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Tristana Build Guide by skorek

[Master league] Say hello to Tristana the Rocket Jumper!!

[Master league] Say hello to Tristana the Rocket Jumper!!

Updated on August 2, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author skorek Build Guide By skorek 17 4 704,027 Views 5 Comments
17 4 704,027 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author skorek Tristana Build Guide By skorek Updated on August 2, 2015
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About the author and the guide

Starting note: The guide is a copy of my Tristana solomid guide. I am currently Diamond 1 adc player. My best score was 495 lp in challenger (unfortunately dropped, but working to get back there).
If you want to see me playing marksmans or read more about me just visit my twitch or hitbox stream:



If you want to learn more about bottom lane and become better player you can sign up for a coaching with me:


If you want to see some nice videos from my games, visit my:


Detailed description of runes/items/masteries can be found on my

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Detailed abilities description


This makes you a really strong late game, 669 range is quite a lot to deal with.


This is the 2nd thing which makes you really strong late game. Use it only when you are sure that you can stay in one place and auto attack an enemy for couple of seconds. Additionally, it (connected with e) makes you probably the fastest turret pusher among all marksmans. It is worth noting, that despite it gives less attack speed than Jinx's 3 stacked Q, tristana has more attack speed with Q late game, than Jinx with 3 stacked Q (due to bigger base attack speed).


This makes you really good chaser in teamfights. Once you start killing you can chase whole enemy team (don't forget about the slow). Sometimes it is good to jump forward just before you get a kill, so you can jump 2nd time afterwards to shorten the distance to the next enemy. Additionally, if you see that enemy has really low hp and you already have really big dmg, you can just jump in, kill him and jump out. 2nd usage of this ability is to run. Keep in mind that it can be stopped mid-air by abilities like thresh flay or janna Q, so sometimes it is better to wait for them before jumping to safety. Next think to note is that the closer you jump the shorter cast time is. It means, that you can use short jumps to dodge some slower abilities (like Nami ultimate).


This is your main harassment tool in lane. Unfortunately you need to aa enemy to make most dmg out of it and smart enemies gonna run when e is on them. However, if you actually land 4 aa after it, you deal a lot of dmg. Additionally, it makes your farming a lot harder. You basically can't farm under the turret, so avoid it on lane. Fortunately it makes you quite good pusher and awesome turret pusher. If you are pushing your enemy into the turret use it on turret, the splash damage area will be 2 times bigger. Very often enemies can be surprised with that or at least zoned farther from the turret.


This makes your level 6 burst quite high and it is additional defensive ability you have. Remember that it pushes away not one enemy only, but also the champs who are really near him. Don't forget that it can push enemies through thin walls or apply a mini stun if pushed to thicker wall. Additionally, you can also use it as a displacement ability – just w a little behind your enemy and then R him into your allies. Late game use this ability mainly defensively - with your w and range it gives you huge self peel.
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Early game

Many people say that tristana's early game is weak. This is definitely not true (her mid game is weak). Tristana's early game is ok. She has normal level 1 dmg. Thanks to that she stays equal after most lvl 1 trades. Second thing on her level 1 is the pushing power. You really want to push fast on level 1, so you have faster level 2 than your opponents. The tricky thing here is to push faster then enemies, but only as fast, so you can freely jump on them on level 2 without taking turret aggro. This is really important, because tristana level 2 is quite strong and if you catch opponents still having level 1, when you are 2, just jump in asap (this is really important to jump in instantly after you got your lvl 2). This is really high chance that you will win the lane with this move. The next important thing is tristana's weak farming capability on turrets, because of her passive on e. Due to that you must really try to always kill minion waves before they reach turret. Your next power spike is at level 6, due to high base damage on your abilities you can try blowing up your enemy. The same rule applies here – if you have level 6 before your enemies you just go in. After level 6 and with first ad items tristana's early game power diminishes, since she has no attack damage scalings on her abilities besides her e which needs to be followed by couple of auto attacks to do real damage.
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Mid game

If you aren't winning at this point, you really want to stall and just farm up. Tristana's damage in mid game comes mainly from auto attacks. The first point you are starting to have some damage is when you build your IE. However, with only ie you are still much weaker than other marksmans (assuming you have equal gold and levels). The signal point where tristana is starting to have significant damage is having two offensive items (IE + PD) or (IE + zeal + LW). If you have 3 items (IE+PD+LW) you are starting to outscale other marksmans. To sum up – try to farm up through mid game.
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Late game

Late game starts when you have around 3 items (IE+PD+LW). This is the point where tristana shines. With her range, attack speed steroid, peel from R and W, chasing power from W she is really strong.
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Team fights

You basically want to attack the closest target. However, thanks to her long range tristana can focus also the further targets late game without much fear. It is actually really important in late game for tristana, that you switch your target to the more valuable, further one if you only see the good opportunity to do that. Keep in mind that this could be really hard, I still have problems doing this in most optimal way. Remember, that using your Q in bad moment can loose you a fight, I usually wait until people fully commit to the fight and I have a good position and clear shots which can be done without moving. With such high attack speed marksman as tristana you really want to find yourself a position from which you don't have to move at all, just do your autos. If you activate your Q, but after it you still need to kite, dodge skillshots, you wasted your Q, since you arent using your additional attack speed. Moreover, if you have your Q up late game, you don't need to orb walk while chasing an enemy – just click on him. This is because your human reaction time and speed of moves are bigger then tristana's late game auto attack animation (with Q up). When you see that your team starts winning a fight, start jumping in before your team gets the first kill, so you can chase enemies with further resets.
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Tristana's early game is quite ok and you need to be aware of her 2nd and 6th level power spikes and use them to your advantage. Her mid game is weak, so you want to farm through it unless you are really ahead after your flawless early game;) In late game she is a really strong, she has one of the biggest damage in a game (koggy has bigger), biggest range (without using abilities by koggy/twitch/jinx) in the game and the best mobility out of all marksmans.
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Tristana fortune video

Video is from my stream. Quadra kill with Tristana - team stole my penta :( If you want to see more videos I will be uploading them to my youtube channel.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author skorek
skorek Tristana Guide
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[Master league] Say hello to Tristana the Rocket Jumper!!

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