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Lux Build Guide by Absolute.0

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Absolute.0

Lux's Q & A - Ask me anything guide.

Absolute.0 Last updated on April 25, 2013
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Lux Build

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Who am I?

So.. Introduction first, my name is Absolute.0, I'm the author of AP Master Yi - The Need To Know Guide.

I've been playing LOL for around 2 years now with more than 1,000 wins at normal queue, currently placed at Silver I Division: Teemo's Scout (I like Teemo, really, but why can't they place me at somewhere with a bit more badass name? like Riven's sniper?)

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So what is this guide? and what's with the title?

Well, this is not a guide. at least not the way you think it is.

This is something new.

Here's the idea, this guide has no explanation about the item, runes, mastery, gameplay etc. etc... at least not yet. this "Not a guide" guide is about Lux, ask me


about her by commenting and I'll post those comment together with answer at a section below.

Now i'd probably get a lot of downvote but i just really wanted to try this new way of helping people, saving time, and still be able to answer EXACTLY what they want to know.

I'll also PM you to let you know your question(s) got answered!!

I'll be checking the comment on a daily basis. So ask away!!
(Pls. keep in mind that i am at a different timeline than most of you so i might not be able to answer at the time you expect. I'm from Philippines.)

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Q & A

Chrispotar wrote:

It is a good idea I think so I GOT A question: if people use their hourglass does Luxes ultimate hit them when the effect ends and u shot it when they used it? like low health kennen wants to escape after using it can u just time it so he dies instantly? I have never seen that in a game :D

It's possible, but you have to time it right, it was easier during season 2 because Zhonya's Hourglass's active lasts for only 2 seconds, the moment you see them flash gold fire your laser and BHAM!! they're dead the moment they come out of stasis.
Now it's a bit harder due to s3 buff making stasis last 2.5 sec.
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What's the minimal execution time for an all-out Lux burst combo ?

Lux can burst down a squishy AP or AD carry with her usual combo
(the most damaging combo is : Light Binding >> Lucent Singularity(cast) >> Final Spark >> Auto-Attack >> Lucent Singularity(detonate) >> Auto-Attack)
All in all will take 4-5 seconds. (including the auto-attacks)

at level 16 with only 300 AP this combo will do 1,955 magic damage, taking Lux herself as an example, she only has 30 Mres(not counting runes, masteries and items.), the above-said combo will kill her (or is it herself?) if she has only 1500HP and that is if you only have 300 AP.
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Logarithm wrote:

I've never played Lux (missed all of her free weeks), so I really want to know - how useful is Lux as a support? How does she fare compared to other supports? And, as a support, how is her late game transition?

Lux is mainly an AP Carry champion. The reason she's a partial support is because she has a lot of utilities at her disposal,
Light Binding - Hard CC/Snare
Lucent Singularity - Soft CC/Slow
Prismatic Barrier - Shield
And she can baby sit your AD Carry by harassing the enemies while providing the above-said utilities.

Keep in mind that even as a support, Lux should still build AP items WHILE buying ward.
Mejai's Soulstealer is specially a must on a support Lux than an APC mid one due to it being cost efficient, as Lux, you shouldn't have problem stacking it.

Also, as a support Lux you should aim for more cost efficient item since you won't be able to gain much kills.

Mejai's Soulstealer, Twin Shadows, Athene's Unholy Grail are a few suggestions that have cheap components.

Her downside against other support is... She doesn't have healing abilities like Sona or Nami does. consider Lux more of someone like Lulu who's pre-6 job is only to provide utility and harass.
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Mastahacc wrote:

Why do you like Lux?
Do you recommend AP or Mpen quints on Lux?

(+1 btw)

Question #1 - I main AP Champions, as you can see, my previous guide is an AP Master Yi. (and i'm currently writing an Orianna guide) Also, i like Lux because of how she can zone, farm, kill, support and whatnot. She can go dominating the lane or if against hard champion she can also snowball well into late game. I also love the mage theme.. (That's a personal preference of mine. hihihi) and her range... shortest ability range is 1000. not many champion can out range her.

Question #2 - I recommend AP since you were specifically asking Quints. Mpen is a secondary rune in quintessence category that only give 2.01 mpen each (do correct me if i'm wrong.) whereas it gives 4.95 flat AP (this i am sure because i personally use this. ^^) or 0.43 AP per level which gives 7.74 @ level 18. if you want Mpen i recommend Marks. Mpen is a primary rune in Mark.

Thanks for the up-vote!
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XxB33B0YxX wrote:

Do you think Lux jungle or Adc is viable? ^^

Personally I think NO, but then again Karthus jungle somehow works >.>

Lux as a jungle is a no no, The difference between Lux and Karthus is that Karthus has a very spammable Lay Waste that can be cast every 1 sec and cost only 20 mana, and if he kills the smaller monster, Lay Waste will deal double damage to the epic monster. Lux has no such spammable ability.

ADC Lux is a possibility since she has a snare and a slow -BUT- she lacks attack speed. she has lower attack speed gain than Janna. Also if you want to play her as an ADR, you'll lose your range asset putting yourself in AA range, that's 550 for you.

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