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Caitlyn Build Guide by leoart92

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author leoart92

Machine Gun Sniper Caitlyn

leoart92 Last updated on July 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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1. be patient: i know it's a lot of words but it really explain how to use this build and why and how it works

2. stop troll posting

3. please try it before posting any negative comments

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Ok, this is the system and battle plan i've been using recently and it seems to me it works. You guys may find some things unconventional, but i'll explain everything as i go showing you guys the build. Try to be open minded and i accept any comments. Again, to my playing style, this works perfectly and i find myself quite comfortable with cait up to the point of only using her for now. So, enjoy, i recommend this build and use it so you may try it out. THIS BUILD WILL ENABLE YOU TO REMAIN AGGRESSIVE THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE GAME

PS: if i have any mistakes please informe me.

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Ok, i place even the exact amount of runes you need. Now, i dont use only 1 type for every type. Each serves its purpose. Cooldown runes enable your skills to cooldown faster and hence harass faster (especially with cait's peacemaker). Attack speed runes give you an edge early game and mid game, late game they just make you shoot faster. I find that early and mid game i'm out shooting most champions and hence can deal them more damage than them (even if they have an attack damage that's a bit higher). Armor penetration will enable you to dish much more damage early and mid game too, making you get more health from the vampire scepter and killing enemies faster. Finally, mana regen is a must with cait, early game she can be quite a mana horder, especially if you play range aggresively like me.

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The mastery tree si self explanatory, i use the spells teleport and heal, so with the mastery tree i can teleport faster (into and out of battle). Also, i get more critical chance with cait, more mana, and the cooldowns mean more harassment. And, cait is weak in magic resist and armor, so giving her those masteries help (mostly early game).

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simple: FOLLOW THAT EXACT PURCHASE ORDER. It will help you a lot if you follow my gampeplay, which is quite aggressive and based on get in, dish damage, get out, leave traps to prevent free movement and always rely on you ulti no matter how far away they are. It may be unusual the purchase order but it works wonders, the black cleaver is expensive but you can get it by lvl 10 (if you get 3 champion kills) and haven't died (kill many minions too). With it, you can now harass almost all champions in the game. And keep an edge until the late stages of the game. By the time I get the phantom dancer i'm dishing damage so fast and always reducing their armor that the other team will just surrender. Otherwise, GO FOR THE SWORD OF THE DIVINE.
This is where it gets interesting. With cait's huge attack speed, buying this sword you'll get a 2.2 attack speed AND every 4th shot (meaning every 2 seconds) you'll deal 100 MAGIC damage, which works great in ganks against those hig HP or high armor champions. After this sword, go for the Bloodthristier since it gives you more attack damage and hp steal, and finally aim for the infinity edge (if the game somehow lasts that long). The reasons why i actually leave the infinity edge for last is because cait is one heavy harasser, but baised on attack speed, her special skill of dealing a headshot every 6 attacks WITH a high attack speed will make you dish damage at an alarming rate. Infinity Edge in the end is just the decisive weapon. IF you manage to extend th battle that long and you buy it, practically is game over since you'll be dealing between 800 and 1100 composed damage to most enemies.

