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Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides
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Lulu Build Guide by xosmashox

AD Carry LULU- Mid and adc buid <3

By xosmashox | Updated on December 23, 2012

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hello everyone I am new with mobafire. and im hope that everyone is good. sorry im a foreigner so my English is bad but I think im good enough to help all new player know how-to build lulu . hope u enjoy the guides. if u have any question u can either comment or send me through thanks and sorry because im a foreigner so im not write that much
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the best way to build adc or mid lulu is get a lot of attack dmg in early game. with those rune u get tons of dmg + pix dmg u will dominate everyone
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Riley scepter will give u better chance to survive in game and give ur Q some dmg.
after u finish phantom dancer and infinity edge u don't have to build blood thirsty and hurricane. depend on the game, u can get more health or more ap. but I think get blood thirsty and hurricane is the best because it give u more life steal and attack speed.
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Skill Sequence

when u use lulu, there plenty of way, how to use her. people usually use her Q to harass other champion but if the skill can reach them, u can put her E on some minions and then use ur Q to increase range. when u reach lv 6, and have ur ult, u can beat any ap in the game, by using combo, Q enemy then W on ur self run to them and then E on ur self with ur ad dmg I think u can kill any ap champion. incase if enemy champion is fed or like kat ult u can ult ur self to have more survival chance.

if u get ganked by some champion, just W ur self and run, if they kept on chasing use ur Q to slow them down then continue running. if they tower dive u, u know what to do slow them down then ult ur self
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I think ignite and flash is the best. because if enemy run away u can ignite them and u can escape gank with flash
League of Legends Build Guide Author xosmashox
xosmashox Lulu Guide

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LULU- Mid and adc buid <3