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Nami Build Guide by Gott der 7 Meere

Support Real Mermaids deserve 1.5k AP

Support Real Mermaids deserve 1.5k AP

Updated on March 9, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gott der 7 Meere Build Guide By Gott der 7 Meere 29 9 562,701 Views 34 Comments
29 9 562,701 Views 34 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Gott der 7 Meere Nami Build Guide By Gott der 7 Meere Updated on March 9, 2017
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Real Mermaids

This guide is about support Nami. AP support Nami. It will teach you to get a high AP build going. Just to make things interesting we want +1000 AP on Nami, making her a real mermaid. This guide is for real mermaids.
  • Real mermaids...
  • ... heal their allies for 2.6k HP.
  • ... blow up their enemies with 2.3k AOE and 4k single target burst damage.
  • ... provide hard chain CC until the ace.
  • ... live up to their promise of true kiting with +100% AA-slow and +400 bonus MS.
  • ... obviously don't die and keep mejais stacks because they stay at 875 range.

How to accomplish these feats of pain-striking abuse on riot design flaws? Read further if you are interested.

NEW: Healing increase items like Forbidden Idol and other AP-increases from Zeke's Harbinger make the optimal build a bit wierd. I stick to a lot of AP as the scaling to her slow and speedup is just as important as the heal.
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Ability Power on Nami

Let me provide an old-fashioned example of good AP ratios. A full Fizz burst combo with + + + scales with 370% of your AP. Fizz deletes anything thanks to his powerfull scalings. If you want your AP to turn into damage, take high AP scaling carry like Fizz! Compared to this, Nami's combo with + + + yields only a mediocre 180% AP scaling...

There are, however, two things we consider in this guide, that most people tend to ignore outright. Firstly, with S4 most supports recieved powerfull utility scalings. Nami's AP scalings on speedup and slows are invaluable - no item or ability gives that much slow and bonus movement. Secondly, and most importantly: Ebb and Flow. Ladies and Gentleman, Ebb and Flow has an AP scaling on its AP scaling. The true AP scaling on its third bounce scales to 128% AP for damage and to 77% AP for healing when you reach 1k AP - negative reduction resulting in a 60% increase in potency each bounce.

The combined AP scaling on all three bounces of your W, 226% for damage or 187% for healing following the first bounce, is incredible for a non-ultimate skill, castable every 5.4 seconds. Ebb and Flow's hidden AP scaling is the reason AP Nami is so powerfull.

But don't go on a solo lane with Nami. Her skills require an ally to work best, she is a terrible pusher, really squishy without good escapes... there are better choices ( Fizz).

Nami's AP Scalings

Just to be clear, even low amounts of AP make her powerful. So grab a Mejai's!
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Runes, Masteries, Summoner Spells

Standard 0/18/12 masteries and allout flat AP start.

Succinctly: Flash + Exhaust.
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A massive MS-boost that quickly outranks Ghost, Talisman of ascension, exceeding +300 bonus MS mid to late game. Targeting allied champions directly with W or E or with your AOE spells Q/R. Chain your spells. MS over 490 gets reduced by 50% ... but your ult doubles the buff :D

1.5 sec AOE stun. Slows from Tidecaller's Blessing and Tidal Wave make it easy to land. The damage is significant. Max second for increased damage and to align the CD to your W and E. Cast on yourself if attacked in melee - stun them, speed yourself up.

Strong compared to other heals and you get a targeted, not pushing poke tool. Add the bounce mechanic. -15% per bounce will turn into a up to +200% with enough AP. Broken. Overpowered. Hilarious. Solid damage, a mega heal and a nuke all in one skill, all easy to use with a right-click. 4k on 3rd bounce. Just from one skill. Every other second.

An On-Hit buff with damage and slow. The dream of every AD carry: 50-100% slow and 200-400 On-Hit damage. Scales with the buffed person's magic penetration, not your own. Great tool to kite with.

Care, it's no insta-CC! Broad AOE, big range, amazing slow. Its a sweet zone control, saveguard, disengage and disruption tool, perfect to lead for a Q. Use it to turn the tide of any teamfight. +700 bonus MS :)
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The thinking behind your build goes like this: Ebb and Flow is broken. Make sure you have the AP it deserves. Make sure you have the mana to spam it. Then spam it.

The start is Spellthief's Edge and either consumables or a Faerie Charm.

Core AP items: Rabadon's Deathcap - Mejai's Soulstealer- Seraph's Embrace

To solve your Mana issues and get stacks your early buys are Tear of the Goddess, Dark Seal and of course a Sightstone. Vision Wards and upgraded trinket as well as Boots complement your kit. As you already pack a decent amount of AP and all your trouble now is to stack in peace you should prioritize HP items. You are just too squishy to go without. A simple Ruby Crystal helps, a Giant's Belt even more.

So all you do now is finish what you started. As soon as you have money to spare, you go for the big AP items.

> > > > > >

To really abuse the scaling of your Bounce you have to take it to the next level, sell boots and ward for two more powerfull AP items, ludens, morello, zekes, zhonyas as well as get baron buff.
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This is short because it is obvious. Save your Q, hit it when it counts. Spam your W and always make it hit at least two targets. Use mana pots if you have to. Your E can be perma cast on yourself or your AD for zone control and for stacking your tear. R only in tight spaces for initiation, use it for disruption or zone control else.

All in all: stay ranged! Keep your mana up! Ward the map!
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The End

Hope you reach platinum with AP support Nami as I did.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Gott der 7 Meere
Gott der 7 Meere Nami Guide
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Real Mermaids deserve 1.5k AP

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