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Lulu Build Guide by Lariena

Lulu - The Wicked AP Support

Lulu - The Wicked AP Support

Updated on September 20, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lariena Build Guide By Lariena 6,238 Views 0 Comments
6,238 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lariena Lulu Build Guide By Lariena Updated on September 20, 2012
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Welcome on my Lulu build,

I will present quickly the build I use for Lulu. I got good success with her with this items selection. I play Lulu as a support.
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Pros / Cons

+ 30% Cooldown reduction.
+ Skills well boosted with AP.
+ No problem with Mana (you can spam spells).
+ Very good movement speed (to escape, to come in aid or to chase).
+ Disable one opponent for a long duration AND Shield allies.
+ Versatile

- Rather squishy.
- Depend on allies to shine.

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I go with the Boots of Swiftness first. I found that these boots fit Lulu very well. It help her in many ways. In battle, they will give you the mobility to come in aid to your allies while making you difficulte to close up. They also help your defense by helping you to escape when needed. With the spell Whimsy, your speed edge over your enemies will be even greater. This speed will also be useful to travel quickly to come to support your allies.

After the boots, I go for Morello's Evil Tome. This is the key item in the build. Why? It give a good amount of AP to boost your spells. It give a Cooldown bonus, which is very useful to carry your role of Support. What is more annoying for you and your team than to have your skills unavailable when you would need to shield this ally in aid or to damage this fleeing opponent? With the Mastery you will have a total of -30% Cooldown reduction. With my playing experience so far with Lulu, I found that it is enough. I could bring the Cooldown up to -35% with Runes, but I choose not. You will see later.

I choose also to favorised Cooldown reduction on Lulu, because most of her skills have fix Cooldown values rather than one that will decreased with skill levels. I found fix values to benefit a lot from Cooldown reduction items and bonus, since these stats won't get better as your character progress. The boost given by items, Masteries and Runes are than more potent.

Morello's Evil Tome give also a very nice bonus in Mana regen. Beside Cooldown, one thing that could stop you from carrying your role of Support is beging depleted of Mana. You will use your spells very often to aid your allies, but also to damage enemies. Even out of combat, you might use mana to cast Whimsy to get or give the speed boost. All these situation weight a lot on your mana resources. A good Mana regenaration allow you to complete all these tasks well.

After the Evil tome, I go for Rabandon's deathcap. The massive AP boost, will boost all your skills, which mean stronger shield and more damage with Help, Pix! (which is your second skill maximised).

After these 3 core items, I like to work a bit on her defense. Banshee's Veil come first on the list to reach that objective. The HP boost will make you a bit less squishy. The magic resistence and the passive shield is also very handy. It also give you a nice mana bonus.

Depending of the situation, you could replace the Banshee's Veil by the Zhonyas's hourglass if the enemy team only have AD dealer, but even in this situation, the Banshee might still be more useful for you to block one spell cast on you. Another situational item that could be consider at this stage to improve her defense is the Guardian Angel, which would improve both your Armor and Magic Resistence. However, here again, I prefer to have a boost in HP to be a bit less squishy. The magic resistence and shield on the Banshee will be more useful in most situations.

After the Banshee's Veil, I improve the Magic resitence of Lulu while still boosting her spells (your really want the shield provided by Help, Pix! to be as strong as possible. It's very good and the same spell deal also damage according to your AP value). The item that can fulfil this is the Abyssal Mask. It will also give you an Aura that will help you and your allies.

For the last item there is many good options you can go for depending of the course of your match. I put the Zhonya's Hourglass for the last item, because it continue to improve her AP, while giving her some Armor points to improve her defense. As a support, the enemy will try to focus on you, if they can, at this moment the Active option on the Zhonya's Hourglass is very useful to break the massive strike launched on you.

However, you could go also for the Guardian Angel if the situation required you to boost your defense greatly. The Will of the Ancients could also be consider for his AP boost and Spell Vamp aura that will benefit you and your mage allies. The Rylai's Crystal Scepter could also be add to the 6th item list for his boost of AP and the HP bonus. However, at this stage I prefer the AP boost on the Hourglass and his active option.
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Skill Sequence

For the Skills, I opted for a 2X2 early progression.

I start by puting one point in Help, Pix!, because the Shield/damage make her very versatile and useful to get the First Blood.

After, I chose to put one point in Whimsy. Whimsy, with this build, will be the first skill maximised.

On level 3, I put a point in Glitterlance, so that all her options become available to use. Even with one point, Glitterlance will be very useful to slow down enemies, so that your allies can catch them up. Also, since this build focus on AP boost, with one single point, in Mid game, you will be able to deal decent damage with it. At least, enough to finish off an enemy or to make that small difference in a combat where your ally would die or live given the possibility to inflict some damage to his opponent.

Take this in note. Glitterlance fire two magic bolts : one from you and one from Pix... That mean, if you had cast Help, Pix! on an ally or on an enemy, Pix will shoot his Glitterlance bolt from the point he is standing. This as for result to increase the range of Glitterlance greatly when one of those condition are met. If you lag behind in a chase, you can cast Help, Pix! on an ally and then cast Glitterlance to reach that enemy fleeing ahead.

