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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DONPIANO

Master of Headbutts - Dr. Mundo

DONPIANO Last updated on June 25, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Utility: 0


The League of Legends website and game client classify Mundo as a tank/fighter champion. His naturally high hp, hp regen, and hp gain make him seem like the perfect candidate for the role. Even with limited items, Mundo is a ***** to kill. However, despite his natural prowess for survivability, more than that is required for a champion to perform effectively as a tank. Mundo has no way of stunning, taunting, imobilizing or initiating fights other than simply running in and whacking people with his cleaver. This severely limits his ability to perform some of the key roles of a tank. For this reason, this build focuses on maximizing Mundo's HUGE offensive capacity through crit chance, armor pen, and attack speed. On top of the practical efficiency of crit, Mundo also has a sweet headbutt animation for his crit, so it's funny as hell once you've got a high % chance to do so. I feel I should also preface this guide by saying that I've been playing Mundo as my main champ since I have been playing LoL. I have about 200 games in with him, and have tried a multitude of builds, styles, and specs. This is what I would consider to be the most effective and efficient one.


  • crit: critical strike
  • headbutt: synonym to crit
  • masocrit: abbreviated way of saying crit while masochism is active
  • cd: cooldown


  • Huge burst damage potential
  • Good survivability
  • Great laning phase complimented by easy masochism last hits and regen passive
  • Potential for strong mindgames/metagame.

  • Weak to cc focus
  • Needs to be up close and personal to do a lot of damage
  • Requires a lot of items to be truly effective.


Marks and Quints: Immediate early game crit chance vastly improves your ability to massochism crit and run in lane as a harassment technique. This is chosen over crit damage because the latter requires a high crit percent chance in order to be effective. This build is not a purely late game build, as your laning phase will be incredibly important. Flat bonuses are a great way to get an early game edge, and crit chance is the best and most effective choice for an early game offensive rune. With crit marks and quints, along with a brawlers glove, your level 1 crit chance should get to 23% (wtf imba).

Seals: Dodge seals synergize well with the hybrid defense mastery style. Remember, each dodge gives you move speed. Mundo has great hp and regen already, so no need for those here. Armor and resistance runes could be considered, but dodge works better with the masteries chosen.

Glyphs: CD reduce seems the only logical choice for glyphs. Mundo makes no use of ability power, doesn't use mana, and doesn't really need hp regen. His utility rune is best used for cd reduction, allowing you to basically keep masochism on at all times if you want. You'll also knock a good chunk of time off your ult cd.

Summoner Abilities:

Good ones:
  • Smite is great because of how much it helps you get buffs and kill minions. This is a farm-heavy build early on, so each minion slain counts for a lot. Smite is also a great mindgame for your cleaver, allowing you to instantly kill a minion that your opponent may be counting on to not get an axe in their mouth.
  • Cleanse is a wonderful skill offensively and defensively. Unfortunately it's unlikely you will have the level of D spec to get the mastery on this skill. Even so, as a phys dps, you're going to get blinded, exhausted, stunned, snared, slowed, and any other form of cc possible. That goes especially once you get lifesteal and start headbutting people 70% of the time for 900 damage at 1.5-2 attacks per second. With attack speed builds, your opponents cc's are more effective because of the massive amount of effectiveness you're packing into a small amount of time. A 3 second stun is now stopping you from attacking 5 or 6 times instead of the normal 3. Every second counts, and cleanse is a great way to make sure you can maximize your potential.
  • Rally can be good if you're smart and use it at good times. Pushing a tower is a good time for this, and so is pretty much any team fight. If it wasn't for smite and cleanse being so perfect for my goals in game, I'd get rally. Times where this is particularly good is when you're playing with a heavy dps caster team (veigar, ezrael) or an ap benefiting healer (soraka). If you're going that route, make sure to respec from what I have on here to include improved rally so your team gets the ability power bonus from your beacon.

Decent ones:
  • Ghost is wonderful if you're not going to get cc'd. Under most circumstances you will get cc'd, so getting ghost instead of cleanse will almost force you into buying a quicksilver sash to make up for it.
  • Ignite and Exhaust can be effectively used by Mundo, but I think there are simply better options. The spec for ignite is pointless for Mundo, so don't get it. Exhaust could take the place of smite if you have a strong jungler on your team and no one else is getting it.
  • Clairvoyance can be awesome for chasing people who are running through bushes, helping you aim your toss cleaver. It's also a fun way to see where your opponents are going and what items they're getting (use it on their fountain at the start of the game). Try to leave this skill to a support hero though.
  • Flash could be taken instead of cleanse for defensive reasons, but it doesn't remove blindness so I don't like it as much.
  • Fortify gives you a nice little laning phase bonus with the bonus damage to minions. If no one else on your team is getting it, you maybe could replace smite with this skill.

