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Jax Build Guide by KrabiCZE

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KrabiCZE

Lifesteal Jax - the ultimate solution

KrabiCZE Last updated on October 14, 2011
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Greetings, fellow Jax players,

I couldn't find any high damage and survavibility build for Jax, so i decided to write my own.
The key to this one is called:


Lifesteal Jax is one of the most powerful builds i invented.
We shall jump on to items:

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The very basic item for this build is called Hextech Gunblade. You will be buying two of these. There will also be Doran's shield, Ninja Tabi and a Phantom Dancer.

For the order:
1. Right at the start, buy Doran's Shield (The very first item in recomeded)
2. Get Ninja Tabi for dodge chance (recomeded boots for Jax)
3. Buy two Vampiric Sceptres (Very basic lifesteal, lets you solo the dragon in 3v3
at level 8) (Found in Attack ---) Life Steal)
4. Get G..... Rageblade for stacking toghther with your ultimate = very fast attack speed when stacked (Third item in recomeded) (Don't know how it's spelled xD)
5. Then, start building a Hextech Gunblade, items in any order you decide.
6. When you have the first Gunblade, build a full Phantom Dancer so you have attack speed before your stacks go up.
7. The last thing you need is another Hextech Gunblade, in the position of the second Vampiric scepter.

V 1.1:
1. Doran's Shield
2. Ninja Tabi
3. ONE Vampiric Scepter
4. Rageblade
5. Hextech Gunblade
6. Phantom Dancer (Alternatively, if some papyrus pwns you, you could get magic resist, or Thornmail in case you get an AD in place of this item)
7. Hextech Gunblade 2

Now you are practically unkillable in 1v1 and you do a LOT of damage.

Let's move on to Skill sequence!

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Skill sequence

Always activate Empower before battle, about 3-4 secs so you dont waste it for holding it too long. When Empower is up, you want to Leap Strike:

a) Your opponent (only 1v1)
b) Enemy with smallest HP
c) If everybody is full, attack the one with the least HP (For the purpose of this guide, i will be calling easy-to-die champs (Brand, Ryze, Xerath, Annie...) or low-hp-in-your-game champs papyrus)

After you Leap Strike, you want to basic attack until you dodge and get Counterstrike (E). Then, keep it for stopping purposes until the papyrus starts running, stun him and get the kill. Easy peasy. If he is tanky (wtf? tanky papyrus?), don't be afraid to use it, you can always Leap Strike when he's running.

Now, let's take a look at your ultimate:
Relentless assault
Jax's speed allows him to reduce incoming magic damage. For 5/6.5/8 seconds his Magic Resist is increased by 20/35/50 plus his Dodge percent totalling Magic Resist.

Short version: IT SUCKS ***, since you will be killing papyrus easily, and most papyrus are casters, why would, for god's sake, you want magic resist? It's only useful moment is when a papyrus tries to kill you when you are VERY low. Then, activate it, and watch his helplessness as you run away, and he fades behind.

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Only get Defense for Nimbleness

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Important skill facts

Leap Strike:
Don't forget you can leapstrike to minions, wards, friendly champions, but not turrets!
It can save your *** having an extra almost-flash up your sleeve!

Example: You are the bait to pull enemy champs from the top turret on 3v3. You pull and as you run around the dragon, you leap strike you the rest of your team, waiting in there for free kills as the enemies come, considering you an easy kill and thinking you just flashed.

Counter Strike:
Every level of this ability gives you bonus dodge chance!

Relentless assault:
Your ulti is a stacking attack speed buff that stacks with every basic attack, so don't let yourself get engeged in short bursts, you will lose your stacks in the pauses and probably die!

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With runes, you want to be going for flat AP and AP per level

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Summoner Spells

I usually take Heal for D and Flash for F, but i guess Exhaust would be better when going aganist speeders (Teemo, Fortune, Rammus)

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Jax is a very OP champ, but you must know how to buy items for him! What you got from the items was a lot of AP, some speed so you can catch up on your kill/get your stacks easier and finally some Dodge chance, so you can use your E.

If you read all the way down here, you probably want my contact info so you can throw rotten tomatoes at my house. So here it is:

EU Nordic and East - KrabiCZe

This is my first guide, so be nice, thank you =)