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League of Legends Build Guide Author LithiumDioxide

Lux - Illuminating the Battlefield!

LithiumDioxide Last updated on October 20, 2010
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Greetings! Lux is a amazing Support DPS or Carry DPS. Depending on how you like to play Lux can fit almost any Caster role. First and Foremost my background on Lux is I played her since she came out! I've have played Lux on Test Realm for a few day.s I'm quite confident that my Lux build is for you! SO lets get started!


I use a basic 9 - 0 - 21 build. However, I make a point to take Ghost, and Clarity to go with my summoner spells. Also, I took reduced death duration, because the increased Mana and HP isn't needed because of my rune build.

Runic Build

With this rune build its a pretty standard one for a caster, let me go over a few choices of mine and why.


I make a point to take 9 of these for I get the 8.55 Magic Penetration which go nicely with my quintessence I will be using.


I do this for the cool down reduction. Capping at 5.85% with these glyphs. Quite nice really, because your Light Binding always seems to be on Cool Down when you need it!


I made sure to grab these for the mana regeneration, with this and my items I average a good amount of Mp5 and combining this with the Neutral Buff Durations, I can grab Golem and just spam!


I made sure to grab these to complement my build, at level 18 you will have about 74.22 magic penetration. Negating almost all Resistance they could stack.

Spell Rotation

Here is my basic spell rotation. I have a couple.
Q = Light Binding
W = Prismatic Barrier
E = Lucent Singularity
R = Finales Funkeln

Basic Rotation - E - Q - R - W - E - Q

Team Fight Rotation - E - R - Q - W

In-Game Strategy

Mid-Lane - When laning Middle with Lux its quite interesting because, she doesn't have a huge burst right off the bat. Sometimes its best for you NOT to take middle versus some opponents who heal, tanky, burst. Heres a few you SHOULDN'T lane against, Mordekaiser, Ashe, Twitch, Vladimir etc. Who you SHOULD lane against, Annie, Sona, etc, Pretty much anyone who can't just like 3 shot you. In middle lane watch the enemy creeps you might be able to land a lucky Light Binding on them by bouncing it through a creep. Remember that if you hit the enemy champion or enemy unit at all with a spell you leave Illumination which deals 20-190 depending on your level. Just widdle them down, if they are foolish and stay in lane do your E - Q - R combo and finish them.

Side Lane - When laning side with a friend or a pug. Be careful you side with, try not to side with someone who can't complement your abilities. The best melee to side with is someone who can burst, is tanky, and deals great sustained as well. Obviously, Garen, Some Shacos, and etc. Casters are harder to come by, and the only caster I feel comfortable laning with is Swain. His root then my root and then my slow makes us a terribly deadly combination. When laning do your standard E - Q - R combination still to get a kill.

Team Fights - Depending on how far along you are with your items, these can be fun either way. If your fed and or really far along be aggressive, spam your E and explode it on them. If your not so fortunate with your items, just stay back and toss prismatic barrier to your allies and keep a eye on the enemy for a great Q or E usage to CC (Crowd Control) them. Just be careful tho! Lux is a powerful champion but remember she still is a CASTER! She isn't a tank even tho she can seem to be at times. Just remember that and DON'T over extend and get toasted.

In-Game Item Order

Now this is something that can truly depend on how lucky you are with kills or unluck with deaths. However here is what you should do.

0-1 Minutes - Purchase Dorans Ring and a Health Potion.
1-5 Minutes Purchase your Boots of Speed, if you have already gotten First Blood you can purchase the entire Sorcerer's Shoes.
5-15 Minutes If your clearing the kills and just getting fed get your Void Staff next, if your not so lucky, keep farming the dragon and the jungle as you walk by and slowly build your Void Staff.
15-25 Minutes Rod of Ages is next, if your clearing kills still you should have this already and be getting your Rylai's Crystal Scepter. If your not, just get the Rod of Ages.
25-35 Minutes If your just finished your Rod of Ages, skip the Rylai's Crystal Scepter and go straight to Zhonya's.
35-45 Minutes If your getting fed you should have all of your items, if your not get Guardian Angel.
45-XXX Minutes Finish the rest of your items and go back and Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

Helpful Reminders!

Golem Buff is CRUCIAL to keep your mana up, you will run out still even with the regeneration, make sure you keep a on when its up and grab it when you can.
Lizard Buff is possible if no one else on your team is taking it. It allows you to push your lane even faster.
Your E is powerful lane pusher at mid-game so use it when you can to push the lanes, aim for the weak casters in the back with it.
Aim for the tankier minions in the front that are on your caster minions first! These are the ones that need to die! Preserve your caster minions to give you back up! Sometimes they can get you champion kills!