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League of Legends Build Guide Author evolite

Malphite - Becoming an inmortal deity

evolite Last updated on December 28, 2010
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Why malphite??? Whats so great about him??? well, scince league has started, people have been argueing who is the best tank in league of legends...but in my opinion, its malphite. Why?? The guy has high hp, armor based items and skills, and natural high magic resist so no getting clever with it. Ramus is just all out defense and taunting, while cho goes hp all the way, tough ramus gets raped with armor penetration, and cho'gath with anybody using bloodrazor.

But stats aint what makes him so great, in my opinion:

How come?, well, if your new, leme explain this, use his skills used in order from last to first (excepto one, chek it):
Brutal Strikes: Increased damage and ARMOR for a short time (Empowers all your armor based skills, wich is mostly all)
Unstopable force: High damage and area stun (Ultimate R)
Ground slam: Area damage ground slam, wich became empowered due to using brutal strikes before, and slows atacking speed of all enemies making them harder to kill you
Seismic shard: Ensures at least 1 kill to your team, by dealing damage to one enemy, and slowing them big time, making killing squishy running champs easy, like ashe.

At lvl 13, in teamfights 5v5 near enemy tower, I just come in, and go all out with ultimate, stun them all, and while I take damage from turret, my team deals the pain as it pleases, and when lower than 25%hp, I retreat, wich is usually after we killed them all xD If you can master malphite, from lvl 15 onwards, you become a DEITY, or god like being that cant be killed, even warwick with bloodrazor or nuke champs like veigar have trouble killing you, but your sumoner spells and items deal a big part, so check it closely


Clarity - Good if you starting off and new to malphite, scince malphite becomes very mana starved early game if you keep using skills a lot. recomended for newbies
Flash - A MUST have for malphite. In team fights, you go in, RAM, stun, area damage, and make a quick getaway, but you will find yourself usually going into 5v1 fights where they all focus on you, they might deal little damage to you, but dont get overconfident, scince they CAN and WILL kill you. For this, you can run into bush, and FLASH into other side of wall giving you a clean escape
Ghost - Its ok for chasing running champs, or running after using flash when you near dead, so if you new, getting clarity and ghost is a good combo.
Cleanse - Dont recomend a lot, unless on ranked games if you having a lot of stuners, scince getting banshees veil will usually be enough and you wont need cleanse whole game.
Teleport - its quite useful actually, specially if you farming minions a lot.

You want to start off early game with hp regen, scince combined with malphite's passive, and if you use mana carefully, you pretty much have to never come to base to restock or get hp scince usually, the enemy will try harassing you with small atacks, and waste mana, while you recover hp and render them useless, making them have to go restock mana xD

Some may be angry and saying "Wth, philosopher stone on malph?!?" in fact, it helps HUGE staying in lane longer, since the increased hp regen and newly gained mana regen, helps you keep harassing and staying in lane even longer, and turn it into a shyrelias reverie item, wich is my favourite item on malphite, scince the cooldown reduction helps use his high cooldown ultimate often, and the active wich gives a high speed boost to team for 2 secs helps catch runners, or make a clean getaway.

Walmrog is another basic item, if you want to do all those suicidal tower raids with your ultimate, and then flash out the fight when its all done and u near dead. While banshee just helps you become pretty much an unkillable being, scince high hp, stun free, and 1st skill wich steals speed = FAST uncatchable tank, and in 1v1 with stuner, still no death.

Basic gameplay
Well, I cant say much about this, scince everyone uses malphite their own way, but can give you a few tips to play defensively and agresively

Agresive (scoring kill/assist)
When you want to score the kill, you need your partner or team to know that you gona "go all out, and need spport", and ask if they ready, when all set, rush in with your ultimate stun, ground slam, and finish them with seismic shard to slow them making running away from you hard easilly getting you a kill.

Defensively (If you soloing and protecting tower 1v2)

Here, just stick and hug your tower, when they come atack it, use your ultimate, stun, and deal most damage you can while they are slowed, just remember to keep in range of your tower so you safe all the way.

and to end this, here are a few tips overall to playing malphite
-Get gollem buff as soon as you can (lvl 7-8 safe to get it) scince with it, you can keep harassing with seismic shard, and keep using skills without running out of mana.
-Dont be afraid to go all in to tower with your ultimate in team fights. JUST ALLWAYS MAKE SURE YOU HAVE WALMROG ARMOR, scince hp is extremely important in tower raids. But after you have it, just ram everyone, and with stun, you are sure to survive long enough for your team to kill the, just tell your team to focus on one enemy at a time, the squishy first.
-Take role of team captain if needed, scince you gona initiate teamfights with ult, tell everyone if you need help or who to focus on, just dont be too bossy xD
-After lvl 14, you can tank towers easilly with walmrogs armor as long as you have a good dps partner like mundo, sivir, ashe, or master yi to deal the pain while you take damage for them.
-DONT FORGET YOUR A TANK. when all 5 enemy team is, for example, fighting on center or bottom lane, and your team there too, its a great moment to backdoor a turret if they far away. tell your main dps to folow, and go backdoor a turret, while the resitng 3 teamates defend and/or distract team while you do your hit and run on tower raids
-KEEP FARMING MINIONS, it helps a lot, and if you have teleport, when you see a big minion wave, go take it down! as well as that, get dragon for the money everytime you can with your team and you tanking, and kill those 4 small wyvern like mini beasts, 3 red and 1 blue all the time, they give good money and exp, get them everytime you pass by and see they are up.

IMPORTANT: Just a note, some people use malphite as a jungler, please dont make that mistake, he is a decent jungler, but does overall better as a laner. And also, a BIG note to keep in mind, if your team has a jungler (warwick, olaf, amumu, nunu, ect) they will have 2 guys soloing. TELL YOUR TEAM YOU ARE SOLOING. malphite is an excelent soloer, with hp regen, he is able to stay in lane for a looong time, and that extra money will help too on your build

For now, this guide is done, feel free to coment and give any tips on improving it