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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jebus McAzn

Lux - Can't Touch This

Jebus McAzn Last updated on October 19, 2010
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"Let 'em know that you're too much, and this is a beat, uh, you can't touch" - MC Hammer

This is my tentative Lux build. I'll be brief since this needs more testing, so here we go.

Masteries are self-explanatory. Put 9 in offense just to get your magic penetration, and get your summoner spell cooldown in the meanwhile in the utility tree.

For your skill order, you'll want to max Light Binding as soon as possible, followed by Lucent Singularity. You'll find early game that an extremely effective harass strategy is Light Binding, then an autoattack to trigger your passive, then kite away.

The runes are meant to be support character runes. You've got spell penetration, mana, ability power, and some nice health there as well. However, if desired, you can switch out the current Quintessences for Quints of Celerity, Force, or Potency.

I'd like to note that one of Lux's biggest weaknesses is her cooldown. Each of her abilities have around a 10-15 second cooldown, bar her ultimate, and that makes her temporarily useless in team fights at times. However, the item choices can greatly influence this factor.

You'll want to get a Meki Pendant early game to keep your mana up. Build a Chalice next so you can spam your relatively high-mana skills with little worries. Get Merc Treads afterwards to reduce crowd control; however, this is easily interchangeable with Sorceror's Boots if you aren't facing a team with substantial snares/stuns.

Archangel's will keep up your mana while boosting ability power as well. Deathfire Grasp lets you spike down enemies with ease with the combo that's coming later in the guide, while providing CDR. Finally, Nashor's Tooth gives you AP, cooldown reduction, and attack speed.

My choice in Nashor's Tooth may seem strange, and I admit that it's the shakiest part of the build at this point. But Nashor's Tooth, combined with Deathfire Grasp, will bring you to the 40% CDR cap. This lowers a 10 second cooldown to 6 seconds, and the cooldown on your Ultimate to 24, from 40 seconds. The difference in time could easily mean victory or loss in a team fight.

If wanted, you can get Shulerya's Reverie in place of Nashor's Tooth. Note, however, that Shulerya's does not provide any bonus ability power. It does, however, offer some very nice survivability.

For summoner spells I pick Flash and Clairvoyance. With her skills, Lux can escape just about any gank if she knows it's coming. Flash lets that occasional slip-up be forgivable; simply Flash away, stun, and flee. Clairvoyance is what gives you a real advantage; not only can you spot ganks or prepare for them, but you can also give line of sight to fire your ultimate.

Early Game
I like to view Lux as a combination of two characters: Anivia and Janna (interesting, since I play both... O_O)

Lux contains an amazing AoE snare and a double stun. This makes it nearly impossible for them to flee, and nearly impossible for you to fail to run away from a gank. Both Anivia and Janna have stuns and slows, and both are amazing at assisting and running away from ganks. Therefore, if you've had experience with either player, try thinking in that mindset when playing Lux.

Your main very early game combo is as follows:

1. Light Binding (careful not to have it blocked by minions).
2. Autoattack, triggering Illumination.

Extremely simple. Your real early game combo, however, is only really effective once you get to around level 4:

1. Lucent Singularity (try to lead them)
2. Light Binding
3. Autoattack, triggering Illumination
4. Detonate Lucent Singularity
5. Autoattack, triggering Illumination

Done right, this can easily take out half of most champions' health bars. Another combo to use is:

1. Light Binding
2. Autoattack
3. Lucent Singularity
4. Detonate it, then autoattack

You should be assisting with ganks at this point. If there's something that Lux can do better than almost any other champion, it's making ganks easier. She can see an enemy and stop him from getting away with ease, allowing that slow Cho'Gath to get that Feast off, and the kill.

Let me stress how imperative it is to get the Golem buff at this point. While the mana is a huge bonus, and certainly makes your job much easier, what you're really going for is the cooldown reduction. 24.5% at high levels will let you spam your skills every 4-6 seconds. Get into a battle, use your combo, fall back, rush in, use it again. Optimal results are had with one partner, preferably a melee partner that can do lots of damage, but lacks a snare. Examples are Garen, who is Lux's brother and is arguably one of her best partners; Cho'Gath, who can set up a stun barrage with you through a combination of Rupture and Light Binding; and, to be honest, just about any other champion in the game. Every ganker appreciates a snare, and that should be your job in mid-game.

At this point you should have at least started constructing your Deathfire Grasp. Hopefully your record consists of a few kills, fewer deaths, and a ton of assists. Stick with your team. Cast Prismatic Barrier right as skirmishes break out to absorb optimal damage; remember that the shield is applied once for when PB flies out and once for when it boomerangs back. Abuse AoE damage with Lucent Singularity and stun key enemy members with Light Binding. Your double stun is priceless in larger battles, and Finales Funkeln can easily get double, if not triple kills when used correctly.

When played correctly, Lux is an assisting monster that nobody can really catch up to or kill. Her massive crowd control abilities combined with a decently high movement speed, great AP scaling, and the easy availability of CDR items makes her a force to be reckoned with.