Bad ones:
  • Heal is not needed, especially once you start life-stealing for more than heal would give you anyway in one headbutt. Take advantage of Mundo's natural regen and activatable regen rather than wasting a Summoner ability on heal.
  • Clarity would be dumb as **** because Mundo has no mana.
  • Revive assumes you will die, which you will not. You will only kill everyone.


Offense (21):

This is almost a purely offensive build item-wise, so obviously a 21 offense spec is pretty much required. Crit chance is the obvious choice in the first tier, along with improved smite or improved exhaust (if you're getting either). Attack speed and cd reduce are both taken fully for the next tier. Grab spell pen for your cleavers, and armor pen for your headbutts. Attack damage isn't incredibly important, since the amount it adds is minuscule compared to masochism. Throw one point in Brute Force (or save it for rally if you went that route) and finish with 3 levels of lethality (10% more crit damage? Hell yes) and Havoc for 5% more damage on your cleavers AND attacks.

Defense (9):

Choose how you want to distribute 4 points between resistance and armor for tier 1. I like armor because it typically applies more than resistance in lane and against neutral camps. For tier 2 and 3 get dodge and nimbleness. These vastly increase your survivability and add to the uncertainty and huge potential that is already created by your chance to crit.

Skill build
  • Masochism should be maxed by level 9, though I typically go cleaver level 1 to allow for creeping the lizard and harassment in lane. Outside of that, I always level masochism whenever possible. This build centers around that skill, so it makes sense to maximize its potential asap. Even at level 1 masochism you can masocrit for upwards of 250-300 damage.
  • Cleaver's typically the second skill to level up. It provides strong harassment capabilities, and can also be used for farming. High hp neutral monsters will get owned by this spell because it deals damage based on a percentage of life.
  • If you're getting cc'd a lot early, a level of burning agony can help you deal with it. It's also worth getting this earlier than later if you find yourself clearing large waves of creeps frequently.
  • I typically choose to level Sadism at 6, 11, and 16, but I can see an argument for leveling it at 6, 17, and 18 instead. The amount of regen it grants is static, and leveling it only improves the movespeed bonus (I still feel this is worth leveling since the movespeed increase is fairly significant). Definitely do 6, 17, 18 if you choose to go ghost as a summoner ability

Game Outline

Early Game:

Start the game by purchasing brawlers gloves and a couple pots. Depending on your lane mate you may want to opt for boots first, or even a agility or fortitude elixer instead of brawlers gloves. I'd recommend boots if you are with someone like Garen or Shaco where early game kills can be gotten with some chasing and well placed cleavers. If you're with someone with a strong early stun or snare (sion, veigar, morgana, taric) get an elixer and plan to recall when in runs out with 2 or 3 kills under your belt.

Depending on what level of play you're at, you can use the pre-laning phase as a ganking phase. At low to mid level games you'll often see people run their champs to lane right away before the minions are even there. If you or someone has clairvoyance, use it to find an easy gank and 5 man that *****. On twisted treeline you can get your friends to sit in a bush with you and wait for them to show up and slay them. Once lizard spawns I usually go straight for it, since with smite and a pot you can walk away from him with virtually full hp and a slow buff. The lizard buff is absolutely overpowered on a critting Mundo early game so take advantage.

Once in lane, your main goal SHOULD NOT be to kill your opponents. Cleavers and masochism hit and runs allow you to dominate the lane, but don't get tempted into wasting your time and effort on trying to get kills that are just out of reach. Rather, make sure you're last-hitting every single creep. Doing so is not very difficult if you use masochism and cleavers well. CD reduction runes help to make this possible as well. Ideally you will be able to stay in lane long enough to get to level 6. If so, you'll be able to pretty much stay in lane for as long as you want. If you're low and have no pots, use the shrubs to your advantage by staying in them and using cleavers and smite to last hit minions. Any time someone shows aggression toward your position, cleave them in the face and run back. Eventually they will just leave you alone. If not, continue doing so until they're at the point where a masocrit will slay them.

You can't always be perfect, so if you have to go back early, buy berserker treads and upgrade your brawler's gloves to a sword of avarice or zeal depending on how much gold you have. The gold bonus from avarice is nice, but not enough to prevent you from going zeal right away if you've already got the cash. The move speed/attack speed bonus from zeal makes it the better choice. An emblem of valor can also be a good early game choice if you have to go back early since it offers lifesteal (hugely effective with masochism) and regen aura (your lane mate will praise you), making you able to stay in lane or jungle to your heart's desire. You will be tempted to start ganking after getting a few of these items since you can probably 3 or 4 shot most of your opponents with headbutts. Don't fall into this trap, you should continue farming until you've at least got phantom dancer or starks.

Finally, DONT DIE. You should never die with Mundo, but ESPECIALLY at this point in the game. The early farm game is incredibly critical to this build, no pun intended. Time spent dead during this phase is detrimental to your mid/late game capacity, so f that.

