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Master Yi Build Guide by EpicPolarPedoBear

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EpicPolarPedoBear

Master Shinobi - Yi

EpicPolarPedoBear Last updated on November 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Master Yi, one of the most powerful characters in the game with incredible abilities & high attack power. With this guide you will be maxing out Yi's attack power making him something that no opponent can ever stop.

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The Build

As you can see in this guide Wuju Cutting Style is rushed to max. This is because this damage boost although not large plays a huge role ahead. This guide was made to max out his attack power and that's what it will do. A combination of Critical, Attack Speed & Minor Damage Boosts can go along way.

First off, the boots...

Why are the boots important is what many ask. Well its first form is useful at early game and after 1 kill you should be able to upgrade. It is because without the boots all the rest is useless. Yi is not exactly the fastest character in the game nor the slowest so a small Movement Enhancement 2 will be enough. With this even if your opponent runs you will still get your kill. It also gives a nice 25% Attack Speed.

Next, the Phantom Dancer & Zeal...

These 2 are essential and I added them twice for a reason. Phantom Dancer will come first. Work your way up through the recipe. It helps a lot. Phantom Dancer provides a 55% Attack Speed along with a very useful 30% Critical and the added bonus of Movement Speed. This will mean you now have 80% Attack Speed, almost double what you start with and by this point you will have 3~5 Wuju Cutting Style... you're almost ready. Zeal is another bonus. I added it solely for attack and critical, though the critical bonus is rather small. It's up to you whether you upgrade it to Phantom or not.

Re-curve Bow...

40% Attack Speed... it makes its purpose straight and to the point. Now with 120% Speed, Yi can dominate through it beating almost any opponent. Later at End-Game its optional if you want to make a Shark's Fervor, though I don't recommend it.

Infinity Edge & Tiamat...

Solely to boost your attack, your going to be hitting rapid criticals (80% now) and a few normal attacks. With this you can dish out 4/5 500 Damage Attacks and with the Tiamat effect, minions won't get in the way.

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With Runes & Masteries:

120% Attack Speed
80% Critical
240 Damage + Wuju (5) = 275~310 Damage

This is what you have at level 18. This can destroy turrets... SOLO and beat almost any enemy.

How do you get there?

You use the abilities Surge & Heal.

For a first kill Surge will be useful. Chase and kill them after the minions are taken care of. If needed, you can use Heal too. 40% Early game Attack Speed helps a lot on top of ability power. Level 2 is helpful for first kill for Alpha Strike... to stop them from getting away more easily.

By the time you get Highlander, you are all set. 80% Attack Speed Boost + Some Ability Power + Some Movement Boost. At Max High Lander, Wuju + HighLander + Surge leaves you unstoppable. I've killed 2 Turrets and 3 Enemies SOLO with this and only at the 2nd tower 2nd enemy did I run out of Surge, But i can reuse my Highlander.

With these, at Endgame you MAX Attack Speed, 80% Critical and 250 Damage. Thats about 5 attacks every 2 seconds, and 4 are criticals.

(4*2)(240)+250 = 2170 Damage PER 2 SECONDS! Incredible Huh? Thats a 2~4 Second Champion Kill.

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Without Runes & Masteries

If you don't have the runes or the masteries to fulfill this build its alright. When taking on the average PvPers or Bots 65% Critical is more than enough. The Attack Speed is also just a bonus. In short, you don't HAVE to have the runes & masteries but it's useful.

What are the effects of not having them?

Early-Game: 15 % Critical Chance lost, it's helpful but not necessarily needed, though a champion kill will take 1 extra hit. Though the mastery cuts down a bit, like a critical bonus, some armor penetration & such but it's okay.

Mid-Game: If there is another Yi, it could leave you at a slight disadvantage. By mid-game you will have HighLander & Surge and those will be slightly more dependent on. You will also need to make up for that 15% Critical loss some how as it plays an important part. I recommend upgrading Zeal to a 2nd Phantom Dancer.

End-Game: If you made up for the critical there should be no problem considering by this point you can kill champions and turrets alone without a problem.

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Tips & Hints

TIP 1: When buying any items, work your way up with the recipe. Helps you out along the way.

TIP 2: Only use Wuju Cutting Style when your against a Champion, if there are no Champions, refrain from using the Active Skill and just leave it to the Passive Skill.

TIP 3: If you are trapped at a higher level Meditation Helps as it heals and increases your Defense drastically protecting you and in the end giving you a positive increase.

TIP 4: Alpha Strike with Tiamat works amazing on minions killing 4 and doing half the damage on the others and with high enough damage it can kill them.

NOTE: Infinity Edges effect wasn't even considered in this guide, with it, you'd be hitting much more.

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Killing & Jungling

Easy money but I recommend to keep it to the minimum until mid-game. Only fight when necessary until you get yourself Highlander. Make sure as many buffs are on as possible against champions. Against Epic Monsters at lower levels I recommend you go with Heal and Surge ready for use. Jungling can give you a level advantage but it can fail and pull you back if not done right.