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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gott der 7 Meere


Gott der 7 Meere Last updated on May 17, 2012
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Hello Summoner,

I am looking for a duo partner to test this combination concerning item/mastery/rune builds, summoner spells and possible lanes.

Lulu and Soraka have exceptional synergies with each other and make
a nice couple:
  • deals with Lulu's mana issues, to be able to skip mana items.
  • Both , and help Sorakas limited mobility and lack of slow/stun.
  • , , provide an overpowering amount of Health and Shielding while and Consecration give resistances on top.
  • and give you a 5 seconds CC that goes up to a chaine "silence" with some CDR and effectively removes an enemy for good.
  • (in combination with ) makes getting MPen a waste and increases damage from both champions incredibly well.
  • Both champions have skills that have two cast possibilities making them very versatile.
  • They work very well in team fights because of all the AOE damage they provide and can protect important team members.
  • They are not limited to one role and can take solo lanes/support/even jungle while Lulu is even a viable AS-on-hit champion.

The suggested builds are just my first impression, I want to have more testing before I publish the rest of the guide, I already have played a lot of games with this makup since and I really like it.

Please add me if you feel like it, my smurf is

"God of Pirates" on EUW

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Summoner Spells

because a support needs it for general map awareness and jungle-reconnaisance and its nice for attempts on stealing blue.
might be an interesting option because both really need the mana and can profit from it. Not needed/pending for test.
I think only Soraka needs it, of course it is nice to have on both, but Lulu can target her Q from an ally, and can use Wimsy to escape.
additional resistance decrease for early game and a nice addition to your CC. The most important thing is to shut down nukers or AD carries, thus removing your one weakness.

Other summoner Spells are viable, too, I will come back to that.

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Soraka needs to focus on CDR to get the best out of her skill-set, I suggest flat CDR blue and quints. The rest is pretty much open, but will probably be AP caster oriented.

Lulu is more flexible, but it may be necessary to take Gold runes (and items) if she is forced to get money this way instead of assists form the awesome Luraluka...

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This is just a short overwiew...

Consecration Very potent, makes all your shields and heals stronger.
More a help to your allies than to you if you don't go for AS, other than that, ~100 MD on hit is nothing to laugh at.

The one skill that makes this combination so strong. Sorakas sustained DPS is very annoying, unpreventable and AOE. Just give her a little CDR.
Additionally, this is the debuff you need to make all your other skills that much stronger to be a real threat.

A short CD slow and AOE damage. This makes your enemies stay inside Starcall range and still unable to target you, because you will mostly be out of range. Nice farming tool, too.

You need this to prevent AD carries from one-hitting you. Very strong especially whit all the other shields /heals you got, makeing - one of you - a potent tank for a short duration.

This skill is incredibly powefull in this combination. For one, it gives you a long "Silence" that can be used in combination with sorakas Infuse, and on the other side you get a big chunk of AP and Movespeed, beeing the two things that Soraka needs the most. This makes you an asset for Soraka.

Same as Whimsy, this skill unites CC and utility. Mana is the one Thing that Lulu can never get enough off, making the two of you unpartable.

Thanks to this, you wont even need a heal. Damage can be prevented before occuring... But that is not the main use of this skill. Targeting Soraka or any other ally/enemy will extend your Glitterlance range by a lot, making you a save long-distance support. The revelation part of this skill is very handy too, against akalis/talons and the like mostly, making it harder for assasins to get toy ou.

Well, team support never goes astray, and with the AP Soraka can get when playing AP, it will be really strong too. Its main use is gaining assists, tough.

This is a very good buff for Soraka, allowing her to stay in the mid of things unharmed and dish out her Q damage without them enemies getting away.
Combined with Help, Pix! and Glitterlance Lulus main combo and very, very strong on Soraka.

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Position in the current Meta

I will list possible setups, starting with the most common that would seperate them in laneing phase and going to rather unconventional ones that may not be viable... (Pending for test).

  • One mid AP the other bot Support. Viable. Seperated for a long time though.
  • Both bot. Viable if an AD can take another lane.
  • Both mid/top. Unconventional setup that requires a 1v2 lane bot. Possible in premade maybe, very difficult else.
  • Both Jungle/Roaming. Soraka can jungle well if she has help from Lulu. This combination is strong, only if you show a lot of presence by continuously ganking and invading.

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Rest of this guide...

... will follow.

If you have anything to contribute to Soraka/Lulu, post. Any criticism (positive or negative) is appreciated.

Gott der 7 Meere


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