Mid Game:

By level 8 or 9 (depending on items and if you went smite) you should be able to solo the dragon and easily grab any buff on the map. Farm lanes that need farming, and when there are none, go to the neutral camps and headbutt them. After getting some attack speed items you can take down enemy structures incredibly fast if you're not contested. Look for opportunities to do this—remember towers won't shoot you if there's minions to be shot as long as you aren't hurting any heroes and drawing agro on yourself. Remember your #1 goal is to farm, so never lose sight of that. Purchasing agil and fort pots can be an outstanding buff if you've got an extra 300 or 600 gold laying around after buying stuff.

Late Game:

As the late game phase approaches you should have been farming enough to now have 1.5-2 attacks per second with a 50-60% or more chance to crit. On top of that you will hopefully have lifesteal, armor pen, and movespeed bonuses from your starks/last whisper and zeal/ghostblade. You should be able to take on any hero one-on-one in straight up combat, even heroes like Jax will fail against you if you know how to properly dispose of him by running away with cleavers until he's at a manageable hp for you to start headbutting. Make sure you have masochism on while you're hitting people, otherwise your crits will only do a measley 200-300 instead of 600-900 depending on your hp percentage.

Enter team fights after an initiator, as you will actually go down fairly quickly to a whole team focusing you. I like to activate sadism as I'm running in even if I'm at full hp already. The movespeed bonus is great in and of itself, and the chances of you getting targetted after running in are fairly high so the regen usually plays its role along with your lifesteal to keep you alive. Target the other team's dps heroes, as they will probably go down in 2 headbutts. Pick up an infinity edge for your last item, bumping your crits up to over 1k-1.5k depending on your armor pen and hp percentage. Expect to get a lot of triple kills.

Champion Interaction
Good Allies:
  • Stunners/taunters are always good, as you can fit many attacks into a single stun. They can also protect you from harm if you're in trouble. Rammus, Sion, Amumu, Taric, and Malzahar are all excellent.
  • Healers can give you that burst of hp you need to survive and keep fighting. Heroes like Zilean or Kayle can provide you insurance if you're feeling aggressive and might die. Kayle's invul buys you time to get a few headbutts in (which will heal you assuming you've got lifesteal) and can also give sadism some time to work its magic.
  • Buffers that can give you attack speed, move speed, or damage are also great. Nunu comes to mind as the best example here, since he can give you an insane amount of attack and move speed.

Bad Enemies
  • Garen will ult you if you ever get low, which you will.
  • Stunners will disable you, rendering you unable to headbutt and steal life. (this is countered by cleanse)
  • Heavy dps nukers like veigar or annie can suprise you with a lot of damage in a small amount of time. This is very bad for you. Consider buying a spirit visage to give you magic resist along with a nice healing buff (improves your lifesteal) and cooldown reduction (more cleavers and masocrits!)
  • Champions that can blind/fear you (heimerdinger, teemo, fiddle) are kind of scary, but typically will go down fairly quickly if you just cleanse their **** and headbutt them in the mouth.

  • Be selectively aggressive. this is a burst damage build, so choose the times that you want to be aggressive wisely and you will thrive. Don't always be aggressive, but definitely don't ignore opportunities to do so.
  • Be intentional about when you go back to base to buy items. If there's lanes to be farmed, you typically shouldn't pass on the opportunity. If all lanes are pushed and both lizards and dragons are dead, you should consider buying. Other times where you should buy is if you somehow get really low and have no ulti or way of healing. Once you've got life steal, you can pretty much always jungle since masochism will heal you for incredible amounts especially if you headbutt.
  • Kill the dragon whenever you can. If you're playing 5s, killing the dragon effectively grants your team over 600 gold! In 3s it's about 400! still quite worth it considering how easy it is for Mundo.
  • Lizard buffs are great on Mundo, so be greedy with them. If you're playing in a premade, explain to them why you should have it over them and they should understand.
  • Use smite to steal lizards from people you catch farming it. With your newly acquired slow buff, proceed to headbutt your opponent to death.
  • Be patient with cleavers. Many opponents will expect your cleaver and start running in odd patterns trying to escape you. This allows you to catch up and masocrit them. Wait for a clear shot! You don't want your cleaver on cd when it doesn't have to be.
  • If you're getting chased, watch your pursuer's hp. Sometimes you can catch them off guard by running through a bush, waiting for them to get close, then cleaving them, popping masochism, and headbutting them in the face a few times.

Thank yous
  • Special thanks to elrary, osoferoso, roflmang, and theonceler – my main 5 man teammates.
  • Thanks to for hosting a great build site.
  • Thanks to bitb, steelix, and kannibuskarl who got me to switch to LoL from DotA.
  • Thanks to Riot for making a great game.
  • Thanks to you for reading this build, I really appreciate it. I strongly value feedback (both positive and constructive) so please do not be afraid to offer your thoughts!! Please rate this build!