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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Zortex Support U

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zortex Support U

Make It Rain Gold - Pre Season 6 MF Support

Zortex Support U Last updated on January 7, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Miss Fortune with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Anivia Enjoy the easy lane. Q into E for the poke/kill. But if paired with a champion that counters you you should target Anivia first.
Mordekaiser This is simple, just spam E and farm up that gold. Only threat he has if you run out of Mana to keep him at range.
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1st - Refillable Potion, this could build into a Corrupting Potion if you have a bad laning phase. Because MF Support uses a lot of Mana and spamming of her abilities. So use this for sustainability and little extra poke. The passive on this item is indeed truly helpful.

2nd - Spellthief's Edge, The AP, Gold Generation, Mana Regeneration, and passive makes this item ideal for MF due to her E - Make it rain generates all three procs of passive receiving a massive amount of gold.

Last - Warding Trinket, Just do it!

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Buy a Corrupting Potion, MF Support uses a lot of Mana and spamming of her abilities. So use this for sustainability and little extra poke. The passive on this item is indeed truly helpful.

Last - Warding Trinket, Just do it!

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Build Order

1st - Pink Ward, No excuses buy your Pink Ward!

2nd - Frost Fang, Traditionally for 90% of supportive champions Sight stone would normally be bought if you can afford it. Consequently, for MF Support Frost fang should have higher value due to MF's E - Make it rain generates all three procs of passive receiving a massive amount of gold. Not to mention the AP ratio of the ability is nice too. Any champion with the ability to trigger all 3 stacks with one ability is the only exception to prioritize Frost Fang over Sight stone.

Last - Sight stone / Sweeping Lens, As mentioned above buy this as a lower priority then Frost Fang.

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Build Order

1st - Pink Ward, No excuses buy your Pink Ward!

2nd - Frost Fang, Gold generation, Mana regeneration, and AP. All 3 extremely important in Laning Phase.

Last - Ruby Crystal, This will give you some extra Health because MF is very squishy. This also used to build your Sightstone.

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Build Order

1st - Pink Ward, No excuses buy your Pink Ward!

2nd - Sight stone and Oracle Alteration, if you haven't already finished it yet.

3rd - Frost Queen's Claim, This item makes Support MF possible.

4th - Zeke's Harbinger, armor, Mana, Ap and CDR. All three of these stats are important, but the most important thing is the utility you provide your team with this amazing item.

5th - Sorcerer's Shoes, the only magic penetration you get, this is very important to get early. Your magic penetration and armor penetration runes and masteries, with these boots allow you to maximize your damage effectiveness.

Last - Caulfield's Warhammer, this item gets you the much improved 32% CDR. In addition, to CDR it gets you one step closer to The Black Cleaver.

You will now be at 32 % CDR, have the ability to spam your E about every 7 seconds. Generating a great AoE slow zone, combined with the Frost Queens active, you will become a utility based damage support. Not to mention that you will be receiving about 50 gold everything you lane your E on a champion. During this phase of the game your gold income will increase to the point of a secondary carry, as long as you keep farming with frost Queens passive. At this moment you are a true hybrid damage threat, AP ratios on Q, E and R. And her AD ratios as well. This is why the hybrid penetration marks are used.

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Build Order

1st - Pink Ward, No excuses buy your Pink Ward!

2nd - The Black Cleaver, The AD, HP and the awesome passive. The HP is very important for being a support. This is an important item for MF Support. Additionally, this item provides about Half of your AD in this build. Finishing this bring you up to 42% CDR, so you are now truly a hybrid damage support MF.

-- Sell Corrupting Potion or Refillable Potion -- If you still have it.

3rd - Wit's End, MR and Attack speed, extra magic damage and removal of MR so your team can deal more damage to your target. You might be asking WHY NOT AN CRITICAL STRIKE ITEM. Here's the answer, this build is more focused on Spamming Abilities then Autos, so there is little value of critical strike items. In addition to spamming abilities instead of autos the amount of Ad items in this build is low. Due to survive ability YOU are a Support your job is to provide utility for your team, being able to ward and Sweeping wards without fear of being killed. This is always the top priority for a support, an extra 40/65 Mr will aid in that.

-- [Sell Sightstone] then replace [Oracle Alteration] with [Farsight Alteration] --

4th - Maw Of Malmortius, Is a luxury item for Super late game, build this for Extra AD, MR and provides additional survival-ability due to the shield. As I mentioned earlier Support survival-ability is important, in Late game you will be able to deal great damage and soak up damage as well due to this Build, Runes, and Masteries. In the End game you are majority AD damage about 50/50 ratio. So start Using your auto attacks as a higher priority then just AoE slow spam.

Last - Enchantment: Furor, If you are rolling around in gold then upgrade your boots. Extra mobility upon auto attacks are very helpful to get you out of a bad situation.

You will now be at 42 % CDR, have the ability to spam your E about every 5.8 seconds. Also you auto attacks will do some good damage too, with these HP/MR/Armor items you would not be as weak as a traditional carry.

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1st Max E, This is the most important ability of support MF and quite frankly the only reason this is possible. AoE Slow zone control decent wave clear 80% AP ratio, about once every 5.5 seconds with full build not to mention the spooky ghosts active from Frost Queen's Claim, this is your gold generation.

2nd Max Q, after you maxed E at level 9. Then max Q at level 13, this is the transition point when support MF is pure hybrid damage.

