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Teemo Build Guide by manco1



Updated on August 31, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author manco1 Build Guide By manco1 306 22 183,634 Views 23 Comments
306 22 183,634 Views 23 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author manco1 Teemo Build Guide By manco1 Updated on August 31, 2021
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Sandomar | November 18, 2021 2:52pm
Hey Manco! Just got in my first rounds with the First Strike rune.
Had mixed success (Sion always a tuff counter) but generally seems to be great potential for many matchups.
Would love to read your opinion on when (vs what opponents) you recommend each of the main Keystone runes and what set of runes and new item build you would go with each one.
mikmak72 | September 1, 2021 6:14pm
Solid Gun | July 29, 2021 6:57am
helped me to many matches as teemo even tho my jungle hated me for some unknown reason I won most of my matches in laning phase. :) I love Manco's streams have learnt a lot from the streams.
KaNafi | June 28, 2021 4:20pm
Thanks Manco ^^ you are the best 😎🤙
Koneko7672 | June 7, 2021 2:59pm
nice guide!
cowsenvy | June 5, 2021 12:28am
best guide and teemo player, the one and only <3
FloofiFoxBoyo | March 24, 2021 9:57pm
jpaul2077 (3) | March 20, 2021 1:55pm
This guide is fabulous and I don't know a single more qualified person that can offer insight for teemo
manco1 (5) | March 30, 2021 8:22am
appreciate it!
Kataplayer | February 28, 2021 3:55am
Nice guide, it helped me alot since i started using it, i have gotten an A+ on most games, but i have one question though, how to deal with a gnar, because even with the tips i keep losing lane against him.
manco1 (5) | March 30, 2021 8:23am
- Don't try to fight him in mega gnar
- Dodge his Q and that's when your opening to poke/kill him is

I_o_o_I | February 9, 2021 3:03am
Watcha thinkin of Rabadons?
Also neat guide
manco1 (5) | March 30, 2021 8:23am
great situationally
Bjornstammis | January 17, 2021 10:09pm
In the video you are recommending taste of blood over cheap shot but it is the opposite in the rune section of the guide. I am just wondering which is correct, as the guide was updated after you posted the video. Thanks in advance!
Sovereign Kitten (72) | December 23, 2020 5:22am
A severe lack of structure and more or less a bunch of walls of text, hard to focus, hard to pay attention and stay on track with a lot of biased opinions more so than logical reasoning.

Forcing (E) down everyone's throat and claiming things are this and that is very mis-informative without actually thinking about things and it's quite inaccurate. I get it, you're Grandmaster and you don't play for fun, you play at a competitive level, but the majority of people reading are not.

The guide is geared for very high, high elo. Low-Elo - Mid-Elo players are not playing the same game, not by a long shot, so things that make sense to you, would make no sense to an average player, Fiora / Camille for example.

Example: Nashor's does not outperform Lich + Rab in terms of raw damage/burst, not even close.
Morellonomicon being situational, it's actually quite mandatory this season. There is too much sustain on everyone.

Overall: It's lacking. Could be better / decent.
ScrambledEggs22 | December 23, 2020 11:51am
This critique gives off a bitter jealous vibe and is inaccurate. If you look at almost any high elo Teemo player, their builds reflect the knowledge this guide provides. Saying things like “lich + rab has better burst than Nashors” may be true in a vacuum, but isn’t as realistic in game. Games have been very short on average during the preseason. How many times are you getting to three items, especially in lower elos with lackluster farm skills? Nashors is the more realistic option to max damage potential in an average game length. If you look at any analytic site that tracks build winrates, Nashor’s is superior.

As far as the comment about being geared towards high elo play, is that not what everyone should strive for? This guide wasn’t created for memes. It was created to help improve your skill level. If you’re wanting to climb and improve your performance on the rift, this is an excellent guide to do so.
Sovereign Kitten (72) | December 23, 2020 12:11pm
I don't do jealousy.

I speak as a hard working guide creator who hopes for everyone especially competition to up their game and strive for structure and overall quality over anything else. Be it Teemo / other champions, but most of it is poorly optimized and visually, which could be upped with time and effort. Which is next to impossible for people who spend 99% time playing.

I speak with accuracy and while conversing in unison with other Teemo mains of relative high elo (Diamond+) before sharing my opinions & critiques regarding Teemo. Most agree with the Lich and Rab being objectively better, and Nashor's being a Yes and No, because...

"If you can't land at least couple autos in every trade, Nashor is kinda meh. But it does have decent AP scaling."

This is quite true and NOT ideal for major CC compositions or mobile champions, but what would have been the better thing is to explain this type of stuff in detail. Elo gain is a matter of personal preference. I could care less about high-elo reaching Diamond or higher is boring and tiresome. Since most tend to pull the ego and say "Just get good" while also being the type to simply smurf and duo with others to make their climb easier while click baiting with "Solo Q!" *Mostly*

The critique is stating, fix up the guide, make it visually appealing, code, format. He does well as a Youtube content creator, but falls short with the state of the guide(s).

Please don't white knight simply because I am trying to give advice to someone you like.
manco1 (5) | December 23, 2020 8:22am
I have gave you credit for your guide and content and will continue doing so, you put a lot of time and effort into your content, respect. Teemo is an interesting champ, he has a wide range of playstyle and choices. I respectfully disagree with your opinions of how you play him, and that's ok, that's why we have seperate guides :D ty for the comment
Sovereign Kitten (72) | December 23, 2020 9:18am
That's what makes Teemo fun, he can be played differently it just coming from a mathematical and statistical perspective, some things are not very informative. You can do with it as you wish, however, giving my critic.
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