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Lux Build Guide by Kazeko

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kazeko

Lux--A Rookie's Guide

Kazeko Last updated on February 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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A Guide's Purpose

This is a guide that will grow and learn at the same pace with the summoners that try it. It is a guide for newbies that wish to give Lux a try. Be advised that "noob" is a person who is new or inexperienced in a subject; 'noobs' are usually annoying and excessively dumb; do not confuse 'noobs' with 'newbs', who are inexperienced players that tend to be more mature and strive to become better.

She is a fun champion to play, so I recommend her whenever a summoner feels like a change is in order.

I am not a professional League of Legends player, on the contrary, I play the game socially for the lulz, therefore do not expect this guide to be anything more than a guide. And keep in mind that the purpose of a guide is not to grant you godliness but to guide you through the learning process. Whether a guide can bestow godlike powers or not is completely up to you, your game play and that of your team mates.

This guide hopes to give summoners a short burst of ability power early-game so he or she can score a double kill in the 10th minute, and thus, flying off towards heavier items while trying to have fun reading the chat mates go berserk. ^^

This item build is a balanced one based on different situations. Either you have an enemy team based mostly on AD or AP, your build will change. However, there are several core items that should not be dismissed if you hope for a balanced and fun game.

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Introductory Words on Lux

I am rather new with Lux, and I haven't yet fully mastered her awesomeness, but I fell in love with her as soon as I bought her.

There are tons of builds for Lux flying around Mobafire, but none of them fully satisfy my defensive game play.

Lux is a rather squishy champion, however with her awesome cooldown on her ultimate, you can spam it whenever you think necessary, be it for quick defend, harass or a finishing move. People don't realize that Lux's ultimate has a very low cooldown which allows the summoner to use it in various ways; however, this is balanced by the fact that you can sometimes fail with it if the enemy players are smart and fast and quickly get out of the way of her ultimate.

Lux can also present a major problem with mana, especially if you're a spell spammer like me. ^^ The thing with Lux is that her auto-attack isn't sufficiently strong as to kill an opponent when out of mana. (read more about it in Summoner Spells)

Another of Lux's shortcomings is the fact that she is an insanely slow champion. For me, after playing a whole lot of time with Janna, the transition to Lux was excruciatingly painful. Bottom line is she's slow, real slow. (read more about it in Summoner Spells)

Basically you have a stun that deals damage, a shield for you and your allies, an AOE damage that slows enemy units and a fabulous beam of light. And of course a rather interesting passive ability. Her passive places a debuff on the enemy unit after casting a spell on that target (as far as I know and experienced, the shield doesn't place the debuff). That debuff gives Lux's next attack a bonus damage.

Light Binding, Lux's first spell is similar to Morgana's Dark Binding, except that it's better. Lux's binding binds two targets, instead of just one and deals a fair amount of damage.

Her third spell, can be used either for quick damage as an offensive spell or you can use it as a defensive move by casting it without immediately detonating it, for its awesome slow effect.

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Lux's Runes

I believe that choosing the runes should be every summoner's choice depending on game play. I prefer magic penetration, mana regeneration and cooldown reduction, however some might find ability power more useful.

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Lux's Masteries

The masteries I picked are perfect for a Ghost/Clarity summoner spells choice. Also the point in reduced summoner spells reduction should work miracles when in a tight spot, especially since mid game, and late game enemies will start focusing on you since you're most probably the easiest to bring down from the bunch.

Personally, I retreat when enemies focus on me and leave a tank to take aggro, after which is essential you return and aid your team, or just fire your ultimate from a distance and end the fight quickly so your team mates can finish off the turret. Be advised though, that some might yell 'OMG LUX! YOU KS!' on chat. Ignore them. Some players don't know when to admit they needed your help.

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The Summoner's Spells

Fixing Lux's movement speed issue is possible through the Ghost summoner spell which will give a slight chance of escaping enemies, however it doesn't work all that well against ranged AD champions. But combine your stun, slow and Ghost and you'll be fine. Another option to dealing with her slow feet is Flash, however Flash only gives you a very short window of opportunity and it doesn't do much when you're happy and feeling safe in the comfort of one's turret and Jax tower dives into your remaining 200 HP and goes about his way singing a merry song. Ghost's 10 seconds of fabulous movement speed give you a better chance of escaping a nasty death.

Fixing spammer Lux's mana issue is possible through Clarity, especially in early-game. Lux is dependent on her spells, and she also has a fair amount of cooldown on her spells, probably to balance the low cooldown of her ultimate.

Having Ignite as an alternative summoner spell hasn't worked for me, since I play real defensively, keeping myself at a safe distance from that Mundo monster and when trying to get into Ignite range suddenly both Mundo and Yi feed off my 2k HP. However if you are comfortable with a more aggressive tactic, and you can keep your mana issue in check with a bunch of potions or maybe a Tear of the Goddess, Ignite can come in handy.

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Lux's Items

So, we have the core items:
Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Morello's Evil Tome
Void Staff
Archangel's Staff
Rabadon's Deathcap

And then we have two situational items:
Frozen Heart
Abyssal Scepter

If your opponents are mostly AD then you'll most likely choose as your sixth item the much loved Frozen Heart, however this beloved item will give you squat if face a full AP team. In which case, I recommend Abyssal Scepter for a burst in magic resist which you'll probably love.

Try rushing Rabadon's Deathcap if possible, and also pick up a Mejai's Soulstealer right after Sorcerer's Shoes if you're comfortable with the idea. Usually when I pick up the Soulstealer I jinx the entire game and somehow I end up having a really bad game, making the money spent on the item a real waste.

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Lux's Skill Sequence

When it comes to the skill sequence, I believe this too should be a flexible factor. It depends on rather your team mates forced you to go mid, or you have a lane partner. In addition, the skill sequence especially choosing where to spend the first point depends on whether your lane partner is range or melee.

Personally, when taking mid I choose Lucent Singularity for easy farming, while when I have a lanie I often go with Light Binding for easily enabling the opponent while my lanie takes care of him. Depending on game style, a summoner can either max a skill or try keeping it balanced. For instance, I go Lucent Singularity, after which I spend one point in Light Binding, and then max Lucent Singularity until champion level 6. Ultimate--then balance Lucent Singularity and Light Binding, except for when a skill point for the ultimate becomes available.

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Lux's Adorable Unique Skill

The one thing you should not miss when playing Lux is her unique and most awesome skill--her laughter. To hear Lux laugh press SHIFT+4 or simply type /laugh in the chat box. This will surely put you in a good enough mood to kick some unprepared enemy rears.

And even more important than hearing her laugh is having fun while playing the game, always keeping in mind that League of Legends is just a game.

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Summoner's Thoughts

I would like to ask the readers to help improve the build by sharing game experience with Lux and this build. Any and every thought is valuable and will be put to good use. As a community we can make this guide a better read for first timers with Lux.

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Lux--A Rookie's Guide' Supporters

Players that helped develop the guide through shared experience in game play, item build and tactics:
~grimuletz; thank you for you continued support with this build and not only that *wink*