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Malzahar Build Guide by freestylle

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League of Legends Build Guide Author freestylle

Malzahar-Bow to the Void

freestylle Last updated on June 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Utility: 21

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Hi all! Malza is my second bought charachter...he is very powerful if you know how to play with him.I will show my style of playing Malza.

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Pros / Cons

+Great nuker
+Awseome AoE dmg
+Pretty good CC(Silence,Depress)
+Great for harrasing and farming
+AoE silence

-Kinda squishy until you buy items
-Tankeable in teamfights
-No escape mechanism
-Your voidling will reveal you.

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Runes and Masteries

For runes I use:
I dont use only because AP per lvl is important too.
Same reason with ...Some CD can be useful.

For masteries 9/0/21,putting what i can in Mana regen,CDR,and improving Ghost and Flash.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I use and because I can use them for chasing enemies and for escaping. Other good choices:

--> If you want more damage :)
--> Helps alot

What i don't recommend:
Clarity:You won't have problems with your mana if you use your Malefic Visions wisely.

Heal: You won't be needing this spell :P

Rally: Don't EVER get this skill

Clairvoyance: I will recommend to get this with Soraka,Janna,Sona but don't with Malza :)

Teleport: It is good when you have to solo a lane(someone in your team is jungle).

Fortify: This is handy for some tanks( Malphite, Rammus) and support( Soraka, Sona) but not useful for you so i don't recommend it.

Revive: Use it only when you play premade for fun(just to joke),but never in a serious or ranked game!!!

Smite: A very good spell but for Junglers such as Warwick, Olaf, Nunu and so on.

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I start with a Doran's Ring.It gives you everything you need in the begining(Health,mana regen and Ability power).After that I stay as much as possible to farm gold for Catalyst the protectorCatalyst the protector.If you have to go base without enough money for it,buy Ruby Crystal first.After the Catalyst the protector,go for Sorcerer's Shoes.Usually untill now I'm 4-5kills so I buy Rod of Ages.After that I buy Needlessly large Rod,but i don't rush on buying Rabadon's Deathcap,becаuse i don't have that much AP.Go for Void Staff first for more magic penetration.After that buy .Most of my games end when i buy this item.But for longer games you will need Zhonya's Hourglass for extra AP,armor and because of it's active!
For your last item I usually get Archangel Staff.So let's se what goes on.

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Core Items

Your core items should be:

This will give you the needed speed and some good magic penetration.

More mana,health and ap from this item.I recommend you to buy it in as a second or third item so it can fully stack early.

Important item,mainly because of the magic penetration,The ap ratio is good too.

Every mage needs this item.It will increase your damage a lot.

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Untill now you should have:

So you have 1 more slot for an item and considering that you will sell your Doran's Ring that leaves you to 2 slots.Here are some choices:

Pretty good item.It gives you armor,lots of AP and a nice active if you have problems with "All focus Malza first!" As I mentioned in the item chapter i usually buy this item.

Also a very good item for mana problems.This item is usually bought in the begining so it can fully stack giving you 1000 bonus mana.Well in this case you can buy it in late game because you have enough mana from the Rod of Ages and it will still give you lots of Ap.

This item,combined with your CDr runes, a Blue Buff and an Elixir of Brilliance equals to a 40% CDr which means you can spam your skill more often and your ulti has approximately 45 sec(which in your case is GREAT)

It's just a great item, gives you both defensive and offensive powers! Not only does it give you some extra damage and resist, it gives your entire team bonus damage because of the aura.

Extra health,AP and a nice slow.You can use it for offence and deffence.For example your Null Zone has no delay so it just pops a whole from the ground and your enemies usually avoid it befor you catch them with your Nether Grasp.With this item that won't be a problem.For defence...well if you are chased by more than one enemy --> Null Zone and right after Call of the Void leaves you to a successful "run away".You can save your teammates as well by the same way.

