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Malzahar Build Guide by BURRBURR

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BURRBURR

Malzahar - Oh A Piece of Candy

BURRBURR Last updated on July 29, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 21

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Build updated on 7/30/11 (Wukong Patch)

The first time I ever watched my friends play League of Legends I saw a purple mage dominate the whole team... going 19/0/8. When I started playing the game a few days later I purchased the RP to buy Malz and started my voyage to where I am today. Man, did I get owned at first. Hopefully this guide will be helpful to all you mage lovers out there.

take mid.

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Pros / Cons

-Massive Damage Output
-Malefic Visions (OP Damage over Time)
-A supression that basically provides a free kill for you or your team.
-Great Farmer
-You float (ground is for noobs)

-Squishy (positioning is EVERYTHING)
-Cooldowns can be a *****
-No escape mechanisms
-Must dominate mid and get off to a good start to be truly effective.

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This rune is pretty self explanatory, Magic penetration means you hit harder against magic resist. Just a great all around skill.

You hit harder, earlier. What else more could you want? With an early meki pendant your mp5 should be sustainable with the combination of your dot.

Malzahar is pretty useless mid and late game if his cooldowns aren't up, so why not add in some cooldown reduction to make sure people are silenced and dots are flowing.

Again, you hit harder. Feel free to exchange an ability power quint for a CD reduction if preferred.

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The masteries are pretty self explanatory, with a basic utility build focusing on all things Malzahar. Feel free to move points around, although I highly reccomend you don't.

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Skill Sequence

Remember to cast 3 CotV in fountain at the beginning of the game to spawn your voidling first thing in lane. Remember that your voidling follows , so use this passive wisely. It can help you do extra damage on an enemy champion, or more importantly help you push your through enemy creep waves to replenish mana and potentially harass enemy enemy champions with a jump. IMPORTANT!!! When standing in a bush to hide or gank, make sure your voidling is ALSO in hidden. This WILL give up your position. And it's flat out embarassing.


A very important spell of malzahar's, it does high damage (.8 AP Coefficient) as well as silencing enemy champions. Great for harassing enemy champions in lane (large range) and preventing enemies from doing damage. Also can be used as a scare tactic to keep enemy champions away.
This spell has so many uses, from hittng champions near a tower to checking bushes. Don't be afraid to use it.

When in lane (preferably mid obvs) combo a CotV with a Malefic Visions for high damage output. The CotV is long enough range to hit an unexpecting champion and the silence buys you enough time to move in and hit a dot and get out before they can counter. OWN MID


Null Zone is more of a late game skill, but it has many advantages to it. For one, it takes down enemies based on % hp, ergo it is best placed under tanks. The AoE can do a good deal of damage in team fights, so make sure to place it well. I find that mid game null zone is best used as a scaring mechanism against melee. Two melee trying to take your tower? drop a null zone on it. Even though at early levels it hits like a feeding soraka, it looks quite scary. This can help protect teammates and towers in optimal situations.


This is your bread and butter skill. YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. This spell is so great. Why? If your asking it you are too dumb to be alive. But really here's why:

1. Farming- place on a minion, kill, jumps to another minion, kill, jumps to another minion, kill, etc. You're thinking wow! I can farm minions so fast for a low mana cost. BUT WAIT. It gives you back mana for every time it jumps. This makes you one of the best farmers in the game. This spell is stupid. nerf it.

2. Killing- I cannot stress how many times I've come out of a teamfight with 2 kills and 3 assists (7 mejai stacks btw) by basically only placing this spell on an enemy and watching it bounce as they all die. It is stupid. Once again, nerf it.

3. Im JK about the nerf. Dont nerf it please.

4. Another .8% coefficient... which means it hits REALLY hard.

5. paired with ignite it can give u some really easy kills early-mid game.


a.k.a. you're so ****ed. Once you hit level six, enemies fear you. This spell is just as stupid as malefic visions. this spell supresses for 2.5 seconds and does damage with a 1.3 coefficient. WTF. Have a jungler? Use your combo (see THIS IS ******** and Null Zone at Level 10?) and hold the other mid in place as your jungler beats on him. dead. This gives you a huge advantage in early to mid game and can help you farm stack and gold to start snowballing on noobs.

Another person on their team was fed by that bad akali?!?!? Go gank his *** with this spell and tell him GTFO.

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THIS IS ******** (Ultimate Combo)

Malzahar is almost impossible to beat 1v1 when his ult is up. Just have this combo programmed into your mind.
Start off with a call of the void to silence (MAKE SURE YOU HIT IT).
Place a tasty DoT on the idiot.
Drop your AoE DoT under the victim.
Hold them in it.
If they didn't die it is because of one of these reasons:

1. You are really really bad and they are really really good. press escape and end game.

2. Their friend came and killed you during the combo. If this is the case, proceed to yell at teammates in /all so everyone knows you are never to blame and are pro.

3. You are bad

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Null Zone at Level 10? Skill Sequence Explained.

Okay. I know A LOT of you are thinking, wow I really love this guy and he's the most amazing guide maker ever, but why is there no null zone until level 10? WTF?

Let me explain. This goes from personal experience. this guide is for leet malz only. I personally find it unproductive to get null zone until later in the game. Here are my reasons why.

It hits for % damage. You will most likely be in lane until team fights start developing late game, so your enemy in mid will laugh at your null zone early game. what's 4% per second with 800 health? not a lot. This is the first reason I don't level it until later.

BURRBURR, What about your combo? Was it all a lie? No. That combo is perfect for levels 10+ but early game is all about ze ganks. whether it be in mid with a jungler, or you traveling to top or bottom, more likely then not you WILL NOT be able to cast all your spells on a victim. If you do, watch them POOF flash out of range before you can ult them. Leveling another point into CotV increases your damage output and increases silence, so hitting this plus a dot then supressing shortens your combo drastically and does more damage early-mid game on solo targets.

So, if your leet, you will hit CotV, and you will get easy, quick ganks.


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Summoner Spells

Flash You are Malz and you are dead if they get to you. Flash is a must. No ifs ands or buts.

Ignite Used for increased damage, especially in early game. This can be a game changer for getting that extra damage for more stacks. More importantly, It is the only spell you can use while channeling your ult, so it is extremely effective.

Ghost Can be used instead of ignite for extra survivability and chasing. However Ignite is recommended if your are getting mejai's.

Clarity If you get this you are bad. You are malz and your dot owns. Stop being bad.

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I start off with a for the mana regen and because it is the basic start to a . Plus, you can grab two health pots with it to be more aggressive in lane and also stay in lane longer. Feel free to grab a if you prefer that.

I then rush because whats the point of all these ganks if your not getting stacks? This item is for snowballing. If you don't like stacking items, skip it and get your tear or boots.

After receiving soulstealer, proceed to for extra movement for ganks, dodging and chasing. Next, finish your and Sorcerer's Boots to end your basic early game build.

Now it's time for the meat of your build. By now you should have a good amount of stacks, hopefully around 10. is the clear next choice for AP, followed by an made from your Tear.

The last piece to your mandatory build will be a This will give you a good chunk of AP, but its the Active that is important. As a high damaging, squishy mage, YOU WILL GET FOCUSED. This is very very important. If you are getting focused early on, feel free to get it before your staff.


Get this if they are stacking magic resist. AP+Magic Pen= Self-Explanatory.

Too Squishy? Too Many CC's? Grab this at anytime you want in the build. Cheap and effective.

Want more AP? the 3% AP increase stacks, so have fun having your AP reach 4 digits.

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- Take Mid
- Farm Hard and Last Hit
- Stay in back of group and position yourself well
- Combo
- Enjoy!