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Using Cait

My play style is ranged aggresive with cait. From early on i take the mid solo, and rush as near to the enemies' turret as I can. I DONT TURRET DIVE, but the turrets have a circular shoot range, and if you corner the turret on the side which is free you can actually get close to the wall to be able to harass the opponent with the peacemaker. I go in, shoot, get out and check if the enemy comes, if he doesn't i repeat (until minons spawn). After that, DONT WASTE THE PEACEAKER AND YOUR MANA ON THE MONIONS. Farm them with normal shots and always have your peacemaker ready for when the enemy comes within range and shoot. I always shoot and move away since i tend to avoid them hitting me before i know i can take them out. If you manage to get the enemy champion below 2/3 of it's health and he's still coming for you, wait for your peacemaker to cooldown (this is still before level6) and charge at him with you attacks, if he faces you strait on, keep hitting normally and unleach your peacemaker when you're close and he sin't moving away or moving at all (use your heal if necesary), this way i only get my first kill. OTHERWISE, just let him run away and set 3 traps at the mouth of the bottle neck of the lane where the firsy turret is. STAY CLOSE, shoot at his minions from behind and stay close to those traps (no too much so turret hits you). If the enemy moves too close and sets off your trap, quickly shoot him your peacemaker, and be sure to reset that trap lost (this way you may get another kill). WARNING, you will be so annoying and harassing so much by this point that it is likely that enemies may leave the top or bot lane and try to gank you, so be aware of the minimap. Early in the game, your first ult is quite weak (in my opinion) but always useful and very annoying. Keep harassing but NEVER go below 100 mana (teh cost of your ult). WHY? because YOU ARE ABLE TO QUICKLY DROP YOUR TARGET's HP TO 2 or 1 bars. If he's 2 bars (dont shoot unless you know he's a very low armor champ- most likely a mage), always have your traps installed. When the enemy has 1 bar, quickly set your ult, aim and FIRE, it's usually a sure kill. Also, and this is where you must just believe in your ult, if your enemy drops to 2 bars and runs away, follow him, but dont turret dive, instead, chase him so he can't focus on controlling his champ to avoid your traps. When he does step on one, AIM AND FIRE your ult, no matter if you think he's too far away. Personally, most of my early game ult kills are even when the enemy champ has disappeared into the fog. From here on you can just sail peacefully until Mid Game. BUT, remember that cait is VERY HIGHLY SQUISHY, so if you get 2 enemy champs on your lane, call for help and go back to your turret and just defend from there. Remember, your traps stun, so (when running away or playing defensive) throw and set them on your enemy's path (if chasing you), in turret range (if they're near teh turret or wish to charge at it), or behind them in their retreat path when an ally joins you or you can push back with your minions. TIP: DONT BE A HERO, before your black cleaver the most assist you can give is to set traps on the target's path to stun him and so you may use your peacemaker and other champscan finish him off or stun him again. If the target runs away from your ally but AGAIN has only 1 life bar left...ULT HIM. WARNING, if you reach 5-0 (kill-death) the enemies WILL TAKE IT PERSONAL AND TRY TO GANK YOU OR KILL YOU AT ALL COST (happens when you're between lvls 10-15) so be aware of the minimap and rely on your allies. Also, remember that cait is very squishy, so if you're alone against 2 champs, harass and run away (dont get greedy or confident). By late game you're all moving in groups and having ganks or team fights, always pick on the enemy that's harassing the most or the one all of your team is focused on and remember that YOUR TRAPS are more reliable than your damn net shot. If you get ganked, your net shot is just useless, cait isn't that fast and the net shot doesn't thrown you far enough to escape a gank, if you're slowed or stunned. SO, THAT IS WHY I MAX OUT THE TRAPS FIRST AND THEN THE NET SHOT. The net shot is when you're preparing a gank and so you shoot it onto your target's path (bet effective if you're hiding in bush) and so you slow them for a gank on the guy. In Late Game, just keep harassing and stay with the team, you may die a couple times but your team will keep on pushing thanks to you. Have fun with my cait build!

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Skill Sequence

just a quick explanation, your NET SHOT IS USELESS! it doesn't slow enough champs when they're ganking you (and that's the only time they'll really be after you and chasing you, and cait isn't that fast to out run them. Also, it doesn't throw you far enough if you're stunned, ganked or slowed, hence, NO ESCAPE IF GANKED. SERIOUSLY, YOUR TRAPS STUN FOR A LONGER TIME; SET THEM ON YOUR OWN PATH WHILE RUNNING AWAY, GO OVER THEM AND THE ENEMY WILL STEP ON THEM AND IT'LL GIVE YOU TIME TO RUN AWAY, IF YOU'RE CHASED BY MANY, USE THE SAME TACTIC AND (IF YOU HAVE IT) USE A NET SHOT (NOT AIMING AT AN ENEMY) TO GET TO YOUR DESTINATION (A TURRET) QUICKER. I rarely us ethe net shot unless it's to prepare a gank... it just doesn't help at all.