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League of Legends Build Guide Author Restrictnine#5232

Lux: The Demacian Spectrum

Restrictnine#5232 Last updated on October 25, 2010
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Lux: The Light of Demacia


  • Adjusted the skill order to better match the item build.
  • Adjusted Masteries and Summoner skills due to suggestions.
  • Adjusted Item Build due to suggestions about Void Staff

    AA - Auto Attack
    Snare - Light Binding
    Slow - Lucent Singularity
    AP - Ability Points
    ult - Ultimate finales funkeln
    Brush - the grass in certain areas on the map

    Lux is a BEAUTIFUL support. Phreak says shes a good caster carry, but even when shes super fed, her damage just isnt enough to take on a full team. Don't get me wrong, she drops squishies super fast, but the tanks can eat her skills and not feel a thing. Relatively. Her kiting ability is unmatched. Even if they catch you with constant slows, she can just bind, slow, and get away. I personally MUCH prefer her over Morgana, and believe she actually replaces Morgana. Beautiful carry support hybrid.

    Summoner Skills

    Clarity - Early game, spamming Lucent Singularity gives you incredible lane control, but costs a decent amount of mana. Due to suggestions, I tested Clarity out and found that it is actually very useful. It lets you lane indefinitely... assuming you are smart and stay out of range of the enemy champions. Thanks to DEWO on this suggestion.

    Flash - This is the bread and butter of so many casters, and Lux is no different. Phreak says teleport, but i disagree. Yeah, it's great for laning and farming, but with an ultimate like yours, you should have no reason to back in the middle of a team fight. The range on all your skills are more than enough to keep you out of immediate danger.

    Alternative Skills

    Ghost - If one of the above skills doesnt suit you, this is the way to go. Before DEWO offered advice on my guide... well... actually i asked him for it... buy anyways. I had Flash and Ghost as my skills because i absolutely LOVE always having an escape tool ready to use. But if you really need to use both, the odds are very high that you aren't just getting away. Clarity is a lot more useful for the laning phase, and can even be a game changer in team fights. This skill is your #3 IMO.

    Ignite - The other bread and butter skill. I find this skill great for laning, but relatively useless late game. If you cannot get them without it, you are doing something wrong.

    Teleport - This is the skill you want if the ones above don't suit you. I bashed it before, but it IS viable on Lux.

    Clairvoyance - Good on support champs, I like it, but it just isn't my cup of tea. Lux is more of a support carry hybrid, not a pure support. I really only like Clairvoyance on pure supports, but Lux can take it just fine.

    Runes Explanation

    Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - If you don't take this on any caster, you better have a damn good reason. This makes your skills useful.

    Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration - Again, standard for any caster. This is a little more optional, but I still highly recommend this, as it is a huge help late game.

    Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction - Yup. You guessed it. Standard. If you are more worried about late game, go with Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction. This will give you more cooldown late game. Either one is viable, I just prefer the flats.

    Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power - "Why not flat health quints?" Well, health isn't really an issue with Lux, because she is a great brush champion, which basically means, she plays the laning phase from the side bushes. All her skills tailor to it, from the slow to the snare, everything is easier to land from the brush. This tactic is all you need to keep your health up. This also gives you a little extra boost late game with your combo.

    Skills Explanation

    finales funkeln

    Light Binding - Heh. When Lux heard about Morgana and her Dark Binding, she got jealous, and came up with the same skill, only better. This skill is literally exactly the same as Morgana's snare, but does a little less damage, snares the first for one second less, and snares a second target behind the first for 1 second. Absolutely love this skill. Because the snare time doesn't scale with skill level, I put one point in at level 1 and max it second to keep the damage harass up.

    Prismatic Barrier - This skill is the reason that Lux is a support carry. She Throws a boomerang that, when passing through allies, gives them a shield that blocks damage. Because it is a boomerang, you can give a shield TWICE. heh. Max this last, but put a point in early.

    Lucent Singularity - This is your main laning harass tool, as it does very good AoE damage early on, and procs your passive to multiple minions and enemies. It is a great skill, and really good from the brush. Cast it slightly behind the enemy, because when people see a cast from Lux, their first notion is to run backwards. It slows for five seconds and then detonates for damage, OR you can detonate early if you don't need the slow. The passive does not proc until detonation. Because of its early usefulness, max this out first.

    Finales Funkeln - This is one of my all time favorite ults. It doesn't do THAT much damage, but has disgusting range and hits everyone in its path for equal damage, including creeps. Comparable to Ezreal and Ashe, but almost no channel time, and no travel time whatsoever. It also looks sweet as hell. Late game, if you played the game right, this will do no less than 800 damage to everyone in its path, and squishies without MR will drop like flies.

    Suggested Item Build


    Doran's Ring - This is really what every caster should get at the start. You can opt to skip this item, but i highly recommend it. This makes up for the lack of flat health quints.

