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Lux Build Guide by KingPudding

AP Carry Lux: BIG LAZER, Alderan chunks everywhere!!!

AP Carry Lux: BIG LAZER, Alderan chunks everywhere!!!

Updated on December 13, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KingPudding Build Guide By KingPudding 7,214 Views 3 Comments
7,214 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author KingPudding Lux Build Guide By KingPudding Updated on December 13, 2012
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When people think of Lux all they really think is "That Lazer so op." I have seen enough people play and talk about lux to have some knowledge of playing Lux. I myself have a personal vendetta to kill em all cause i got smashed by one in a ranked game as ryze.I have gone against enough of them know what to look for and do as them. Lux is an AP-carry/ Glass cannon if built as such [not in my guide]. She is a champion who gets easily fed and become ridiculously annoying and painful post 6.
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9X I use this because it gives you a better amount of ability power than flat AP runes at a higher level.

9X It's good early, mid, and late game.

9X Extra health is always good if your a bit squishy.

3X Who wouldn't want extra ability power?
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Pro's and Con's


[*] Lots of damage
[*] can support if needed
[*] easily fed
[*] snares
[*] Laser cooldowm

[*] Low health
[*] Mana hungry
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X3 Get the boots of speed for mobility and the three health potions. I don't get any form of mana potions because I wait for blue or play conservatively.

X2 The double dorans ring is for that early ability power and mana regen. It's used in a lot of other AP Carries such as Swain, Kassadin, or Twisted Fate.

This item is used for the magic resist and the mana regen. Don't upgrade it untill after having Rabadon's Deathcap

This is you next item. Getting the sorcerer's shoes increases mobility and magic penetration.

And no one ever forgets Rabadon's Deathcap. It's the ultimate item for an AP Carry.

So now is the time to upgrade Chalice of Harmony to Athene's Unholy Grail because of it's magic resist and cool down reduction! So more Alderaan chunks can be made.

I get this for two reasons

1) Health and Mana: because Lux is a squishy and uses A LOT OF MANA

2) The ability power

This is really good if they are building magic resist tanky due to it's magic penetration and the ability power.

Zhonya's Hourglass is used in my guid for two reasons.

1) It's ability power again

2) Armor

3) Live saving active ability
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Skills and combos

Illumination (Passive)

Lux's damaging spells charge the target with energy for 6 seconds. Lux's next attack ignites the energy, dealing 10 + (10 x level) magic damage to the target.

When you harass enemy, you need to land basic attacks to ignite the passive regardless of the skill you use.

These initially trivial passive damages snowball gradually and can reach as much damage as a single potion is capable of healing during early-time, which can play a big role in winning the lane at the game’s mid stages.

Light Binding

Lux releases a sphere of light that immobilizes and deals 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260 (+70% of ability power) magic damage to up to two enemy units for 2 seconds, dealing 50% effect and damage to the 2nd unit struck.

This skill is hard to hit during laning while the second unit in the vicinity is dealt 50% less damage and cc duration. With this in mind, don’t fire blindly but use it when you are presented with an opportune situation.

Prismatic barrier

Lux throws her wand to a target location and back, bending the light around herself and any friendly Champions it touches, protecting them from 80 / 105 / 130 / 155 / 180 (+35% of ability power) damage for 3 seconds.

W is the best shield skill in League of Legends. The staff flies like a boomerang and gives an additional shield on its return flight. If you are hit by a durable skill such as Ignite, this is the best skill for blocking thanks to the second shield.

The shield can be a major boon on your teammates during a pivotal team fight.

Lucent Singularity

Fires an anomaly of twisted light to an area, which slows nearby enemies by 20 / 24 / 28 / 32 / 36 %. Zone lasts 5 seconds. Lux can detonate it to deal 60 / 105 / 150 / 195 / 240 (+60% of ability power) magic damage to enemies in the area of effect. Reveals the area while in flight and while stopped. Displays a cooldown timer until the singularity automatically detonates.

Master E first because it’s an AoE (Area of Effect) as well as a penetration skill. It is also Lux’s main skill for managing and harassing the lanes. You can depend E at any time you deem ideal and the skill’s cooldown is also cut down when the sphere sparkles in the game.

Activate your E with sufficient levels to as many minions as possible. Two successive skills are capable of dispatching minions with the exception of the siege minion. However, if you wait too long melee minions can get out of the sphere’s range.

Finales Funkeln Finales Funkeln

After gathering energy for a half second, Lux fires a beam of light that deals 300 / 400 / 500 (+75% of ability power) damage to all targets in the area and reveals it. It ignites and refreshes Lux's Illumination debuff if it hits enemies already afflicted.

The R skill is the main reason why we play Lux. It has long range, short cooldown, and can be utilized effectively in a variety of situations. And with it you become a deathstar every 45 seconds or so. It is one of the most powerful skills in the games.

Don’t save it even if you just hit level 6. You can also try to steal the enemy Blue or Red buff, utilize it for long range support, focus on Mid farming, as well as a diversity of other uses.

The Combo's

The coup de grace
Finales Funkeln
use this to finish the mid champ. most won't live with the exception of maybe Fizz Vladimir and Mordekaiser

The passive buster
+auto attack + + auto attack
Use this combo pre-6 if needed.
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Other stuff to know

Early Game:

Don’t push lane and focus on hitting your skills. Push and harass with your passive and shield, keeping in mind that Lux is strong at early game laning.

After level 6, you need to change your style depending on the enemy champion type. If you are facing risky champion such as Ahri and Annie, focus on lane cleaning with E.
In the case that you are matched up against a champion with short skill range or weak suppression such as Ryze and Karthus, focus your E skill on champions and take advantage of your passive for harassing. Lux is pretty weak at ganks so you must place a lot of wards.

Mid Game:

The timing for this stage will be after procuring Athene’s Unholy Grail. From this time on you will be empowered by a 39% cooldown reduction with Blue buff.

Basically you want to push the mid lane while utilizing your ultimate when the enemy moves towards the Blue buff or takes jungle mobs and small team fights at Top and Bottom. Another solid option is to use the ultimate to clean waves after recalling.

At this juncture, you won’t be able to kill melee and siege minions instantly so target your E on melee minions first. Once all melee minion enter E’s range of effect, detonate it and use your ultimate. For siege minions, you will also need basic attacks as well.

Late Game:

For team fights after laning, you will need to play Lux like a support at the rear. If Lux is cut off, this will basically amount to a team fight loss.

Use Q to block the enemy’s movement while focusing E to hit as many champions as possible. W should be targeted on as many of your allies as you can.
When to activate the ultimate depends on the situation but use it prudently as you don’t want to enter a team fights without its availability.
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First official guide with an account. for my first unofficial guide on mordekaiser use this link below. Also I am in the process of updating this guide. I just learned how to put in pictures and stuff.

Note: it does have spelling errors.
League of Legends Build Guide Author KingPudding
KingPudding Lux Guide
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Lux: BIG LAZER, Alderan chunks everywhere!!!

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