Last Max W, after you maxed Q at level 13 you transition into a second Marksman due to items, ability AD ratios, and champion ratios. You will have the damage to melt people yet have the ability to take damage back.

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The game rounds up 0.25% - .49% to .5% / 0.51% - 0.9% to 1.0%. Also rounds down 0.24% - 0.l% to 0.0%

- (9) Flat Hybrid Penetration Marks [8.1 Armor Penetration / 5.5 Magic Penetration]. This MF support build from level 1 - 13 has a high amount of hybrid damage. In my study these are the ideal Marks for this build.

(Alternative Option 1) - (4) Flat Armor Penetration Marks, (4) Flat Magic Penetration Marks, and (1) Flat Attack Damage Mark [5.15 Armor Pen. / 3.5 Magic Pen. / 0.95 Attack Damage]. When you can't afford the Ideal build use this.

(Alternative Option 2) - (9) Flat Attack Damage Mark [8.5 Attack Damage]. When you don't have the Penetration Marks, use this as a alternative. Just note this Alternative build is not ideal, due to lack of Armor/MR penetration items in the build itself.

- (9) Flat Health Seals [72 Health] - These Seals are good vs Mix Damage opponents. I Personally use these the majority of the time 72 Health keeps your defensive stats well rounded, also makes that laning phase easier.

(Alternative Option 1) - (9) Flat Armor Seals - These Seals are good vs Attack Damage opponents. BUT defensive wise you are better off with 9 Flat Armor MARKS; due to the Nerf Flat Armor Seals received a year or so ago. 0.91 Armor for a Flat Armor Mark vs 1.00 Armor for a Flat Armor Seal.

(Alternative Option 2) - (9) Seals of Scaling Health [216 Health at Level 18] - These Seals are good vs Mix Damage opponents. BUT as a support you level up much slower then others, addition to leveling up slowly, you need your defensive stat advantage mostly during the laning phase.

- (9) Flat Glyph of Mana Regeneration [3% Per 5 Seconds]. This is what I consider to be the most important rune set for this build. Having Mana Regeneration is critical for early gold generation due to the way spell thief's passive works, with the Bandit Mastery. MF's E - Make It Rain - triggers both these effects and triggers all three charges of spell thief's as well.

(Alternative Option 1) - (8) Flat Glyph of Magic Resist, and (1) Flat Glyph of Ability Power [11 Magic Resist, and 1.2 Ability Power]. This rune set is cheaper then the other. although you would had wanted Flat Mana Regeneration Glyphs. This could be used if the team is heavy AP focused.

(3) Flat Health Quintessences [78 Health] - These Quintessences are good vs Mix Damage opponents. Personally use these the majority of the time.

(Alternative Option 1) - (3) Armor Quintessences [13 Armor] - These Quintessences are good vs AD opponents. The 13 Armor allows you to take a beating from the opponent ADC.

(Alternative Option 2) - (3) Flat MR Quintessences [12 MR] - These Quintessences are good vs AP opponents. I tend to use these when, I am facing a mix damage ADC (Ezreal/Corki) with Pure AP damage team.

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12 Ferocity

- 5 Points in Sorcery, with 42% CDR this becomes insanely good.

Next Tier

- 1 Point in Double Edge Sword, makes the laning phase easier, due to your poke ability on the enemy duo. Also this is very important when the late game comes for your transition into a second AD/AP carry.

Next Tier

- 4 Points in Vampirism, Both Spell Vamp and Life steal, will be gather by MF due to her hybrid ratios.

[Vampirism will round up due to the rule mentioned in chapter 8.]

- 1 Point in Natural Talent, Will ease the scaling of her AD and AP.

Next Tier

- 1 Point in Oppressor, This mastery was designed for MF. Just use E - Make It Rain - then you have the benefits of this wonderful mastery.

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18 Cunning

- 5 Points in Wanderer, The required mastery for supports.

Next Tier

- 1 Point in Assassin, later in the game you might be tasked with split pushing you might have to get down and dirty. In the late game this MF Support truly becomes a second ADC for your team, pushing towers fast with W - Strut - could be a win condition for your team.

Next Tier

- 5 Points in Meditation, through out the game having high CDR will cause your small Mana pool to suffer. This will help keep the Mana in the pool, while you chain spam your abilities.

Next Tier

- 1 Point in Bandit, The required mastery for supports. In addition to being support required, this works with Spell Thief's passive, this also procs off your E - Make It Rain -.

Next Tier

- 3 Points in Precision, Hybrid penetration will allow Support MF to deal good amounts of damage through out the entire game. Her abilities scale off both AD and AP, so extra Penetration will always help. This mastery was made for MF, and any true hybrid damage dealer.

[Precision will round up due to the rule mentioned in chapter 8.]

- 2 Points in Intelligence, Its all about that 42% CDR. This with her items will allow MF to deal massive amounts of damage, while virtually keeping E - Make It Rain - available the entire time to allow you to zone control the enemy. The 2% CDR will help in the early game as well, when needing to zone off the enemy duo lane. Also the enemy Jungler when he/she is ganking your lane.

Next Tier

- 1 Point in Thunderlord's Decree, This mastery keystone works wonders with support MF. It gives you the damage to bully in lane, also truly become a second carry in the late game due to her ability AD/AP ratios.