Now, for level 4, I come back on Help, Pix! with one point. With this skill level 2, it will have a greater impact for your allies when you will shield them. At lvl 1 it give a base shield protection of 60 damages. On level 2, you increase it to 105 damage protection, which make a greater impact in combat as a aid tool. You will have more chance to save your ally that way than leaving it with one single point. The damage value is also significantly increased for every level invested. Help, Pix! will be the spell you will cast the most often, but Whimsy should not be left behind...

On level 5, put a point in Whimsy, and for now on, you will max this skill first. (Of course, put a point for your Ulti skill when you can at level 6, 11 and 16).

I max Whimsy because its Cooldown value decrease with level invested, while all her other skills (except her Ulti) have fix Cooldown values. The base Cooldown of this skill, even at lvl 5 is heavy (18 sec on skill lvl1 and 12 sec on skill lvl5). Also, the effect of this skill increase per lvl invested. With a disable of 1.5 second at lvl 1, it is not enough significant to make a big difference in combat. However, to be able to shut down a enemy for 2.5 sec, that is something you don't want to miss. Also a boost of 60 AP at skill lvl 5 is quite noticable for your ally. With the Cooldown Item and Mastery you will reduce the cooldown reduction of this skill at lvl from 18 sec to 12.6 sec and at lvl 5 from 12 sec to 8.4.

With a focus on Whimsy, this skill become more than a sample speed boost and situational skill. If your team need to play more defensivly or if you need to stay behind the line, you can focus on boosting/shielding your allies. When your team decided to go on a well prepared strike, use Whimsy to disable one oponent (one of their carry or assassin, if possible). Don't use Whimsy on the target your team will focus on. It will be a waste, because that main target is bound to die quickly. Use Whimsly to shut down another oponent if your team is in a well prepared attack. That way, you reduce the overall amount of damage your whole team recieve in the combat, so when the main target is killed, they get enough HP to finish off the whole enemy team. In other words, look at Whimsy as an offensive skill that can shift a even combat situation of 2v2 or 3v3 into one where you will outnumber them in 2v1 or 3v2. To make this shift significant you need to be able to shut down the target as long as possible, that's why I chosed to max this skill first.

Also, let's admit it, to polymorph your enemy in a cute critter is something that couldn't be ignored, while the skill Help, Pix! was just too good to be left behind as well. This build allow you to get both. At the end, it create a nice synergy where you dont depend on one skill only.

When fighting the enemies with the idea to inflict damage rather than supporting your allies, cast Whimsy on yourself first to have the AP boost, then go hit and run an enemy with Help, Pix!. That way, your Help, Pix! will benefit from the AP boost and deal more damage. The same thing can be apply if you decide to cast the shield, but usually you will prefer to keep Whimsy to support your ally or to shut down an enemy. Also, you usually cast the shield from Help, Pix! in emergency, so you don't necessairly have time to cast Whimsy on your self.

When you will get your Ulti, Help, Pix! + Wild Growth will supprise more than one enemy thinking they could finish off easly one of your ally. Cast the combo on the cripple ally, and he will be able to finish off the fool, if they are two versus your very damaged ally, cast that combo and disable one of them with Whimsy you will save your partner, one of the enemy will die for sure and you might be able to kill the second one now overrun into a 2v1 situation with the death of his ally.
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For the mastery I go 21 in Utility and 9 in Offensive. I chosed the Utility sheet for the mana regen bonus, the movement speed boost (to increase even more her edge in that aspect) and for the Cooldown reduction bonus. With the offensive page, I will get another 4% cooldown reduction for a total of -10% CDR took from the Masteries.
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With the Runes, I choose mostly AP runes, except for the Seal where I took mana regen per level. I like also to take one single Quint of flat AP and the other two Quints in AP per levels. I like to be more dominant in late game to win those hard last long game, so I tend favorise Runes that give bonus per levels. I take one Quint of Flat AP for the nice little boost for the early stage of the game.

An alternative to this selection would be to take Cooldown reduction Glyph instead of the AP per levels. Along that line, you could also replace the Mana regen Seal by AP per level Seal and to keep the CDR Glyph. However, with my current gameplay experience with Lulu, I don't feel I need much more CDR and the Mana regen I have with the current build allow me to spam spells. I rarely have mana completly depleted. The pause between combat are enough to refuel my mana (Thanks to the Morello's Evil Tome, Seal and Mastery).
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Summoner Spells

Exhaust is very versatile, so I like this Spell pretty much. Beside its common usages, on Lulu, Exhaust is interesting when you have an ally with low HP. He can bait the enemy for the killing blow, but with your Help, Pix! to shield him and Exhaust you shift the combat odds even more dramaticly in your favore.

Clairvoyance is also a good choice. It's quite useful when you follow your team to chase the enemy team, you can scan the bush for possible ambush and highlight a zone where an enemy is coming to back stab them. It have a short Cooldown (1min), so you can use this often, in many situations.

Of course, Flash is always a good option. I prefer Ghost to escape, chase and travel quickly on the map.
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I hope you enjoyed this build.

Your constructive comments, recommendations and critics are welcome. I take also praises and flatteries = )

On needs and given your comments and critics, I will improve the build.

Here are some score I got using this build. Keep in mind I'm a support and not a damage dealer like Yi = )

Have fun in game and respect the other players while playing
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[07-04-2012] Replaced Clairvoyance by Exhaust.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lariena
Lariena Lulu Guide
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Lulu - The Wicked AP Support

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