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League of Legends Build Guide Author Clairabelle

Lux - Demacia's Light [Extensive Guide]

Clairabelle Last updated on January 5, 2011
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Welcome to my Lux guide, UPDATED!

Lux is one of those champions who can be extremely deadly in the hands of a fairly decent player and unbeatable in the hands of a pro, now i dont consider myself to be a pro because im not, but i am a good Lux player given i have a good team to back me up.

Dont expect to pick this Champion and use this build and dominate all your matches, no player can win a match he needs backup from his team backup can consist of Pinging the Map for Awareness, to setting up ganks or just simply avoiding feeding and defending their lanes well.

Here's a match picture with the full build.

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- Marks = Mark of Insight - Magic Penetration +8.55
- Seals = Seal of Fortitude - Health +48.15
- Glyphs = Glyph of Focus - Cooldowns -5.85%
- Quitessences = Quintessence of Insight - Magic Penetration +5.67

Magic Penetration, will help you out early on in the game against players who dont have Magic Resist early on it just gives your abilities that extra UMMPH.

Health, no character imo should go without these.. and especially characters who have low HP at start, this will keep you alive that little bit longer.

Cooldown, pretty obvious but cooldown is essential on Lux because until your skills are maxed the cooldowns are pretty high early - mid game and you need all the help you can.

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Archmage's Savvy
Arachic Knowledge


Spatial Accuracy
Expanded Mind
Utility Mastery
Presence of the Master


1. Each Mastery apart from Deadliness provides Lux with something fairly needed by her.
2. Insight, the upgrade to Clarity isnt needed by Lux but as part of a team it can help you and your laning partner/team mates stay in the fight longer.
3. Arcahic Knowledge imo is a must for any Caster and a Defo for Lux, the Magic Penetration you can get early game is awesome and such an advantage.

As for the rest of the Masteries they utilize Mana and Mana Regen because thats something Lux struggles with early game the skills she uses require alot of mana and you need to be able to keep casting them to push back or defend your tower.

Quickness and Utility Mastery are also good for the extra Speed and the extended time on Monster Buffs, The blue buff is a must for Lux, it will reduce her Ultimate to a 24.04 sec cooldown and by the end of this build it will be dealing close to 1500 dmg if not more i've never managed to get my entire build complete.

Lastly, Presence of the Master. This makes your Clarity a very fast cooldown and your Teleport Skill much shorter reuse which is a plus when defending your towers.

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Purchase the following, in the following order.

Meki's Pendant
Tear of Goddess
Boots of Speed

Sorcerer's Boots

Blasting Wand
Needlessly Large Rod
Archangels Staff

Blasting Wand
Rabadons Deathcap
Void Staff

Lich Bane
Archangels Staff

The reason for this order is simple, first item needs to be your rolling stack item to make Archangels Staff's as powerful as possible.

AS SOON AS you can afford that Tear you get your *** back and buy it, just a tip, if you got a spare minute or 2 stand on spawn and fire off your skills to increase your mana. Your used Mana will then regen and you can go back with full mana and alittle more Max Mana.

Sorcerers Boots, are important on Lux ASAP, she needs the speed but more importantly the Magic Penetration.

Sheen, should be your next purchase, as its fairly cheap and gives you x2 DMG in your next abilities, best purchase for dmg you can get imo.

Blasting Wand and Needlessly Large Rod, are next this gives you a huge AP Boost but dont upgrade to Rabadons Deathcap just yet.

Archangels Staff, is now your priority as your max mana boost should be near enough full so now is the time to have all that mana do its job.

Rabadons Deathcap, is next and with your Archangels should provide a decent boost of AP +155 AP +30% total AP = heaven.

Void Staff, this little beauty is all she wrote for Lux + your Masteries/Boots, 34/49% Magic Penetration, the AP aint bad either.

Lich Bane, is next purchase, +350 Mana +80 Ability Power +30 Magic Resist +7% Movement Speed + its passive and your laughing. The Mana gives you extra AP due to Archangels, +80 AP and Magic Resist, not to mention a huge 7% speed boost.

Archangels Staff, which stacks with the other one this will launch your AP into the Sky because of your Rabadons Deathcap.

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Skill Info

Light Binding

- Chances are you wont get to use Light Binding if your in mid, unless your enemy is stupid enough not to stand in front of minions, but it happens. This skill is a very powerful tool and game changer if used correctly, you can save team-mates from death by trapping enemies and allowing him to get to tower.


You can use it to trap enemies who chase you into the tower and trap them there letting the tower do the work for you, always cast Lucent Singularity ontop of them to slow their escape and only detonate it as they are about to run out of range.

Prismatic Barrier

- should be learnt as late as possible because your a DPS build not Support, so you shouldnt really use this unless your running or have time to cast it on someone/yourself.

Lucent Singularity

- This is your bread and butter [possibly your cheese and wine too] it lights up those dark area's your not too sure about [bush] and should be used always before entering a blind area. Once you learn this you need to alternate between learning this and Light Binding until your level 6 where you learn Funkeln.