    Rod of Ages - Due to more suggestions, I have decided to add this item for the early survivability it gives you. Catalyst can come in right after Doran's Ring, or right after your Boots of Speed if necessary.

    Sorcerer's Shoes - just to add that much more magic penetration, which is always helpful. If CC is just eating you alive and you can't even pop flash or ghost, i suggest Mercury's Treads.

    Mejai's Soulstealer - Your range is so ridiculous, you will have no problem getting assists, and even kills, with any of your skills, especially your ult. In most builds i would highly discourage this item, but Lux is an exception.

    Tear of the Goddess/ Archangel's Staff - Tear of the Goddess is for the early mana that you so desperately need to spam harass, and Archangel's Staff only makes use of this excess mana later in the game. Archangel's is not absolutely necessary after Mejai's, but it gives you a nice AP boost early on.

    Zhonya's Ring - If you prefer the passive and active on this item over Archangel's Staff, get this item after Tear of the Goddess. This is the single best item for any caster, in my opinion. Even better than Rod of Ages.

    Optional Items

    Rylai's Crystal Scepter - Not really all that necessary, but your ult will slow EVERYONE, and the health is really nice to keep you alive if you are in a tight spot. I like this item just because of all it offers.

    Lich Bane - Now, before you rage about me putting this on a caster support, it scales with her passive, doing ridiculous damage on AA after casting a spell. If you are the aggressive caster, this item is for you.

    Playing Style

    Early Game
    With Doran's Ring you will have no problem staying in lane, as long as you stick to last hitting minions, and monitor your mana when harassing. in the laning phase, you really want to stick to the brush, as it allows you to get the jump on enemies, even if they know you are there. this lets your laning mate take some crackshots at the enemy, and often times lands you an assist or kill. I love using the brush to my advantage as Lux. Which brings me to another point. Try not to lane alone. Her skills are far too good in combination with others to solo. Grab a high damage DPS early game such as Garen or Master Yi, and just snare/slow and let them do the rest. If your laning mate goes off to gank, don't worry. Lux is one of the best zoners in the game. Just snare, auto attack, let them run away. With the magic pen runes, that poke does some serious damage if used repeatedly. I just had a game where i successfully laned alone for over 10 minutes against a Vladimir and Gangplank, and kept them at their turret the entire time just by using the brush as cover. Still, I advise you lane wiht someone. Once you have your ult, you can use the combo that is so important to Lux:
    1. Light Binding - this lets you move in, as well as doing damage and scaring the **** out of them
    2. Auto Attack - this is a major part of your damage output due to your passive, Illumination, which I love, by the way.
    3. Prismatic Barrier - if necessary.
    4. Lucent Singularity - Your next damage burst. Use this to get close to them again, then detonate.
    5. Auto Attack - More damage. Keep doing this until they get within range of their tower or team.
    6. finales funkeln - This is the killer. People are going to rage about this very soon, because with a good akill shot user, a simple lead of the enemy can easily net you a kill after this combo.

    I love Lux and her combo because it is a great early game combo as well as a late game combo, but also because it requires skill, unlike some champs like Master Yi, where all you have to do is right click. Don't get me wrong, Yi takes crazy strategy, but the actual technique of him is fairly simple. Lux takes technical skill up the wazoo.

    Mid Game
    You are the person that can hold a lane while the rest of the team goes ganking. You really only need to hold a lane if the enemy insists on staying in lane during mid game. You have amazing harass, and allows you to gain level and actually outlevel everyone else, while keeping the enemy underleveled. I actually suggest you stay in lane to farm minions even if the enemy leaves, but that is purely your preference. Start getting blue buff whenever it spawns, because this drops your ult cooldown to a ridiculously small amount. At level 16, with the runes and blue buff, your cooldown on finales funkeln is only 24.5 seconds. That is shorter than some regular skills on other champs. If your team is in trouble, pop ghost to get in range, Hit their team with your ult, and if necessary, keep moving in to help out more with your support.

    Late Game
    Team fights galore. Believe it or not, even if you do not AA to proc your passive, your poke is very painful. The range on your skills gives you a beautiful opportunity to deal damage without putting yourself in danger. If your team cant catch someone that ran, just pick em up with your ult. With practice, you will never miss. AA if you can, but don't risk your safety to do so. Try to ult the squishies, because they take much more damage than the tanks. Also, do not be afraid to use your ult on cooldown, because the earlier you use it, the earlier it comes up for another use. Team fights CAN last more than 25 seconds, and often do. Don't forget blue buff.

    End Notes:
    I must say, i was a little nervous at first when i bought the double package of Lux, but i must say, i dont regret it even a little bit. She is already one of my favorite laning champs, and has the perfect mix of support and damage output. Enjoy!

    Thanks to DEWO for the great suggestions on ALL my guides, and SixSonatas for the awesome Template idea!

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