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Hecarim Build Guide by Giggidi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Giggidi

Mass Ganker Hecarim Build

Giggidi Last updated on April 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My First Guide

Hey all thanks for checkin out my guide its my first one so bare with me. I'm a big fan of jungling bruisers and ganking is my specialty so when i saw the makeup of Hecarim I immidiately fell in love =-)

The first thing i want to discuss is my Summoner abilities, EVERY guide I have seen for Hecarim includes ghost and it drives me absolutely NUTS! with that being said I choose smite and exhaust.

Smite- is pretty self explanatory for jungling stealing baron/drag etc.
Exhaust- this is probably my favorite one it can be used for escaping or shutting down OP champs like Jax, for that reason this is why I chose exhaust.

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(Please note that I did not finish my wriggles in the build guide, that is my preference that 600 gold I personally would rather put towards Boots, or Sheen and AGAIN this is because Hecarim is a GANKER so using that gold for Boots or Sheen will give you a much better end result then finishing wriggles)
Hec has a pretty standard jungle routine start with 1 cloth armor 5 pots this should get you thru 1 full clear of jungle, HOWEVER after blue if top is pushed I'll grab E as my 2nd ability and gank top with exhaust and a descent partner you should easily grab FB. Hec is such an easy champ to get FB with it's rather fun. Now if you find that your lanes are pushed and ganking is rather easy Rush your boots I prefer Boots of swiftness and gank away most games ill have 7+ kills by the 15 minute mark really utilize Hec's ganking abilities and you'll shut the game down fast.

After boots ill get either Zeal or Phage, this is situational decide which you need more.
If your opposing team is tanky and you feel you need more health get phage, if your opposing team is squishy and your slaugtering them like fly's obviously get zeal
Then ill finish my TF once you have your TF get a little health I will get Giant's Belt followed by Sunfire.
After Sunfire I grab hex mainly for more survivability because Hecarim is a straight up initiator so you dont wanta get sqaushed once you rush into battle.
Atmas comes next, Naturally. and then ill go ahead and grab maw topped off with BT.

Now with these set of items, can definately be expensive, so ill say again HECARIM is built to gank the more you gank the faster you'll have these items and then its GG if your one of those that jungles all game dont play Hec he's not for you.

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Not gonna touch up on runes to much these are my preferred runes faster jungling better ganking,
Obviously Armpen is to help plow thru tanks health, and make squishies even squishier
Damage is well... for jungling, but again Hecarim is Built for ganking so this damage is to help you get FB that 400g will only make your ganking life easier.
CDR is definately good for Hecarim without his abilities... he's a trynd that doesnt crit. So i recommend not giving blue to mid =) unless u know them and there good That extra CDR u get from Blue buff and These runes should help u out.

You can start with tanky runes if u want but that doesnt help you gank, Hec is not meant to tank dont build him like it is.

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Skill Sequence

Q is your main dmg once you get sheen with your Q its heaven, When you have Sheen its pretty much nonstop obliteration SHEEN IS A MUST HAVE. The more damage you do while your W is active the more sustain you have part of Hecarims sustain comes from Your damage so remember Q is priority.
W is your sustain, Pretty OP? I think so the item set I use to build Hecarim Utilizes his survivability with W Tanky defensive items but still will deliver an insane amount of burst.
E is your charging ability, I love this because if you position correctly you can Charge with your E and knock the opponent into your team pretty handy can also be used to chase. This I save to get that AD carry that likes to hide behind the tanks Hecarim is EXTREMELY affective at taking out ad carry's and other squishies, as far as bruisers are concerned this is the best *other than Jax* at taking out carry's
Your ultimate is just.... amazing you can use it to escape initiate chase!

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I'll touch up on this guide more just tired of see'ing people build guides with Hecarim using Ghost I mean really? so useless on Hecarim plz stop. I'd appreciate your feedback I love this champion he's pretty damn amazing mainly because I love ganking =) I strongly recommend not laning with him...... especially if you suck, GL and happy Ganking!

I am going into more detail with this guide just wanted to show you my build so people will stop building hec without sheen and goin AP STOP IT!!!!