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League of Legends Build Guide Author Phever

LifeSteal and AD Ezzzz!

Phever Last updated on February 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well Im Phever and this Is my guide to a Life Steal/Attack Damage Ezreal. I like playing it this way one, because he can do a lot of damage and two after playing ability power Ezreal just gets boring after awhile. With this its much harder because the only skill that does enough damage is your Q Mystic Shot. So if this is the only skill putting out damage your going to be in bit of a pinch without anything else to help you. Ahh im just kidding if you read more you will learn the best way to play my build. It actually works well for me and i do pretty well. So hopefully this build helps you out in making your Ezreal play more successful and fun for the rest of the time you play him. Also if you can mid it would probably be the best with ezreal. He is like Ashe-

She is not the best laner if you know what im saying.

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Getting a Wriggles Lantern
Will help you with all the life steal you need because with him you really don't want to go to over whelmed with all that life steal.

Getting the Blood thrister's will also help you at life steal because the more people you kill the more life steal and damage you in the long run. When you get a trinity force this will give you a little ability power and once you use a skill your regular attack that already does damage will do even more with the 125% damage the Sheen causes from its passive. Also the phage you get to make the trinity force will give you the little health you need to be successful with this build. After you get every one of these items you will be so powerful that you will be a main target.

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Skill Sequence

The reason i chose this skill sequence is because you need to max out Mystic Shot and Arcane shift first. One because your Mystic shot is the only thing that will actually do any damage and Arcane Shift because that is a good escape skill you can get away really easy if you have flash and Arcane Shift. Then after your done with that get essence flux which wont really do much unless they have low health running away then you can shoot it and it wont hit minions and just focus on them. Of course leveling up True Shot Barrage at the levels that it allows you to. But also you can use Arcane Shift then Time it with Mystic Shot to get a good angle on the target.

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Pros / Cons

The Pros: The good thing about doing AD/LS Ez is that he can do some major work if you get his items fast. That means once you have a lot of damage he can 1 v 1 pretty much anyone.
The Cons: He only has one skill that does damage. and then he has to rely on his reqular attack.

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Summoner Spells

I chose These summoner spells for great reasons so that they can be fool proof in the field of battle.

Flash- I chose flash because of 2 reasons. The first is because he already has his Arcane Shift so if you combine this and flash together it can make the ultimate escape for getting away in sticky situations.
Exhaust- I chose exhaust because if you've played Ezreal before you know hes not a very fast champion at all so using exhaust can be used to slow champions down to catch up to them or you can use it to slow them from getting teammates.

These two summoner spells are necessary when playing ezreal in my opinion because they help you so much.

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Team Work

Ezreal isnt really a team played much so you will have to try the tips i give you to help out your team. His W and R are the only two skills that actually work for helping your team a lot the other two just help out ezreal

His W- Essence Flux-- This can Only hit enemy champions but if it his your teammates it speeds them up for a short duration. So using W when chasing or ganking is a good strategy so you can catch people faster.

His R- True Shot Barrage-- This can Help out with a couple reasons as long as you have good map awareness. Like if your team mate is fighting someone and the person is taking down there health and the enemy is almost dead but so is your teammate you can Use it to take a little more health away from the enemy so you teammate can finish them off and then recall. The other way i would use this is if your teammates get the enemy really low but the enemy escapes you can shoot it towards the enemy and if you them it will finish them off rather than them getting to go back.

These are the only things i can think of so if you find any better solutions or have anything to add just leave a comment and i would love to hear what you guys have to say.

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This build works excellent for me and I hope it does for you guys to. If you have any questions or anything you would like to share or have me add just comment and i will do my best to answer you guys. Ezreal is worth buying he is 6300 in the stores save up and buy this amazing champion
This is me signing off again this has been another build. AD/LS Ez!
- Phever