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League of Legends Build Guide Author Temple_Knight

Lux:Lady of the Nuking Light

Temple_Knight Last updated on October 20, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 10

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Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Blink of an Eye
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Utility: 20

Lux:The Lady Of Luminosity

    Good support charecter
    big nuke
    good money maker
    helpfull in team fights

    Squishy as hell
    not a good solo till maybe late game or unles your
REALLY good.
slow movement speed/easy to gank.

The Core Build:

x1to eatherOr

Opstions after:

another Arch staff for more Mana/AP
A void stafffor more magic pen

A Frozen Heartfor more Mana/Armor/CD

Core build Guide:

Start with a Amplifing Tomeand a Healing Pot. If u can try to lane with a tank or someone that has more HP then you. Always make sure to get the last hit in with your passive increasing ur hit DMG it should help in the long run for getting thoughs kills. Next when u go back to the well and you have about 1200 G upgrade your tome to a MJSThis is more for ppl who know they can get the kills/Assists to make them stronger. also when u go back make sure to pick up your boots of speedjust so u can move around and not be left in the dust by your other team mates ( i hate when they leave me to die -.-) once ur back to laning and u have enough for ur next item.. Merc threds/ Sorcerer's Shoesdipending if theres a lot of


or not. Get the Merc threads if there


is ripping you apart. if not get Sorcerer's shoes.
Since Lux has no mana to begin with were goign to get her a Archangle Staff. This will make up for the lost mana early game and give her MORE ap Mid/Late Game.
Now usualy your tearing them apart right now with all the stack u acumulated and the arch staff giving you more AP with every skill you use almost. Now to just upgrade ur self again, you should be around lvl 12-15 about now this is when you should start getting your Ringabout now, starting off by getting the large rod(Tehe .. Large Rod) first if u can then uograde it to the zhonyas Ring. Now thats your Core build usualy by this time your done your game, but if it continues on and ur rackin in the cash go ahead and buy eather another Archstaffor a void stafffor that extra Magic pen. Now theres only 1 spot left to fill for the items... wasnt sure on what to get, i was going against DPS at the time so i had gotten the Frozen Heartjust for the CD and mana and also the Armor, the mana gained from the Heart goed towards ur Arch staff.. by the time i was done .. with only 15 stacks i had 950 AP.. if the gane continued anylonger and i had got my last 5 stacks i would be over 1000 AP.. my ult was dealing alrdy 1.5k Dmg .. every 24 seconds.

Summoner Spells

For Summoner spells i like to use Igniteand Ghost. Most ppl will be like why not Flash, for the reson flash becuz if im not by a wall then im screwd while if im in the back of a team fight Proting everyone (like u should be) and using my ult, i can make a fast get away if needed to from the battle. Ignite will also be nice to have in ur masterys setup for that extra AP boots and it's a ncie skill for early and mid game .. Late-game i intend to forget to use it becuz my AP is so high ... i just Dominate with out it.
Flash and other spells you can use, i just find these 2 to be more to my game play style.


ok so for my Mastery Tree i liek to go a Solid


i go in offence for Magic pen and of course the Ignite AP boost mainly for Early game as i have siad in my Above Summoners Spell. In defence nothing, just cuz it dosnt benifit Lux as much, yea sure HO in there but she's a AP nuke from hell.. soon to be nerfd i take it but thats not the point, Defence 0.
now Utility, i have 20 here mainly for CD and mana Regen, i dont die as offten as lux so i dont need Good Hands to come back alive quicker, your duty in the game is to prot ur other champs and nuke ur not in the front line at all, if u get assists thats fine , ur a support nuker. make sure to grab Quickness for the extra movment speed it could give you the edge in the early game if your oppnent cant run.


As for runes go, i perfer AP .. yea yea im an AP ***** lol BUT i love the nuke she gives, starting at the VERY beginign i have almost 60 AP.. thats more then a Blasting Wandand thats with using Ignite and having an Ampliflying Tome.

So guy's thats all for this guid on Lux and how i play her, hope it helps and i hope u all rate well .. and not like **** on my other builds.. that wern't this great.

thx again guy's
Happy Harrowing.