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Ryze Build Guide by O Takes Square

Middle Make Ryze GREAT AGAIN!!

Middle Make Ryze GREAT AGAIN!!

Updated on January 3, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author O Takes Square Build Guide By O Takes Square 13,193 Views 0 Comments
13,193 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author O Takes Square Ryze Build Guide By O Takes Square Updated on January 3, 2021
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Runes: 1st Option (A little Lane Pressure)

1 2
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band

Cheap Shot
Ravenous Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


Standard Mid Ryze Rune
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Champion Build Guide


By O Takes Square
This is all about getting that Haste up, getting your E/W and Q cds to very very low like they are basically always up and it really brings back that vibe of Ryze where he just did so much so quickly and it seems so tough to stop him. At lv 1 (lane phase in general) make sure you are using W whenever you can especially when manaflow band is up.

Haste is basically CDR with weirder ratios. The point here is to really put heavy emphasis into 3 things in this order
1) Mana and Scaling, Ryze can be super limited in output do to his Mana Regen and Pool, as such we build for this priority first however we won't complete our Tear item until our Third item because it provides us with a very strong power spike at 3 items to help us just really turn up a notch.

2) Haste, Haste, HASTE! This is SOOO GOOOD on Ryze (prolly Cass too but I am a Ryze guy first). We don't want this new "Lockout" and Riot has given us a Way to get around it and it really does feel like Ryze of old especially the later you go. Extremely FUN and Fast and I admit I don't build Ryze with much Defense but he isn't really suppose to have much Defense to begin with right? If you know Ryze the way I know Ryze then you know how fun the Champ is; Even when people say he is bad does that matter? The guy is a Mage who plays faster than most other Mages and My Goal is to push that as far as I can within Reason.

3) Item spikes and strength; what good is getting a competed item if it doesn't provide you with significant strength in either A) Damage, B) Utility or C)Survivability. Things must have focus! We don't just put things in here because they have AP or because they are viewed as "Good Items" But rather looking at this realistic and what we deem important. This is why I was really really picky about a lot of things, I mean even Zhonya's was something that I felt like I had to force myself into taking just because when you get use to this build and the spikes (Especially if you Take Deathcap 4th) it's so hard to really say "I should buy Zhonya's" I mean you may not get what I'm saying but if you play this build and you get to the spikes and scaling you'll kinda see what I mean. That doesn't mean Zhonya's is bad it just means that this Build is kinda at a level were I dare say it's "optimal" in a way where you probably only have 1 slot to interchange.

With my build you get 100 Haste, which is 50% CDR basically so if something were 3 seconds, now it's 1.5 (or in this case 1.3) and with Trans that means it can further get reduced AGAIN by another 20%!
Love this stuff!
So why do you play Ryze? Well personally I play him because he was/is a spam heavy mage who can just destroy teams BUT I noticed something with S11 Preseason, Ryze didn't really play the same even in S10 and there were a lot of changes/nerfs to his kit and items and I really had to look at some of the items that I was building because there would be these lockouts of like 3 second periods and I'm like "This ISN'T RYZE! WHAT IS THIS?"

Liandry's as a First Item gives SO Much Value to Ryze as it will give you Pen % as well as Mana, a HP Burn and oh it also is going to be giving that Bonus Haste I talked about. Then you move to the Lucidity Boots + Cosmic Drive; when you get these two oh man it's like you really start feeling like Ryze! You have that Movement Speed and Damage already and it'll be a 2 Item Spike that people will really have to respect!

Then you complete your Archangel and either build something like a Deathcap/Zhonya's or Void Staff; however Void Staff is actually very low Prio compared to the others just because the Value Liandry's Burn + Pen % gives already. Sure it's over time but that's fine

Each item you get is going to give you a lot of Strength and I have gotta say that this is a Build Traditional to Ryze where you aren't trying to build all these Defensive things but rather you are going full on Carry Pants Mode
Item Break down
Firstly I hate Phase Rush on Ryze, it already seemed redundant but now with Cosmic Drive it seems even worse because Cosmic Drive procs on Any Ability so it's actually super easy to proc in general and phase rush is just not great in lane generally speaking; it's situational at best.

Getting Cosmic Drive + Liandry's and Lucidity Boots is actually a pretty heafty Spike and you already have Tear and Manaflow band so your mana is fine generally speaking.

You are going to IMMEDIATELY notice 1) Shorter Lockouts, 1st item + Transendence, 2) More Damage Output Earlier and 3) More Utility / Uptime with W

as the build progresses you will see that each item is in place to provide a SIGNIFICANT Power Spike, this is all about being the APC, taking over whatever fight you are in and being a huge threat; this isn't playing safe, this isn't saying sorry for not taking zhonya's or something, like screw zhonya's! If I blow you up in 1-2 Rotations what good is your Zhonya's?

Ryze isn't meant to be some Lissandra or Galio who is super safe and has all these tools to peel and blah blah hell no, Ryze goes Hard in the Paint! He Takes the Cookie'S! That's exactly what this build will do, it'll give you the speed you need to send people back to their fountain and asking themselves "What the hell just happened"

Yeah, it's that kinda good, it's that kinda hold on to your butt because we play everything ALL IN! It's that Rush when you are spamming like a MAD MAN AND DESTROYING HP BARS With just EQWQ and saying OMG MY E IS BACK UP ALREADY! I CAN DO IT AGAIN BECAUSE MY W IS BACK UP ALREADY TOO!!!

It's not the Ryze of 2015, it's not the Ryze of 2012, Hell it's not even the Ryze of 2017! This is 2020 and there's one thing Ryze does well, he breaks the game to the point where Riot is like "Looks like we gotta rework ryze again" Yeah well we did it boys! We BACK! Looks like after This build circulates you guys at Riot will have to Rework Ryze for the 19th time!

Enjoy Melting HP Bars and the Thrill and Rush of Becoming Ryze The Rune Mage!!
League of Legends Build Guide Author O Takes Square
O Takes Square Ryze Guide
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