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Lux Build Guide by I love Lun Lun

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League of Legends Build Guide Author I love Lun Lun

Lux Carrying Support.[Season 8] [Updated]

I love Lun Lun Last updated on March 26, 2018
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Support Queen.

Lux Build

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: Summon Aery
Summon Aery
LoL Rune: The Ultimate Hat
The Ultimate Hat
LoL Rune: Celerity
LoL Rune: Scorch

LoL Path: Inspiration
LoL Rune: Biscuit Delivery
Biscuit Delivery
LoL Rune: Cosmic Insight
Cosmic Insight

+12 Attack Damage or +20 Ability Power, Adaptive

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Support Role
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Support Role
Win 52%
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Threats to Lux with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Annie AP support,unless you are annie bot you are done for.
Brand Weaker than Annie,being useless in late,we can oneshot him and we have Athene's to stop his burst in late,in early he is not hard either we have more range and damage always anyway.
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Hello there~ I main Lux! She is one of the strongest supports in my opinon and it is no joke that she can carry a game.I play a lot of Lux,just as Soraka.But this guide will tell you how to play Lux like I do and win any game just like that.Lux cannot be played by people who hate her laugh,her appearance,her energy! She needs more love!You have to accept her and then play Lux.Well then enough about that.I will give you tips that will make you the best Lux support.Trust me with this advanced guide you'll be an amazing support.
P.S:Any Questions can be answered at comments,also feedback would be great <3

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Pros / Cons

+Extremely powerful without much AP.
+Can roam successfully with her root and slow.
+Her shields are not weak making her have some useful utility.
+Her ultimate is awesome and doesn't have much CD in the end.
+Dominates Game & Can carry.
+Works well with any jungler.
+Elementalist Squeen

-Performs Poorly against Tanks.
-Mana Hungry.
-If you miss your combo in some situations you can ruin the teamfight or yourself.
-Can't really heal.
-Your ADC hates you.

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~Sorcerer Boots:Classy boots-we are Lux support and we can't trust ourselves in our ADCs now can we??? Therefore we need these stylish boots to hunt evildoers down!

~Morellonomicon:Penetrate them with your laser! They'll die even gives you 300 HP.Now we don't need to apply spells for our finisher to be stronger!

~Liandry's Torment:Ugh Spicy oneshot damage!I love it~ an ADC cannot handle this one shot I promise.

~Rabadon's Deathcap:*cough* buy me.

~Luden's Echo:Mana ,CDR ,AP..deadly blue things...this item is great for our Ult!

~Archangel's Staff:Infinite Mana you'll never go back to base with this and Luden's.

~Ionian Boots:Hunt them down with lower CDR.

~Twin Shadows:They can't escape you-perfect for snipe or chasing.It helps with escaping.

~Void Staff:Just a staff from the void that makes your spells stronger nothing much.

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~ Sorcery ~:
~Summon Aery:Aery is the way to go.Comet is a great Rune as well but Aery is the Rune you need as a support.Shielding mindlessly and doing damage to enemy targets is very important as a support.Our poke potential every few seconds even by auto attacking is huge in lane making you the best bully and protector as you can shield your ADC for a lot of health.

~Arcane Comet:Aggressive build mostly when you are losing many games and want to carry pick lux pick comet.

~The Ultimate Hat:This hat Has some style.Gotta say when I read what it does for first time,I thought about Lux,yes it's insane.Making your Ult go on 20 second CD.It's insane and you do execute your combo very often which is a part of what we do as Lux,assassinating people with our gaspdamaging combo.

~Celerity:Since we are getting the Mobility Boots and since we are getting 4% more MS it makes us THE BEST for roaming,trust me this is all about roaming you can go as fast as lighting to lane to lane,warding the river and since Lux is not that mobile we need it.Plus it gives a little bit of AP so why not.