A good defencive item against mages and it can block really nasty spells like Requiem , Enchanted Crystal Arrow , Absolute Zero and so on.If you have already bought your Archangel's Staff it will give you some extra Ap from the passive from Archangel's Staff.

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Summon Voidling.This little creature can help you in alot of situations! The minions usually focus it instead of you.It can help you in early game when someone is under malfic visions and Nether Grasp.I really like this passive.
After casting 4 spells, Malzahar summons an uncontrollable Voidling to engage enemy units for 21 seconds. Voidlings have 200 + 50 x lvl Health and 20 + 5 x lvl Damage.

Voidlings Grow after 7 seconds (+50% Damage/Armor), and Frenzy after 14 seconds (+100% Attack Speed).
Voidlings attack the target affected by Malzahar's most recently cast Malefic Visions.

Call of the Void This is a delayed skill which silences for 3seconds(at level 5).You can use it to save your allies or yourself.This skill has the most range so use it to silence other caster in mid game and then start your combo Malefic Visions --> Null Zone --> Nether Grasp.It will succeed everytime.(just remember that you have to be fast if the skill isn't maxed)

Malzahar opens up two portals to the Void. After a short delay, power erupts from the portals, dealing damage and silencing all enemies caught between the portals.

Cooldown: 9 seconds
Range: 900
Cost: 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 Mana
Magic Damage: 80 / 135 / 190 / 245 / 300 (+0.8 per ability power)
Silence: 1.4 / 1.8 / 2.2 / 2.6 / 3

Null zone This skill will help you allot against health stackers.When in lane it works great when you have a stuner(taric,sion) or someone with root(morgana,lux).Also this is an anti-tank skill that can bring down lot of health down for seconds.The range of this spell is quite good too.When you forget to use it your combo and the enemy survives at low hp you can always pop Null Zone in front of him and they will fall!

Malzahar creates a zone of negative energy for 5 seconds. The zone deals magic damage per second equal to a percent of the enemies' HP inside it.

Cooldown: 16 seconds
Range: 800
Cost: 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 / 130 Mana
Minimum Damage: 25 / 35 / 45 / 55 / 65
Percentage Damage: 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 % (+1% per 80 Ability Power)

Malefic Visions This skill is the most important one that you can count on the whole game.In early game ofc. you will have to auto-atack the minions with Malefic Visions for it to jump on the next ones.Some champions underestimate the range of this spell.Also you can use it clear a bigger wave of minions and to regen your mana.Your Summon Voidling will atack random enemies unless they have malefic vision(the voidling atack those who are infected) so you can use that for an advantage.

Malzahar infects his target's mind with cruel visions of their own demise, dealing damage each second. If the target dies while afflicted by the visions, they pass the curse on to a nearby enemy unit and restore mana to Malzahar.

Cooldown: 15 / 13 / 11 / 9 / 7 seconds
Range: 650
Cost: 60 / 75 / 90 / 105 / 120 Mana
Magic Damage: 80 / 140 / 200 / 260 / 320 (+0.8 per Ability Power)
Mana Restore: 10 / 14 / 18 / 22 / 26

Nether grasp One very useful utlimate not only for 1v1 but for your team to start a battle.The range isn't one of the longest but it still will help when someone of the enemies are too late for retreating use your Nether Grasp and then you have a 4vs5.For 1v1 you can always gank someone when you are in bush.When then come close use your combo and finish him with Nether Grasp.Be carefull because this ulti can be removed with Cleanse or Remove Scurvy, Quicksilver Sash ...

Malzahar grips his target in an engulfing void of energy, dealing damage every half second while stunning and suppressing them for 2.5 seconds.

Cost: 150 Mana
Range: 700
Cooldown: 120 / 100 / 80 seconds
Magic Damage: 250 / 400 / 550 (+1.5 per Ability Power)

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This is it. I hope this build will be useful for all who play malzahar.I will appreciate the feedback.PLease subscribe and vote :)