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Lux Build Guide by Mupmop

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mupmop

Lux, the Rainbow Rape Cannon

Mupmop Last updated on March 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Did you buy this champion because she shoots a Rainbow Laser and that's the only reason? I know I did. Did you not fully understand how to rape with said laser? I know I didn't. I can help :D

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Pros / Cons

-Passive allows a strong early game.
-Huge burst damage.
-Really long range on her abilities, can shoot down runners with her Laser.
-Great harass.
-Amazing CC.
-2 person snare.
-Combos can kill a person before they even get out of her Snare

-Requires a lot of concentration.
-Extremely Squishy
-Have to do good early game, really hard to recover if you don't.
-Long CD's :[

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Summoner Spells

Clarity, in my opinion, is essential. You need it to lane as long as possible, and it allows you to stack ap without worrying much about mana regen.

Then of course you need an escape, I like to use Ghost but I'm sure Flash would work equally as good. :) It's really a matter of opinion on the second pick.

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How to do the good thing.

This guide will teach you how to decimate your opponents with Lux. If played right, Lux can destroy from 1 person up to an entire team with a quick combo. [Q --> E ---> R ---> E] This combo will become your best friend when you play Lux, it is an extremely devastating combo.

The very first thing you need to master when playing Lux is her skill shots. You have to be able to land her abilities to kill anyone, obviously. Also, being able to shoot down runners with your laser is very convenient. It is impossible for me to teach you how to lead with her abilities, so practice!

Now that you have mastered leading with her abilities you will need to learn how to destroy your enemies with said abilities. Lucent Singularity, is your harassing ability, you want to use this pretty much whenever it is off CD. It will keep your enemies low enough to QERE down.

Light Bindings, is one of your most important abilities to land. It is not only high damaging spell but a 2 person snare. Making you able to control fights or help someone escape.

Prismatic Barrier is probably your least useful ability, but useful nonetheless. It can be used to give your team that needed hp bonus in team fights or just save someones life from ignite or Karths ultimate. :/ Keep in mind it can hit someone twice, want to throw it out right before a rape storm is about to go down, so it gives you shielding after your initial shield is depleted.

These are the Cubans, baby. This is the Cohibas, the Montecristos. FINALES FUNKELN, capable of reducing any teams count to zero. This is arguably one of the most powerful Ultimates in the game, having only ~35 second cooldown when maxed and hitting for ~1000 damage with an Illumination proc. Use this whenever you have a good shot or want to take out some coward fleeing.

Now onto the Passive, Illumination, this is what brings lux together. The perfect amount of extra damage. You want to proc this as much as possible, use it for harassing, killing or creep farm. When you throw out your Lucent Singularity try and get an auto attack in if safe, you have to be sure it is safe though. You do not want to run into one of their abilities, which could make it pointless.

Now, to tie all of these pretty lights together into a true rape cannon. If you are successful in harassing by around level 6 they should be around half hp. This is your time to strike! Wait for the perfect time, be discreet and shoot a Light Bindings at them, quickly auto attack to proc Illumination while throwing your Lucent Singularity then shoot Finales Funkeln and spam E like your life depended on it. If everything goes right they should be hit by your Snare, Harass, Laser and your passive. This should all add up to their death. :) If not, auto attack 'em one more time finish the job by proccing your passive. I'm going to call this the QERE combo, because I think it deserves a name. :)

Now turn on some music, concentrate and commence the lasering.

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How to survive as Lux.

Another very important thing (believe it or not) when playing Lux is survival. You have to be EXTREMELY careful. Since you need to build up lots of offensive stuff, you will have close to no defense when they get to you. That means you have to stick with your tank or someone with a slow, stun or taunt.

Forming a relationship with your Melee is essential, you watch over them and send them lots of <3's and they will, hopefully, watch over you and maybe if you're lucky send some <3's back. You need your team to stop any people running for you, if they can do that, you will be the ultimate support.

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Narrow areas = <3

Finales Funkeln can only be so wide. :/ Which means the more bunched up the enemy team is the more you will hit with all of your abilities. Getting an enemy team into the perfect area is essential, it could be the difference between a triple laser kill and a quick death.

Also you will come to a time in your Lux career when you're forced to blind fire at where you think a fleeing enemy might be, I have a quick tip for you. :) People LOVE to run in bushes. It makes them feel safer, always aim for them if they're near. 90% of the time it will hit them.

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Now to gear this mofo.

Now onto the gear, so you can do damage with all these awesome combos. :)

I always start with Dorans Ring, for Mana Regen, Ability Power and Hp. Kinda obvious. :P

Then I grab another Dorans Ring mainly for the Mana Regen and Hp.

After that, I grab Kages Lucky Pick for the extra gold over time and a good amount of ap.

Then comes Boots of Speed, because Lux is dreadfully slow and has really long CD's.

Then if I'm sure I will do good I grab a Mejai's so I can stack up AP without paying extra money. If u get a lot of stack you start to hit absurdly hard. The hard part is keeping the stacks :/

Upgrade your boots! 20 spell pen and speed = Essential!

Then I make my Rabadons, this will make my abilities hit absurdly hard and hopefully by now their team is ready to surrender. If not you must continue building!

Now here comes the descisions, you can either buy a Void Staff if they're buying NegaTron cloaks like cowards. If none of them have Negatron it may be a better idea to grab a Haunting Guise. This is substantially cheaper and will actually take away more MR if they have very little then if you got a Void Staff.

After that you should grab a Lich Bane, this allows you to fight a lot more, also to deal Physical and Magical Damage, and with your passive, Lich Bane becomes extremely deadly. :] Which makes this a needed end game item. Also, a bonus is much quicker building killing. :3

After that either grab the Hourglass or Banshees Veil. Depends on what is raping you, ad or ap.

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What not to do and why.

Do not start with Rod of Ages, like seriously, I will punch you in your baby if you do. >.< RoA doesn't give enough burst damage for Lux to be even a decent Champion.

Do not get CDR boots, Lux is made to burst down someone within her snare time. Build every item to try and do this.

Do not wander off alone. You must have someone with you at all times late game. If not you will be rushed and slaughtered.

Do not open with a laser, this doesn't allow the much needed Illumination proc.

Do not suck, really, I mean you hardly ever see a good Lux. Now is as good as time as ever to shine, literally and metaphorically.

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Danke :)

Ty for reading, I hope this helped. :] This is my first guide, please leave comments letting me know what you think.