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Lulu Build Guide by PathfinderTare

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PathfinderTare

Lulu - Get your wimsy on! (EDITING)

PathfinderTare Last updated on January 1, 2013
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This is my first time making a guide, I am not terribly a fined tuned fan of numbers but I do know what works for me. The first thing to note is that this is meant for Lulu's who are doing this as a support. Though, I have actually used this same set up to put her mid before.

Yes there is a bit of ap reflected in this but it really just helps her glitterlance harass in game which is usually what I use it for.

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MR per level will put your MR up where it lacks a bit in this build. Gold generating seals should be self explanatory. If you are farming minions away from your ADC in bottom lane then you are doing it wrong. Armor marks and health quints so you can take enemy hits while being proactive.

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Any support worth their weight will focus most of their points in the utility tree. It's just got too many things to help them. Mana regen, gold gen, cookie and ward. Helps early, pickpocket is fun so long as you make sure you harass often. Summoner and item cooldowns also.

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Grab all the gold gens as early as you can get away with it and still get warding done. Ionian boots of lucidity will help with all your cooldowns. I almost always get the bulwark as I like to harass as a support which means I take a beating as well so get one or both gold gen then at least pick up the Emblem of Valor for the health regen and armor. Get the sight stone as early as you can manage as it saves you significantly on gold later. If you have a free slot and can afford it, it doesn't hurt to grab vision wards in any case for the usefulness they bring. Otherwise, the rest are situation, rabadons and rylai's are great if you can spare the gold and want to harass more, Finishing your philo into a shurelya's can help sometimes, or a mikael's for your own mana and more utility.

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Skill Sequence

Max your E first, many will want to max their Q for damage but this is a support build. Maxing your E gives you sustain that your ADC needs. Yea sure a maxed glitterlance will do more damage but you're a support and your E is your best support tool before your ult.
Save your ult for when it will make a difference, if the enemy team is quickly melting your ADC with large numbers, don't... just don't. The health difference isn't going to matter in the end. However if the enemy team is focusing them AND the rest of your own team is around, then that is CC and sustain for a team fight. I always pump wimsy skill last because I usually end up just using it for a speed boost or to CC the enemy team. I've occasionally did it to give an AP champ more AP but its better reserved to take an enemy carry out of a fight for a few seconds while your team is doing the rest of the work. I usually won't start a fight with glitterlance, I use it for early poke and harass but in a team fight I reserve it to slow enemy champions that are trying to run, this is why I don't need it maxed first. Glitterlance is an okay damage tool with AP but its a great slow.

Idealistically you want to shield your teammates often and use your slow and wimsy on the enemy team.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Exhaust, I shouldn't need to say more but I will.

Exhaust is wonderful to save your carry from damage or prevent an enemy from escaping. It slows and reduces their damage. Even if the enemy is immune to the slows for whatever reason they will still suffer the damage reduction so if that Yi is chasing your carry, don't be afraid to use it just because he ults as it will still reduce his damage.

Flash is actually something I started doing in the last month of my play as Lulu, I use to do clarity because I was stupid. Yes, clarity grants mana... but flash... oh flash, it is a wonderful escape tool that has given me a significant reduction in deaths in a match and has only served to improve my gameplay on Lulu over all.

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Vision wins matches.

This is a indisputable fact, you need to know where your enemy team is as much as possible to prevent ganks, to gank and simply just to know where you ought to be or are needed the most. You should never leave the base without having wards to put down and your team will thank and love you for it. Most of the time the enemy team will only buy a couple of wards for river, this is because they are stupid. Not everyone though, you will find smart warders, they'll buy pink wards, place them well about half the time, they'll ward blue or dragon and what not. You have to ward smarter. Buy a couple pinks, place then in unconventional spots that still grant vision if you are having issues with them finding your own wards, many a time I have found enemy wards doing that. A lot of times these days the enemy will ward bot bush just to try and get bush control, if they get pinks this is often a good way to bait the pink in bot bush rather then have them use it in river to remove yours. Drop your ward in their bush where they will notice. I would say 3 out of 4 times they will use the pink to get rid of it, the other times they just stop using the bush and drop the pink in river anyway. If they didn't bring pinks, try to be discrete about the warding, often it can lead to putting a lot of extra damage on them that couldn't of happened otherwise.

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Yes, I have already gotten a number of questions about this build. So I will try to further justify my choices here.

1. You get boots after all your gold gen, WHY?!

This answer is actually simple, because most other supports don't. They rush boots to keep up with their team and they lose on time they could be getting that extra bit of gold faster. I have wimsy, its a good enemy tool but I can use it to keep up with a fight before I get boots as well. Usually I don't even have a real need of boots until I have all my gold gen items anyway. It's daring sure, but doable once you learn WHERE you should be in fights.

2. You should have got awareness, why didn't you get awareness?

I find the skill a useless waste of points, you'll level on your own time. Usually I will intentionally stand back a bit so my ADC can get more exp. I just can't be concerned about it when I am pretty good at not getting caught. That exp boost becomes useless once you finally hit level 18 so the points are better spent elsewhere in skills that remain useful at the level cap.