Finales Funkeln

- should be learnt whenever its available, and dont waste this on early encounters, save it for when they are running away and just POWZAP them.

HOWEVER: Dont be afraid to use this defensively to push people back, many champions will run back as soon as they are hit by this skill so use it to your advantage to protect someone or something. Also for some reason people always run up the center of a lane, so just get in the center and let rip, pay attention to their HP's when they run and the DMG your skill does if its enough to kill em then go ahead and use it, if not then save it. Its unbelieveable how many people stand at a tower low hp with Lux near by, so take this oppertunity to get some free kills.

Another Tip is to guess where they are standing and use Light Binding through a wall to trap them and activate your Passive giving you extra DMG ontop of your Lazer Cannon of Doom.

Advice on most optimal use of these skills?

- Cast Light Binding, then Lucent Singularity just behind them, now cast your Ultimate, and then detonate your Lucent Singularity.

Reason for this

- is because Lux's passive gives a bonus dmg effect when she uses her abilities which when other abilities or attacks are used they detonate the passive to deal bonus dmg, so you use your Binding to hold them and activate the passive, your Ultimate will then deal its own DMG + the DMG from the Passive as well as activating the Passive again, and then detonating your Lucent Singularity will deal DMG + DMG from the Passive again.

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Summoner Spells

IMO there is only 2 choices for Lux:

1. Teleport
2. Clarity


Well alot of people will disagree with me on this but as Riot have said Flash will be getting removed at some point i dont believe people should make builds using Flash if you get addicted to using Flash you'll find you'll suffer once its gone.

Teleport, why? Simple: It allows you to control your Map and protect those valuable towers, or can be used to gank those who have pushed beyond minions for a kill, all you do is teleport to a minion behind the enemy and hit him from behind.. he's no where to run.

This spell is so useful to the game and to your Team that there imo really isnt any other choice but to use Teleport, if your relying on Summoner Spells to get kills or to Fight then imo you've already lost. Teleport is purely for defensive and offensive purposes but it isnt required for you to get your kills. Unlike all those Ignite *****s you see in game.

Clarity, kinda self-explanatory imo but Lux is mana hungry early-mid game and this spell stops you and a laning partner from needing to return to base. The longer you stay in lane the higher level and more money you make, which gives you an advantage over the enemies.

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Pros / Cons


1. Very versitile gameplay in the right hands.
2. Excellent Enemy Champion Control skills.
3. Excellent Gank Mechanism.
4. Excellent Ultimate.
5. Good Farmer.
6. Great Laning Partner.
7. Excellent Fog of War revieler.
8. Good Gank prevention.
9. Excellent Escape Mechanic.
10. Great Allied Protection Mechanism.

The list could go on.


1. Squishy.
2. Cooldowns.
3. Skill Casting. [needs to be precise or your dead]
4. Mana Hungry.
5. Early Game Dependant [poor early game = bad endgame]
6. Did i mention SQUISHY?

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Lux's Farming ability is pretty poor early game, but come Mid and End Game she can pretty much 1 shot entire creep waves with just her Lucent Singularity or her Ultimate which is on such a low cooldown its viable to use it for farming large creep waves top and bottom or mid where the Creeps are walking up the lanes in a nice line for you.

1 thing to keep in mind is that Lux's Lucent Singularity skill actually extends alittle bit further than the skill casting guide states, so try to get the circle in the middle of minions IE: have them just on the outside of the circle and they will get hit.

This can be used to hit all 6 minions, 3 melee, 3 casters at the same time when they've grouped up to fight.

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Lux isnt a Jungler so dont try to do it with her, not early game anyway. Mid to Late Game you can Farm Jungle Minions and you should.

Giant Camp: Lucent Singularity + Detonate, Light Binding and catch them both then auto attack them to detonate the passive again. This will usually kill them depending on your skill DMG.

Wolf Camp: Lucent Singularity + Detonate, Light Binding will usually kill all 3 of them, if not just auto attack to finish them off in 1 hit.

Ghost Camp: Lucent Singularity + Detonate, Light Binding will kill all of them. In actual fact, Lucent Singularity will kill them all except the Blue Ghost, but an auto attack will kill him.

Near Endgame when you have 350-400 AP you should be able to 1 shot all these with Lucent Singularity making it a great farming tool.

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Team Work

This is a tricky one because there are so many different methods for Lux to employ during team fights, but for me i tend to lead the charge, Stupid? yeah it is but can give your team that little boost they need to jump in.

Especially if you snare someone and then use your Ultimate, it will decimate most squishies in the way and cause them to retreat meaning you can pretty much win a team fight Solo, by win i mean make them retreat.


My best advice for Lux is have her cast Light Binding and catch 1 champion then have your team focus that champion and as they are all together cast your Shield on them all, which will block roughly 2 attacks endgame due to your AP/Shields Absorb amount.

Then cast your Lucent Singularity into the middle or just behind the enemies and then your Ultimate, as they run back detonate your Lucent Singularity for the kills.

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Early Game

You wanna take a lane, forget Mid unless there is no other Ranged Champion to do it, however if you dont have another Ranged Champion then chances are you will lose that Match.

