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Lux Build Guide by Possiblyreef

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Possiblyreef

Lux: Singularity bomb

Possiblyreef Last updated on November 15, 2011
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Guide Top

But i think lux is underpowered should i play her?


Let me open up this guide by saying this is my first guide. I have played Lux with great success and find the reason people think she is "underpowered" and "unviable" is simply because they are playing her wrong in my opinion.

Please read through to the end and leave a creative comment, if people are here simply to read the item build and jump straight into a game i wouldnt recommend it and it WILL probably go wrong. particularly take note of the the item sequence and tips and tricks

Once you have read the the item/mastery make sure to read the "playstyle" section

In this guide i will be going through her:

    1. Runes
    2. summoner spells (again important)
    3. Item choice and sequence (very important)
    4. Items toavoid
    5. General game flow and combos
    6. her playstyle (most important part of the guide)
    7. positioning (very important)

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Pros / Cons

Pros of Lux

  • HUGE burst damage (one of the highest in LoL)
  • can change team fights
  • added passive - other people think shes underpowered, tend to leave you alone
  • squishy
  • mana heavy
  • if played wrong she is no benefit to your team
  • long(ish) cooldown on normal spells

Guide Top


Runes i run almost flat AP with some regen seals and of course penetration marks

The reason for this is that the early/mid game is the strongest part of lux so you have to make sure you are maximizing yourself for this, hence i dont tend to use ap/lvl glyphs.


Here is where you should start to branch out on lux.

Flash (lolMETA)

after that:

Teleport is viable, When off cooldown it will help you sustain mid better by getting you back early on, also if theres a teamfight happening it will likely always get you in range to help with laser if nothing else

Clarity is also viable, I tend to use this more in normal games when i dont know what i will be against as certain chars will make your mana conservation a bit heavier than others, in draft however i wouldnt recommend it

finales funkeln REMEMBER: To take the required mastery points depending in what you pick, i would drop either 1 in buff duration for Clarity or drop time dead if you are taking Teleport


Ghost it makes you faster to escape or get to places, i would only recommend this if you are low summoner level as if you need to pop it to escape your positioning needs more practice

Ignite But why its extra damage? IF you are ever close enough to use this on lux, you are probably going to get killed, not worth it imo.

Clairvoyance After all lux should be a support, if you dont have 1 already on the team its worth taking and dropping a point in neutral buff to put improved clavoince

Never take


for fairly obvious reasons really

Guide Top

skill set /Early game

The absolute first thing to do is know who you are playing against.
This will decide how you build


i would strong recommend taking:
Boots of Speedand Health Potion

yes it will gimp your early game kill ability but its far more important not to get killed this early on

anyone else?

Doran's Ring or if youre feeling comfortable Amplifying Tome and Health Potion depending on how well you can conserve mana, how well they can push you.


lucent singularity

Lucent Singularity
Always take 1 point in ,(Level 1,3,5,7) try and last hit with your passive as much as possible and keep your head down and just farm farm farm. you can quite quickly judge the skill of a player or the other champion you are playing against so know when to zone them by leaving your singularity in play. Its an art form and will take time getting used to

Light Binding
Light Binding
Moving on from this i take a point in , (Level 2 then after you have maxed singularity).

With your rank 1 binding DO NOT repeat DO NOT use it for extra damage. the damage is low, yes you will get the passive but at this level its too mana hungry. This ability should only be used for a few things
1. snaring a champion to set up your ulti
2. snaring a ganker
3. snaring a diving champion

Prismatic barrier

Prismatic Barrier

To be brutally honest this ability is a bit lacklustre on Lux, the AP ratio is just horrible. However its always worth taking a point in it at level 4 then maxing it out last. It does however have one HUGE benefit which no other champion in the league does which is why you will need to practice with it.
it is a fantastic FANTASTIC assist bot. hit 2 or 3 champions which have atleast participated in a kill on a champion? get an assist! assists = gold, gold = items. and with a mejai, assists = stacks.

Finales Fulkeln

finales funkeln
Your ultimate. Low cooldown, great range, great damage. best used in conjuction with snare/bubble for maximum damage. Fun to snipe people on towers etc etc. does take practice though, however there isnt much else to say about it till later on

Guide Top



There are many combos that work. some say using Lucent Singularity+ Light Binding
then finales funkeln is the most efficient

however i find

Light Binding for the snare Lucent Singularity dropping it right on top of them covering as much as you can quickly followed by finales funkeln
to be the most effective.

It will take some practice however its not too heard to learn to lead people, As soon as you know you will hit snare use your singularity. When i say you know where it will hit, if you leave it till it has hit they will likely get away. This then lays down a slowing field once snare has worn off and by this time they will have taken a laser to the face. Instantly explode singularity as soon as you can.
it will end up looking like

Light Binding + whilst travelling to confirmed snare launch Lucent Singularity after this instantly use
finales funkeln over the top of them, due to snare/slow they wont be able to dodge it

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Mid game

  • Once you are rolling along nicely continue to farm farm farm. Do not be surprised if you have more assists than kills, as long as you dont have lots of deaths you will be fine.
  • Try and stay ahead of the general level of the game it will benefit
  • One of the most important things is to not over extend as if someonegets on top of you, youre probably dead.
  • get involved in as much as you can, always have some "spare" mana to use and plan your escape

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This section is very important, it will cover item sequence build, most importantly, use your brain

  • 1st Item
    As i said before this is dependant on who you are against.

