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League of Legends Build Guide Author Marked4Death

M4D's Top ELO Guide to Vayne (With Chaox Video)

Marked4Death Last updated on June 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my guide for Vayne

This guide was influenced via top ELO (2000+) players,(specifically Chaox guide on solomid), and works very effectively! I tried a few of the other guides on mobafire, and suffice it to say, I really do believe this is the best method to this champion.

Also, anything contained herein is personal opinion. You are here reading this guide because you searched for someone else's opinion on strategies, play style, itemization, and tips. I will provide all of these for you. But due take a second to vote on what you think this guide is worth.

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Greater Mark of Desolationx9 (Shouldn't need an explanation, ArPen....duh....)
Greater Seal of Armorx9 (Your still squishy, but the armor does help against some hard hits which would otherwise push you out of a lane sooner)
Greater Glyph of Attack Speedx9 (The attack speed is needed early on, and since her cooldowns arn't really much of an issue this is the best choice for this slot)
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damagex3 (The early on advantage this damage gives you with your ArPen marks early on is ******ed. Your ability to harass is unmatched)

Alternate Rune Choices

Greater Seal of Attack Damagex9 (If your feeling particularly exceptionable and would like the extra 4 points of damage, try these out.)
Greater Seal of Attack Speedx9 (These are also a viable option for the added attack speed, but in my personal opinions armor or attack damage runes would be better than these)

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Doran's Bladex2
Berserker's Greaves
The Bloodthirster
Phantom Dancer
Banshee's Veil
Infinity Edge

Alright, the bread and butter of the guide!

Why Two Doran's Blade?
the early on extra 20 damage, 200 health, 6% life-steal is nothing to shake a stick at. Vayne hit's pretty hard as it is, the extra 20 damage early on is usually enough to score you a kill. Plus how much of a pretentious douche do you look buying 2 doran's items. Revel in it, cause your the same douche who's gonna wipe there team out all game :)

Why Rush The Bloodthirster over Infinity Edge
Good question. I realize most of you think you want the infinity edge first, but in reality, The Bloodthirster is best early on when the enemy doesn't have much defense against it's stacks. Not to mention Vayne NEEDS to farm, as much as possible. You should have the highest creep kill number on your team. Being able to do major damage, as well as gank a lane, and then regen your health through killing a creep wave, then moving on to your next task is what will net you a lot of kills. The only time you have to go back is to buy, not to heal, ever. Not to mention it's stacks synergize with Silver Bolts really well.

Finishing Phantom Dancer immediately after The Bloodthirster
I'm fairly sure this is self explanatory, but we'll go into it anyway. The phantom is such a great item. 55 Attack Speed, 35 Critical Strike Chance, 15 Movement Speed. Wow... the attack speed in itself, plus the 25% from your boots will make you attack insanely fast. You'll leach health super quick, crit more, and stack The Bloodthirster even faster.

Why Banshee's Veil?
Well, this is where the situational aspect comes in. When fighting an AP heavy team, this is what I run with. Being able to block a spell is vital in most cases. However, this spot is saved for a defensive item, so use your best intuition on what item to choose. AD heavy maybe a Frozen Heart or Thornmail or maybe even a Warden's Mail.

Hey douche, how come I'm just now getting an Infinity Edge. I missed out on so much damage!
If you find yourself thinking, or saying this. You need to practice playing Vayne more. But the time I even get started on a blood thirster (usually I only get around to the b.f. sword and then the games over) i'll have 12+ kills. At that point I could just buy potions and not even finish the thing and score kill after kill. This item is basically to just solidify your stance as a god in the battle ground. Once this item is completed you win. You can burn through any enemy, regardless of how tanky they are, you will burn through them. This does not mean focus tanks, for those of you who's reading comprehension is still that of a third grader.

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Summoner Spells

Flash You must have this, you need it more than anything to GTFO of oh SNAP situations. It will save your life. K?

Exhaust We have a talent in the tree for exhaust remember, so if your following this guide to the T, your spec'd for it. Take it. Aside from just that, it's great to have a slow/temporary fUx Yew to melee champs. It's helped score me a plethora of kills.

Ignite If your feeling saucy, pick this up. But remember to go take a point out of exhaust and put it in something else of your choosing.

And honestly going with anything else is against my better judgement, I wouldn't, so I won't list it. :)

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and then when your done.....

FARM! some more..... k pumpkin?

It is vital that you last hit only. Since you'll hopefully be mid, you can make sure to not over push your lane as well as make as much gold as possible so when you go back to buy, it's still fairly early in the game and you've out fed the enemy on creep kills for gold. You'll soon out itemize them very early for some insanely unfair lane presence, damage, and gank ability.

Also, try to always have red buff when you can. The slow will help ensure they don't get away while giving a tiny damage boost which never hurts.

Here is a video explanation of how to properly last hit minions.

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Vayne is very, very strong in the laning phase. Early harass is fun, as well as easy. If you don't have a kill by level 6, don't worry you will at 6 when you Condemn into the wall for the stun, hit Final Hour and attack. Say goodnight, Vayne just got first blood.

Also, when harassing always make use of Silver Bolts. You do this by auto attacking, tumbling and auto attacking again. Tumble resets your auto attack timer, and this combo does HUGE damage early on. If you don't get a kill from it, you will at least force them to pop some summoners to get away from you or at the very least use up all there health pots and run back.

As stated before and never ever enough, always farm. Always grab red buff.

Vayne is squishy, she does shine even in 2v1 combat a lot of times, but don't take that for granted. Vayne is a snowball wrecking machine, if you die and have to wait to res, you greatly slow down the snowball. Get it?

Make use of the stealth you get from Tumble using your ulti. You can hit Final Hour tumble out from a bush and Condemn the ****er into a wall for the stun. Game over, they die.

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Chaox Vayne Video with Commentary

This build is indeed influenced by how Chaox plays Vayne. Chaox is a top 5 Ranked player on the U.S. server. This is a video he made showcasing how to play Vayne with full commentary.

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6/7/11 - Guide was Created

6/11/11 - Updated Items Section, Added Last hitting Video, Updated header images