~Scorch:Scorch with Aery is great,the damage potential we have is huge.Burning the enemy for every E we do? Tell me you don't like the idea,we can litteraly put a hard time on enemy heals and it synergises very well with ignite.Plus sometimes you pick kills out of nowhere.
~Biscuit Delivery:This is a great rune.It gives us more mana and HP since we roam a lot a cookie for good fortune is exactly what we need!We burn mana very fast,making this biscuit a great asset.
~Cosmic Insight:I really love this one,5% more CDR on everything,your spells (Ultimate <3) the items and summoner spells,it's great you need to get this one for the summoner spells mostly and incase you take redemption is good to have,or Zhonya's.

Why do I prefer these runes?:I could take domination for secondary or anything in the first,but I really love how this works out and how well these both synergise!

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Spells Are mostly after your opinion on Lux,but I mostly prefer ignite on this build.
Flash:Flash is a must have.Whatever you do you have to take it,Lux can make both plays and save herself with it,since we have 5% CDR from Cosmic Insight we have an advantage over other's flashes.

Ignite:Ignite is a very useful summoner spell,picking off kills in early is what we MUST do,really Lux has to pick the kills instead of your ADC to take more gold and get Mobility Boots and Sighstone.Ignite has the Mystic Effect or the Butterfly Effect on us,it can make such difference.

Exhaust:Exhaust is only recommended agaisnt tanks like Alistar or Leona.If you see a Draven you can take it there as well.

Heal:If your ADC runs barrier why not.

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Tips and Tricks~

Lux can dominate the game but she doesn't have to dominate the lane
~Warding,Roaming and Ganking.:Lux is great with mobility boots as we get them first!When you buy the boots do not go at your lane if you see you can pick off a kill on Mid or Top.Lux needs early kills for she wil carry in late game have no fear about that.If you see you can gank your own lane go there as well.I'd recommend you to stick with your jungler and roam,kills is what we need.We have mobility boots therefore we can easily ward the river.Vision Control will make you a very powerful and useful support.As Lux support we have two lanes,Bot and Mid.We must have map awareness as we must see when to move and go mid and not let our ADC die.Lux is not a champion that should win the lane necessarily as if Mid or Bot does well it's pretty much a win.Pressuring other lanes is important as you create distress and you make jungler's job easier.When you wait in a bush for a gank wait for the enemy to do a mistake and then strike,your Q is more deadly that way.

~~Kills:Lux needs kills.Now you might think "Hey we are support! What about the ADC,you are such a noob,lowe elo pls report".Nope that's exactly why we need to secure the kills.We are the support therefore getting mobility boots and roaming to ward with sightstone will get us a huge lead.Our ADC scales well in late game so it will just farm and be fine.So don't worry don't fear to take kills.

~Pressure:Poke the enemy ADC when it goes to farm.Less farm=Bad perfomance.Your ADC has to get ahead,since they won't get OUR kills,you have to spend your mana wisely and of course you have to be careful of your HP and Mana.Don't go there mindlessly,that's why we have to go there when the enemy adc wants to farm,they will need to make a choice,either poke back or get that delicious minion.

~Map Awareness:I promise you that this guide will make you better at your Map Awareness.Since I started using the Mobility Boots-Sightstone tactic I got a lot better at it myself~Ward the river and always have a control ward with you,watch out for the laners and the enemy jungler,where is he? was he top? Mid? Haven't seen him?If you don't see the enemy jungler don't make reckless moves,you have to know where he is.Also when you make a mistake and get caught NO ONE is obligated to help you,you should have had map awareness as where the enemy or your allies were.Never facecheck,your E can give you vision you don't have to facecheck and die.

~Invade:What are you waiting for? First blood! You have ignite and Q,never thought invade if they have a champion like Morgana or Blitzcrank.

~Be Positive:As a Lux main she always say "Be positive"!That's right you have to be positive,no game is won by a stupid toxic Yasuo main! It's won by us with the power of love and friendship,Don't respond at hater comments!You're fabulous and mistakes can happen no one is perfect.Mute toxicity or ignore it.Have in your mind what you need to do and that you must enjoy what you do!Do not flame do not cry just smile and murder them ^_^!

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I didn't want to make this guide that long but I just went with the flow!I like making them,simple and hopefully not boring.I wish you good luck and hopefully you enjoyed it and became the best Lux ever~You are great summoner and there's always room for improvement!