winning Solo-Top

Playing Rimble at solo top is depending on your jungler, as long as he is good ull do fine

try not to overextend your lane which basicly means dont cross the river torch, or in other words dont be gankable.
farm ... farm as much as u can and once your jungler comes jump on him head on, because ur not over extended your rival at the top wont see u as a threat but once u and the jungler will gank the **** out of him he wont be so easy the next time, once u killed him go get wards cuz he will want to avenge, real bad
if he hugs the tower go gank mid or smth just dont push the lane let the fight be on your side of the map where u have the adventage

remmember to push the turret only with the jungler and after u killed your enemy other wise u will find your self ganked so hard that tears will start running through your eyes,
i know that cuz Rumble is a well known threat and a smart team will want to shut u down as soon as they can, keep that in mind and u will be fine

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Team Work

Rumble Should be one of the DMG dealers in the team so make sure that even if u go to the top lane that your team still has a full tank, never let your team think that will will tank the dmg THATS the MOST common MISTAKE with Rumble

Starting teamfights is quite obvius, u fire your ulti in the middle of the fight, charge up overheat with your shield and Harpoons and over heat their *** off with your passive and flamethrower

jump in right after the tank but before the carrys this way your team will win with minor DMG taken

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Benefits of playing Rumble

* alot of burst in teamfights and nice CC in 1v1

* doesnt gave mana so u can lane as long at u can and still fight back when needed

* a vey fun and strong Champion

* Plsying Rumble will allow your team to send an ADC to mid for ex draven or cait that will probably win their mid APC

sending an ADC to mid is very good because it allows your team to develop 2 ADCs that will help your team pushing and winning teamfights. morreover and ADC is by far a better laner then APC because an ADC has sustain and donednt have to waste mana on farming