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Gragas Build Guide by brentietje

like a drunk (ap-mid)

like a drunk (ap-mid)

Updated on June 26, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author brentietje Build Guide By brentietje 10,003 Views 5 Comments
10,003 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author brentietje Gragas Build Guide By brentietje Updated on June 26, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Hi guys, this is my first guide on mobafire, so plz don't kill me, if there are some mistakes in it ;)

I've bought this awesome champion a while ago and noticed how fun and easy it was to use him. I know a lot of players try to build him like a solo top tank, but I think it's better to use him for his raw power as a AP-MID. Another reason why not to build him as a tank, his drunken rage gives you enough defense.

What you need to know about this awesome champion. When he's build right, he can really make or break the game. In early game, his barrel roll is easy to farm and deal damage to your opponent without even getting hit once. If you should get hit, there's always your Drunken Rage and passive to heal you up.
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Summoner Spells

I've chosen flash and ignite.
Flash: combine this with body slam/ explosive cask to ensure escape.
Ignite: use this dot, if you think your barrel roll just won't finish him off.
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As you can see, i've used only offensive runes. This way, you can easy outmatch your opponent before level 6. A slight reminder, don't get too cocky in early game and don't chase all the time, a jungler may be waiting for you.
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Skill Sequence

As i've said before, we go FULL DAMAGE. so our most important ability is barrel roll. In early game, use this as a constant damage from a distance, so you can make your rival recall and lose exp/gold.

Now the real deal.
Before you are level 6:
The only damage you will do on the opponent will come fromm Barrel Roll. The only way, you will be able to kill someone before level 6, will probably be, if your jungler comes to your aid and uses his exhaust and does a lot of damage. Only if your jungler is with you, you are allowed to use your body slam to slow/kill your opponent. Another good use for Body Slam is to escape from a fight, but more about that later.

After level 6:
This is where the fun starts :D
by now you have learned your ulti, which not only does a "ton" of damage, but also relocates your opponent. You can do 2 things once you are level 6:
1) You roll the **** out of your rival with barrel roll and when he is low on health, you use your Explosive Cask to block his route and blast his *** back to you, so you can finish it off with a body slam, followed by a barrel roll.

2) You can ping your jungler to wait in the nearby bushes. You let your enemy push a bit, then use your Explosive Cask to blast him towards you, where then your jungler uses his exhaust, you go all body slam on his *** and then finish it of with a barrel roll. This almost works everytime. Something extra in case your jungler is warwick. let arwick engage with his surpress, when that is almost ended, blast him with explosive cask and repeat what I've said before to get the kill.
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Unique Skills

Gragas is an extremely fun champion to play with, because you can use his abilities in a lot of ways, I'll explain all of them here.

Happy Hour: everytime you use an ability, Gragas will regain health. This means if you are low on health, but have the blue buff, you can spam your abilities to regain health. Use this in combination with using your barrel roll from a safe distant on creeps/enemies to safely regain health/ damage your opponent.

Barrel Roll: This is your bread and butter move. The use of this is defining for the whole game. If you are farming, put a barrel between the melee and ranged minions. Normally, You should be able to one shot the ranged and finish the melee with your body slam.
Some People somethimes forget that it also slows, so if they are chasing you, use this barrel right behind you and let it explode when they are near, in combination with body slam, you should be safe.

Drunken Rage: Use this if
1) you want to engage (extra armor)
2) Want to kill a tower (extra damage)
3) want to regain health/mana

Body Slam: This is one of my favorite abilities in the game, because you can use it in a dozen ways.
1) If you want to take the blue buff, you can slam trough the wall.
2) If you want to kill, it helps closing in the distance/ slow your oppponent.
3) If you use it well, you will almost be able to escape every time (slam trough walls)
4) Use it to dodge skill shots if necessary.

Explosive Cask: Yes even this ability can be used in a couple of ways.
1) in case of 1vs1, use it to:
a) Get your opponent closer.
b) Use it to escape.
c) Use it as a finisher, if you want to be sure.
d) Use it to disturb annoying ulti's like Crowstorm , Eternal Thirst and Stand United
2) Teamfights: Use this skill as brutal damage or, use it seperate your ennemie's group for more easy kills
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Mana problems?

If you follow my build, normally you woudn't be having troubles with this. Ofcourse everybody has his unique playstyle and some are a bit more mana intensive. My solution is Drunken Rage, use it whenever possible. It may seem only a bit mana regen, but it does the trick. Another thing you can try to do, is taking the blue buff, this will easily solve your problems.
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I hope this guide will help you to enjoy this champion more.
Comments are always welcome (If they are constructive)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author brentietje
brentietje Gragas Guide
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like a drunk (ap-mid)

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