Moving on, take top or bottom, and make it clear from the start your not going to put yourself in harms way for kills. The key to laning is not over-extending and wearing down our Enemies HP and forcing them out of the Lane, this gives you and your team an advantage as you can earn gold easier without risk and/or gank Mid/Top/Bottom.

Start off by going into the first area of grass, and once there with your partner cast your snare into the other grass and then both of you [the other guy leading] enter their side, if they are there then hit each 1 with your auto-attack which will activate your passive and deal bonus DMG. You want to do this each time one of your skills hits a Champion/Minion. Take advantage of that bonus DMG.

Go for those with least HP first and focus them.

REMEMBER - Do not over-extend for a kill. People dont realize that First Blood only gives you 300g/400g, but if you die and your partner dies then you gave their team 600g/700g. Meaning you've gained no advantage.

Ideal Situation: You kill both their team and dont die in the process. This means your team is now 600g/700g up.

Unless you can kill someone and escape safely and know you can get away then my advice is dont even try it. You might kill their Champion but as i said if you Die then you've given them the gold you just got and they didnt work for it. Also your team is now -1 Champion and at no advantage.

DO NOT PUSH when your level 1-5, chances are they will escape to their tower and you'll have wasted alot of mana/hp trying to kill them.

Wait till you have your Ulti because at least then if they escape you can fire that BEAST-LAZER at them and get 1/2 kills.

EXTRA NOTE: ALWAYS, keep an eye on your Mana and the cost of your Skills before you engage, trust me ive charged at enemies and almost killed them hit my Ultimate Key and NO MANA to cast it. YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE IN THAT POSITION.

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Mid Game

The mid game is possible the game breaker for Lux, because this is where you learn how to use her skills for Ganking, if you use them wrong you will waste your chance at gold and an advantage for your team.

Make sure your team-mates know what your planning, give them time to prepare and use MARKERS to indicate 1 target to attack. 3v2 or 2v1 should result in at least 1 person dying. If it doesnt then you sir are a noob of

At this stage you should have Mejai's or Sheen at least. Now you will have to work on your Boots.

Keep arranging Ganks with your team-mates and place a Ward near the Dragon at the Bottom of the Map so you can see anyone trying to kill it and you can usually get a free kill from there.

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End Game

At this stage you should have at least all 3 of their nearest towers down as well as some 2nd tier towers if your doing well. You should also have Rabadon's Deathcap and Lich Bane, or at least working on it.

If not then you need to do some serious farming of jungle mobs or large groups of minions in the lanes.

If their team is grouping up then you really need to stick to your own group and stay together killing that Dragon at the Bottom of the Map + Baron if you can.

At this stage of the game its essential to defend your base because by now your death-timers are 1 minute and in 1 minute you can lose the game, so dont go all Rambo and leave base, let your enemy come to you... and they will.. then fight them from your base because you know they wont be ganking you from the sides or from behind where as if your out of your base the enemy can sneak around you and gank your entire team and kill you all - Winning them the game.

When you get them in your Base kill them and counter attack, as soon as they respawn you need to be heading back to your base and then repeat.

This method works, but only if your attacking them as a team. Running in and out will not work you need to attack and fully commit to that attack.

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Extra Notes

1. LUCENT SINGULARITY, this is basically a free WARD, so use it on bushes before entering. Whenever your moving with your group you should be using this skill in the bushes around you to prevent ganks. DO NOT DETONATE IT OR THE SIGHT BUBBLE WILL DISAPPEAR.

2. MANA BUFF, take this whenever you can, from both sides, because in group fights your mana will be eaten away like a beast.

3. MAP AWARENESS, no matter what people say YOU are responsible for watching the map and the enemy Champions locations, DO NOT RELY on others to do this for you.. because chances are you will be disappointed because some Champions you play dont allow you time to PING the map or type Miss.

4. DO NOT BE GREEDY, if you have no need for a Buff Scroll then dont take it, unless its on the Enemies side, then take it to stop them getting it. ALWAYS Help your Team-Mates kill the Scroll Monsters, but never deal finishing blow.

5. WORK AS A TEAM, dont go off soloing because chances are the reason you went soloing is also the reason the enemy team will gank you and make your team -1 Champion.

6. LIGHT BINDING, this skill can be used when running to save your Team Mates, ALWAYS cast it as your retreating provided you can do it safely. YOU need your Team as much as your Team needs you.

7. LUCENT SINGULARITY 2, this also slows anyone who walks into it, so cast it as your running away so your enemies have to run through it when they are chasing you. It could save your life.

This skill will slow Garen AFTER he spins, so if he spins to catch you cast this and it will slow him, or just snare him. Then laugh and run away.

Please Rate this build, but please dont just rate it down cos it doesnt work for you, this build will not make you win every match, you need to have the right elements in games to win. IE: Team Mates who know how to play and back you up, You also need some degree of skill and player awareness in game. If you dont know how to play Lux then this guide might not work for you.

Feel free to comment, but if your just gonna hate then go die in a fire, if you dont like something give a reason why.