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Nautilus Build Guide by Logrin

Looks like we are gonna a little.... NAUTY HAR HAR HAR!

Looks like we are gonna a little.... NAUTY HAR HAR HAR!

Updated on March 5, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Logrin Build Guide By Logrin 1,287 Views 0 Comments
1,287 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Logrin Nautilus Build Guide By Logrin Updated on March 5, 2013
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For items I normally rush a spirit stone into a get a philo stone. I know that sounds really bad but normally you just want to ease of clearing and possibly handing off a 2nd blue so the regen will help alot. I always get a doran's sheild or ruby crystal depending on how AD dependent their team is. After the I go into a Spirit of the Ancient Golem and mobi boots. Because moving fast and having tenacity is awesome.

Communicate on whoes getting the Aegis/bulwark I personally perfer it on naut because he just does so well and gets so much out of it that it's silly to not get it.
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The situational stuff

Iceborn Gauntlet is on the list to help you "stick" more effectively onto targets or just offer a 5th and obnoxious CC thats needed.

If their team has alot of AP get a Banshee's veil and if they have too much AD get a randuins. And just try to be the big unkillable guy that CC's entire teams.
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Blowing mah mast.

Naut is still very strong after all the nerfs he still offers quiet a bit. He still offers an amazing amount of CC while being Tanky. His jungle clear is decent but once you get going and you don't get couter jugled hes like an Angry God.
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Generally you want to do the average beginning for the jungle and start at blue

If you feel like you might get invaded or something at your red you can not do wraiths and start early on your red because of aggression at your red. Naut is a weak jungler at weaker levels .
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Dropping the load

Naut excels at locking down teams while peeling for his carries. He can do everything just by being in a team fight and dishing out alot of damage for no reason. Hes strong late game and offers an insane amount of CC.

Some cons about him is if no one follows up on your CC or you miss a Q you are boned and pretty much dead so be sure to always land that hook on key targets when it comes to late game. This is generally my priority for hooks late game
    AP Carry (If not tanky as ****)
    Jungle (If no hard CC is present/initation)
    Top lane (If not a bruiser/tank)

I make it my goal to always ultimate either the farthest target or the ADC. Hell you can even use it to peel off the guys that zerg your ADC. If you can communicate that you are going to ult their ADC and there is follow up then do that. If not hold onto it and use it to peel.
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Lets sit in a bush and wait!

This is something that you should not be afraid to do with your team late game if you have 100% guranted vision of their jungle. Picking off 1-2 people passively farming in the jungle is normally very big when it oomes to late game. Because it makes thing like baron/inhibs for free as if they were on welfare. It's always good to maintain a level of fear in their jungle that they might die at any second from 5 guys. (Wards/counter wards are essential)
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Laning phase is one of the biggest things for Naut. Things to look for lanes is something I always call "Kill potential" It's one of the biggest things to look for consistantly as Naut because mobility and applying pressure is something he can do aslong as you aren't behind.

Some great lanes to gank in this instance are any lanes that are 3/4 their hp or if the person on your team has a very strong amount of burst damage. Just always remember at 6 Naut has 4 kinds of CC. Thats a whole lotta Crowd control.

One big tip is to always abuse and gank from diffrent sides at all time. If ganking from the river doesn't work go around. And if that doesn't work gank from lane. Just be the biggest and obnoxious thing ever when ganking someone in lane. It always works 11 times out of 10
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What? You're telling me I gotta think?

To play Naut effectively you have to chain some of your skills/cc's with other champs. For instance when you are initiating on an out of position person I normally lead with a Q into an auto. In this time they are cc'ed pretty effectively. Normally the follow up after the auto which is always going to be a snake you either ult the person behind them or the person depending on if you can guarantee multiple knock ups. Your slow is last in your combo so idealy it should look like this.


The slow is just to make sure if they don't die during the chain CC you can hook them again for some fun times. Because no only does Naut do a decent chunk of burst on squishies he can lock people down.

Another big thing is when you are done locking down the person you are supposed to you can use your Q to peel/mass slow the assasins or bruisers trying to kill your ADC/APC. Alot of Naut's play style is just to be a bully and keep people either locked up or peel and be insanely obnoxious.
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