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League of Legends Build Guide Author penabug

Lux - OVER 9000

penabug Last updated on December 10, 2010
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Playing as Lux requires a lot of skill but at the same time, is still very easy. Her shots are skill shots which basically means that you need to be able to land your abilities by timing and skill. She is pretty much a squishy character but very fun to play.

Abilities and Passive
Lux's passive which ignites a light on a enemy once her skills hit them, is triggered to deal more damage when you set it off by hitting them with a normal attack. This is one of the best way to harass as well as kill off opponents. Max last.

Lux's Q which is Light Binding is a snare skill shot that hits two targets in a straight line. Timing and precision is key for this shot. The first snare will do more damage and snare longer than the second snare. Both targets will be ignited with her passive and hitting them is a shot worth considering.

Lux's W which could be a life saving ability is her Prismatic Barrier. Something about the word Prismatic always gets me. She basically shoots a shield that goes straight and comes back. The shield doesn't last long but she gets the shield twice. Rather than maxing out her Q second, maxing her W is worth the while. It could save many lives if used correctly. Shoot the Q shot towards teammates to help them or in front of where you are running to so you can pick up the shield faster.

Lux's E is her best CC ability. Lucent Singularity is a small AoE slow that affects any enemies that passes by it. It lasts for a generally long time but if you click E again, the little light orb will explode doing damage in that radius. Thanks to the buff a while back, her slow is stronger. Even so, it is a small radius but worth maxing first. Slowing enemies chasing allies is based on how well you aim your E and how long you let the ability last. This also lights enemies and is a great harassing technique. Another great use for her E is the power to see where you can't see! Throw her E in bushes, pass walls, to towers, or wherever you want and you will have a little relic that allows you vision! This is useful to find blindspots when people tell you a person is missing or if you think a person is missing. Use with care as if you waste your E, you would have to wait another 10 seconds or so for it.

Lastly, there is Lux's Ult. Her kamehameha technique : Finales Funkeln! Her ult does a lot of damage given that you hit them when they are lit. Why hit them when they are lit? The answer is -drum roll- Damage! Yes hitting them when they are lit will activate your passive as well as igniting them again. Try to line up shots so you can hit more than one champion in team fights and finish off people who are running away. A great way to build up on mejais without moving too far.

Like most of the other builds for mages, health potion and Doran's Ring is the best start-up item. While laning, you should not have much trouble harassing as long as you keep your distance and harass them at the perfect time.

Usually I would go back to base when I am either low health or have enough money to purchase normal Boots of Speed and Tears of Goddess. Okay so you might wonder why I would get Tears of Goddess over Catalyst Protector. My answer is simple. More mana with more regen is better to stay in the lane as long as you play safe. Her cooldowns are freakishly long but it is still worth the investment to get Tears of Goddess.

Later on, pick up Catalyst Protector. This would make leveling up and surviving even easier. Sometimes I switch between the two depending on the situation. If you can't afford Tears of Goddess in one go, just buy the Ruby / Sapphire Crystal and get Catalyst Protector.

Now you should be able to tell if you should get Mejai's Soulstealer or not. If you or your team is doing well, buy it ASAP. Lux can easily be a support/carry if she gets fed. If not, just follow up with Blasting Wand. Following up after that get either Archangels (more AP) or Rod of Ages (overtime boosts). I prefer archangels due to the AP gained.

Now it should be late game or mid-late game. Like most ending games, you would want the best items. Zhonya's Ring following up by Lich Bane is most ideal for Lux. You should end up with around 400-600 when you get zhonya's depending on your build and around 800 if you sell your Doran's have a max stack of Mejai's.

Overall if you can get max mejai's, Rod of Ages, Sorcerer Shoes, Archangel Staff, Zhonya's Ring, and Lich Bane, you would be looking at 700 damage normal abilities. A 500 defense shield and a 1.2k damage ult that refreshes every 20 some seconds.

Summoner's Spells
In most games I actually get teleport and flash so I can get away as well as quickly returning back to my lane. Teleport is also useful to help save towers and quickly catch up to teammates. I usually don't go mid as I like teamwork over solo work.

Ghost is a viable skill to use though. If you decide that you want ghost as your summoner skill, be sure you can land your shots i.e Q and E.

Flash is probably the easiest way to dodge attacks. Let it be snares, stuns, ults, etc., Flash never cease to fail any summoner. On the contrary you could use a Flash + Q combo to snare quickly and damage/kill them.

Teleport is a useful skill to go around the map and buy items with the power to return back quickly.

Clarity. Some people get clarity but if you follow up with my build, you shouldn't be running out of mana. Even so, in early game if you like spell spamming, clarity would be nice because I sometimes run out of mana. But then again, with masteries, Tears of Goddess, and runes, clarity should be the least of your worries.

In early game, you should not have a problem harassing if you land your snares and AoE correctly. Light them up and use your passive to deal more damage to them! Always a win there.

Leveling up makes it easier for you to gain mana thanks to your runes and masteries. Don't always rush back to base if you honestly don't need to.

Level 7 is the happiest moment for Lux as her E + Passive will make it possible to 2 hit the mage minions. This is the best way to farm for her.

If you decide to get Mejai's, when it is late game, sell your Doran's Ring and build up for Lich Bane. Mejai's is a risky item as they should / will target you first. (Considering if they aren't targeting you already.)

Remember to use Zhonya's Ring. Enough said there. (Most people will still forget)

Talk to your teammates when you are ready to snare and unleash the Q + passive + E + passive combo. If you have your ult, hit them when they are lit so they can be re-lit.

Use your Ult to clean off opponents or to kill them. Try to snare and slow to do even more damage / have a higher ratio of hitting.