    Boots of Speed / Doran's Ring90% of the time and amp tome for the other 10%.
  • 2nd item
    you should be building Boots of Speed if you havnt got already/ Amplifying Tomeasap
  • 3rd item
    this is where you should branch out
    Have a look a the score and how your lane is going
  • Your lane is going well? Get Mejai's Soulstealer
  • Your lane/overall fight is going meh, not too many kills and youre being out farmed? Get kage's lucky pick, the gp5 and ap will help you gain some advantage in lane
  • 4th item
    start building your rabadon's death cap
  • 5th
    again you should think about the item you need.
  • is your mejai fed? yes? get something like Glacial Shroud
  • are you not that fed? Zhonya's Hourglass
  • are you doing ok but getting wrecked by X get a defensive item with some ap on it

Guide Top

often used, always regretted items

This section will cover items that look good on paper however they can quickly kill off your game

Philosopher's stone is never really a good buy in my opinion. It adds nothing to your offensive ability, building it requires items that will gimp your early game damage ability and it doesnt really go anywhere later on. yes i understand that it can build to Shurelya's Reverie but youre very rarely in a position to use it correctly in a teamfight

Rod of Ages is another frequently suggested item. personally i feel that it will gimp your early/mid game too much, yes it provides mana which is great for lux, but the excessive hp at this level isnt needed if you are playing her right, also the fact it is primarily built from catalyst the protector which brings nothing to the table on the damage which will probably mean you fall behind.

Archangel's Staff another decent caster item normally however it wont give you much benefit as lux. tear of the godfess looks great for lux however her spells cost so much initial outlay that you will never get it full stacked and it again brings nothing to your early damage.

Lich Bane on most builds i see one of these. in my opinion it looks good however i feel that it is far too expensive to get it mid game and late game people have the ability to 1 shot you should you get in range, i think money is far better spent on things such as Zhonya's Hourglass or a Frozen Heart

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Lux's playstyle (very important)

Here is the reason i think most people that would play lux think she is underpowered.


Morgana =/= Lux
Lux =/= Morgana

Morgana is not the same as lux, lux is not the same as morgana period.
If you play lux like morgana you will fail, if you play morgana like lux you will fail.

Lux has a very unique playstyle, she is incredibly passive aggressive, if you play a full support normally try and adopt the same playstyle. she does under no circumstances dive in to teamfights
Which often means she is overlooked that she isnt doing much and therefore left alone.

now on to her passive


Illumination is a good passive on paper. it helps very on with farming, however a lot of people think it should be used between every ability every fight. The problem with this is that 99% of the time this will mean you being in melee range of another champion, which will most likely get you killed.
If someone is on 20hp with an illimination mark on them yeah then maybe flash in to try and secure a kill. However if their carry is low flashing in to the jax and tryn to get a kill is probably a dumb idea just be happy that they will probably run away and that they arent participating any more and if someone kills them you get a stack from it.

Mejai's soulstealer
Mejai's Soulstealer

this item is often slated for being hated on because its a high risk reward therefore when looking from a Lux PoV its not good because why do you want to risk it?
simples. let me explain a few things

Prismatic Barrier
An overlooked ability like i said before. However when in a team fight chuck this when all else is on cooldown. You shield someone who gets a kill? thats a stack and hey, its a shield afterall so it cant be bad.

finales funkeln
Cant get in to a teamfight? teleport as near as you can and blast this off, if you hit someone who dies, you get a stack, simple. of course try and make yourself available for teamfights but dont disregard everything else

Using these 2 things you can quickly see why you need the mejai's. getting 3 assists and living is better than 1 kill and a death. which leads me onto my next part, Positioning, again a very important part to playing lux

Remember kids

you want to come out with scores like

Its fairly easy once your learn your strengths and weaknesses, these games are only normals and vary from 20mins to i think 56mins in 1 case. As you can see, survivability is your main priority and with it comes solid wins. (and a random cho'gath because WHY NOT)

You do not want to be like this poor soul

he over extended far far too much, it could be that or that i was playing akali and targeted him every time he was on the map, either one.

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Positioning is a very important part of play on lux. since you are relying on a stacking item you DO NOT want to die, especially as you are going into the later 12+stacks.

General laning
Do not over extend too much, if in doubt, ward about.
As i said before play incredibly passively, occasionally harass by zoning with your Q and get them low enough for a possible kill with your Q > E > R. however forcing someone out of lane so you can get a good minute or so of good farm which will put you ahead of them is a lot better than risking it all going balls to the wall (leave that to brand)

This is where you actually have to start thinking

Leading into a push/teamfight
Q. You know they are at dragon and your team decides to push mid turret and maybe initiate a teamfight when they come up

A. You should stand towards the top side of mid lane, near the bushes or their riverside road leading out.

but why?
standing here will give you full coverage should a teamfight kick off. No doubt your team will head in, this will give you nearly an entire lanes width that the enemy has to cover before they can reach you and it also gives you a great out. whilst you have full reign over laying down spells.

Q Doing dragon/braon yourself
A if you know where they are you stand between your team and them. if not i recommend standing towards the back side of the pit

but why?
Again, having your team between you and them is the best way to protect yourself, especially if they are coming to you through the jungle, most teams wont give up dragon or baron without a fight.
but i dont know where they are?
Have atleast 1 route to your team warded, this way it either gives you premature sight or an out. If you have flash up, stand towards the back of the pit and flash out as soon as you could be in danger. NOT as soon as they turn up, remember you want to not die but you dont want to run away from everything.

As i said before playing a support will give you a better insight to what i mean and WHY i say these things, it all comes down to experience and map awareness but the more you practice the better you will become

Guide Top

Thanks for reading

Congratulations! you got to the end. have a cookie and some lux love.
Like i said this is my first guide, i will try to update it as often as possible.
any suggestions feel free to pm me ingame (possiblyreef EU west)