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Warwick Build Guide by bestfckingplayer

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bestfckingplayer

Leveling up fast with jungle Warwick

bestfckingplayer Last updated on June 6, 2017
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Warwick Build

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Leveling up fast

Alright you *****tain, so you just got banned or whatever and need to level up again. You must buy Warwick and go into intermediate bots.

1.Buy hunter talisman and a rejuv bead
2.Do a full clear including one scuttle to get 1100 gold for bami's cinder
3. Recall and get your Bami's Cinder
4. Chill at wolves the rest of the game

The Bami Cinder will automatically aggro the wolves so Warwick autoattacks them. You don't need to do anything past this point.

Without masteries I am not sure how long you will sustain but with 0/0/18 I have survived the wolves camp in a 40 minute game.

I also don't use armor runes while doing this but you may as well get the 1ip ones.

Note: If some ******* picks Tahm Kench or Ryze dodge unless you want to be trolled the entire game