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Master Yi Build Guide by TheDJBuntin

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheDJBuntin

Master he way of the Yi - PENTA / Backdoor / AD AS LS

TheDJBuntin Last updated on August 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Master Yi

I have attempted making a guide, but doing it the quality of the top guides seem impossible. So I'm going to give you the basics right here!

Master Yi

What to do:

Early Game:

Go bottom and go to the very edge of the bush, make sure your partner is with you at this stage. It is preferred for your partner to have a slow, this gives your champ time to work towards his passive!

Doing this can get you a very early kill and I attempt this every game and have a 80% chance of getting the kill with another damage or slow/stun champion. - Preferred is Alistar with "Q" or "W" ability.

After attempting the kill, if you have time, b, if not, just go back to your side of the lane and farm, use "Q" to farm minions form a more distance range. Using this also scares the enemy. They ALWAYS do one of the following: More often, they move away in fear that Alpha will hit them (although it is predetermined. No mater how far they run, if Alpha was going to it them, it still will.) or less commonly, they will move in to try to kill you, thinking you will have a instant reformation, this gives your partner time to move in, take the damage and begin the attack, you come out of Alpha, activate "E" and start hitting them also. If this is in the middle of the lane, and you have your Passive timed well, you are will a kill.

Mid Game:

This is the time of farming, once you have farmed and got to the B.F.Sword which works to the Infinity Blade. Once you have got the second B.F.Sword, you gank. You let your partner farm and you go mid, or through the jungle up to top and try to get a kill.
Remember, if your team let you, make sure you get all the kills early and mid game. A fed Yi is unbelievably powerful mid and late game.
Always keep an eye on your original lane for when they push too far forward, that is your time to gank your own lane, they will by this time think you are trying for another lane and not expect your return.

Late Game:

This is the time Yi springs into action.
This part of the game is very important. If you have had a successful early and mid game, late game WILL win you the game.
Late game is where team fights begin and people move out of their original lane, normally to mid.
First, you need to fight in the team fights, ensure your team wins them, this is important as it makes the enemy angry as well as gives your team-mates and you more gold to spend!
After a teamfight or 2, its time for the Ninja inside to spring into action.
You want to tell your team to get another team fight, but this time, you will not be there, make sure you are somewhere where the enemy cannot see you, and teleport is ready.
When the teamfight begins or as they start taunting teleport to the most pushed lane, and push it to the turret and kill it. This is very easy with the crit hit and the attack speed of Yi.

Doing this breaks up the teamfight once the turret is down possibly saving your team, as well as giving your full team gold as well as you exp and gold from the farm towards the turret.

When engaging the turret, before first hit, activate E, then just keep hitting it, the enemy minions may come, if they do, use alpha strike once they stop to hit you or one of your minions, this will clear 4 of them and you continue to pound the turret.

Late game, Yi is very powerful- unless you have had a bad early/mid game- If 1 enemy comes to stop you, you can kill him. 2 enemies which do not include a snare/stunner, you can kill them. Do not be afraid.

NOTE: When losing a game, your team will try to surrender. Make sure they do not. A game with Master Yi in it is NEVER over until the Nexus has been destroyed. Yi can back-door and win the game single-handed if the enemy are occupied.

Getting a PENTA

This has happened to me twice now. It is what inspired me to make this guide.

Often, because Yi is backdoorer and normally not with the team late game you will not be there at the beginning of a team fight.
This is good.
If you are lucky, the team fight will happen on top of minions as this is when people feel more comfortable fighting. (Specially near turrets)
What you need to do is wait until the fighting begins, if your team have low DPS they will not kill anyone instantly. You need to wait until your team start getting hit, the use teleport and teleport into the fight.
Once you land, focus on whoever your team are focusing on, after that, you have 2 options.
Focus the tank while your team lower health of all the weakers or kill the weaker ones instantly.
The first time, I killed the weaker champions as the tank tried to run away.
Make sure you activate Ult every couple seconds as it refreshes every time you get a kill.
And with this overpowered attack speed, you should get the kills.
If any try to run away, make sure to use the ult and alpha strike and use "E".

This is a very intense moment with Master Yi as getting kills refreshes abilities so you basicly have to spam them.
Using Alpha Strike ensures you do not get focused, if they try to focus you, use Alpha and click the enemy which is on the outer side of the fight, this will make them focus someone else as well as giving you a free easy kill.


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Pros / Cons

Here are a few Pros and Cons to Master Yi


    Huge Damage and Attack Speed Late Game
    Amazing Chaser
    Can escape fights using your ultimate.
    Easy to play
    Can Harass enemy using Alpha Strike
    Can hold well in 1v1 with high attack speed / life steal
    If focused in team fight can us Alpha Strike to disappear and reappear in new location to deal damage while enemy picks new target.


    Squishy early game
    Game over if snared while in/ending Higherlander
    Bad against confident ranged enemies such as Caitlyn
    After using Higherlander in team fight, without receiving kill in time makes very difficult to escape.

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Double Strike - Master Yi strikes twice every 7th attack.

Passive that every 7th can take out great amount of oponent HP pool without any problem. Scales with your accual damage (also with enhanced by Wuju Style skill).
Timing it will be a nice thing now. Remember that when counter hits 6, this means your next atack will deal 2x damage. It means you can Alphastrike and double damage oponent. Good for harrasment.
Extremaly usefull in early game when every % of hp matters, as well as in late game when you diliver 1k crits.

Alpha Strike - Master Yi leaps across the battlefield with blinding speed, dealing magic damage to multiple units in his path with a chance to deal bonus magic damage to minions.
Master Yi leaps across the battlefield striking up to 4 enemies, dealing 100/150/200/250/300 (+1 per ability power) magic damage to each enemy with a 20/30/40/50/60% chance to deal 400 bonus magic damage to minions.
Cooldown - 18/16/14/12/10 seconds
Cost - 80/90/100/110/120 Mana
Range - 600

In my playstyle, this is my initiate skill during 2v2 laning, as well as escape mechanism (but this is very mob dependant escape mechanism)
Basicly you "rush" through 4 targets (mobs) and land a final blow on the targeted champion/mob spawning near him. You cant hit same person multiple times. You cant jump back to char that was already "touched", so catching 2 heroes alone wont mean you hit both of em 2 times, the spell will break after 2 jumps. This skill ignores your melee damage, damage is magical and gets lowered by magic resistance.

Meditate - Master Yi rejuvinates his body by focus of mind, restoring health and increasing his armor and magic resistance for a short time.
Master Yi channels, restoring 140/280/420/560/700 (+1.65 per ability power) health over 5 seconds. While channeling, Master Yi gains 100/150/200/250/300 armor and magic resistance.
Cooldown - 35 seconds
Cost - 70/85/100/115/130 Mana
Range - Self

Very underestimated skill. In late game it can be whole diference between going back to base or stay in lane and push another tower.
It might be good idea to take a single point in in in early game if you are getting too much harras damage.
Not much usefull in late game since you will regain more hp and faster and more efficient by just farming mobs with lifesteal.

Wuju Style - Master Yi becomes skilled in the art of Wuju, passively increasing the power of his physical attacks. Activating Wuju Style doubles the passive bonus damage for a short time, but the passive bonus is temporarily removed after the effect wears off.
Passive: Increases physical damage by 15/20/25/30/35.

Active: Master Yi can activate this ability to double its effectiveness for 10 seconds, but this removes the passive bonus until Wuju Style becomes available again.
Cooldown - 25 seconds
Cost - 40 Mana
Range - Self

Your primary skill. Passivly increases your swing melee damage. On Use you get up to +70 damage. Cannot be boosted by anything. Great skill early game. Scales with Double Strike.

Highlander - Master Yi moves with unparalleled agility, temporarily increasing Master Yi's movement and attack speeds as well as making him immune to all slowing effects. Additionally, killing a Champion refreshes all of Master Yi's cooldowns.
Increases Master Yi's movement speed by 40% and Attack Speed by 40/60/80%, and he becomes immune to all slowing effects for 6/9/12 seconds. Additionally, killing a champion refreshes all of Master Yi's cooldowns, and scoring an assist reduce the cooldowns by half.
Cooldown - 75 seconds
Cost - 120/120/120 Mana
Range - n/a

Your Ulti and MOST IMPORTANT skill. This is what makes you a lethal killing ***raping machine. Most of the way of usage is to chace fleeing enemies, but it can be either as offensive as defensive ability. It allows you to catch absolutly everything in no time. It allows you to safely flee without any fear of getting slowed (don't you love the red info "Cannot be slowed" apearing above your fleeing ***?)
Another great thing... after you chase down and rip your oponent apart while this skill is active... you can do it again on another champion... coz it refreses all your cooldows with no exeption of the ulti itself... so have fun with those double/tripple/multi/ultra-kills.

How to use the skills:

More or less your dps should look like this:
Alpha Strike on a hero -> Enable Wuju Style -> slap slap slap dead - profit!
Alpha Strike on a hero -> Enable Wuju Style -> slap slap o_O You want to flee? Go ahead -> Enable Highlander -> slap slap slap dead :) cooldows refreshed hmmm witch one will be next...
when you are sure of scoring a kill but you need to do it fast:
Alpha Strike on a hero -> Enable Wuju Style -> Enable Highlander -> slap slap slap dead :) cooldows refreshed hmmm witch one will be next... (watch your mana pool if you dont have blue buff)
In worst scenarios:
Alpha Strike on a hero -> Enable Wuju Style -> slap slap, whops he is beating my *** off... -> Enable Highlander and GTFO of there :)

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Its Not Over Until the END!

In this game I went 1-9 up until I reached level 16! But then I started playing smart and shadowing the enemy team. Anyone that broke off I killed. Yi is amazing in 1v1's with Life Steal and Attack Speed. Even better than Warwick who lives off it.
In the game above, the game ended moments before a PENTA-KILL, I got a quad and they surrendered as I hunted down Leona. Proving that even with a bad early game, you are still OP in late game!

Make sure your team do not surrender until even you are sure there is no winning.
Yi can always backdoor and win the game!

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I'm going to upload more screenshots/Match History once I get them!, recently been playing Vladimir so do not have match stats apart from one above!

Sorry there were no fancy graphics or anything here, it just seemed to hard.

Please leave a thumb up and a comment of what you think! :D