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Udyr Build Guide by Adreon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Adreon

Master The Art Of Jungle Udyr

Adreon Last updated on March 30, 2012
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To be honest this is a guide to just show some people who already know how to kinda play the game and just want an idea on how to jungle on udyr. This is a Phoenix Udyr guide straight up im not mentioning any other build for him just Phoenix Udyr cause it is the best jungling skill for him and is the fastest.

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My runes give u approximately

21% attack speed
13 Armor
10 Armor Penetration

all at the beginning of the game which is extremely potent and great giving u around 30+ armor and a fair amount of attack speed that will add up with Monkey's Agility

Movement speed quints is also extremely good making him much fast but with the masteries you get and the boots first you will already have 388 movement speed which is more then enough movement speed to get very good early ganks but dont get me wrong movement speed quints are godlike as well.

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My masteries are 0/21/9 very basic i get fair amount of armor and cd reduction in the defense tree to spam my stances a little faster but the cd reduction skill can be changed to something else you would prefer more.

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Items on Phoenix Udyr are fairly simple get boots first and 3 health pots (people used to get cloth armor first but due to new jungle and masteries it is no longer needed). The only reason if you want to get cloth armor is if you would want to counter jungle which i feel much safer when i get a cloth armor and 5 health pots first when counter jungling but usually that isnt the case.

Anyway after you get your boots your next goal would either get Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads depending on either your against hard/decent CC team or hard AD team you would get ninja tabi after you get your boots buy more pots (preferably i get 4 health pots). If you know what you are doing in jungling i recommend getting oracles IF they are getting wards an early oracle is crucial to early ganks and the early game it puts EXTREME pressure on enemy lanes and makes them scared of pushing a lane and makes your lane win 90% of the time. But i only recommend the oracles after u get your tier 2 boots and you KNOW what you are doing usually i can get it later on after my Wit's End cause the enemy team doesnt get as much wards and it isnt needed until later.

Wit's End is a MUST on phoenix udyr it gives him so much attack speed bonus magic damage and even magic resistance everytime you attack it just great.

After Wit's End it is time to get tanky. Your next purchase should be Aegis Of The Legion this is a very good item it gives mr,armor, and health and a bonus aura to your allys a lot of people misregard this item but it is a extremely good item on udyr it is great for mixed up enemy teams with AD and AP (which is usually all the time).

After i get Aegis of The Legion there is a choice on whether to get more armor first or get MR it depends on enemy team if they have more AP get Force of Nature if they have more AD i get Randuin's Omen (I usually get this item more thne force of nature cause i like a lot more armor) This will give u a lot of armor and health making you extremely tanky and almost unstoppable. After you get Randuins you should have close to 3k HP I usually get Atma's Impaler which will give you even more armor and crit chance and about 180-200 AD total which makes you do even more damage. Obviously your last item will be Warmog's Armor which will give you more AD cause of Atma's Impaler and you will probably get around 4k HP then.

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Skill Sequence

Honestly i did say this guide was mostly for people who kinda already know what there doing and just want a little idea of what to do.

Kinda obvious on how to use udyr
Phoenix Stance is your main damage output if you get that 3 hits on the same target you get that bonus fire damage aoe cone. It also increases your AD by a little.
Turtle Stance Is for getting health back as well as absorbing damage due to its shield.
Bear Stance The most potent stance for ganking being able to stun a target for 1 second but not being able to stun again for another 6 seconds on the same target although it can stun any other target still.
Tiger Stance Not much to talk about on this one since this is a phoenix udyr guide but its useful to take down turrets and inhibs very fast due to its bonus attack speed

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Pros / Cons

Tanky and able to do good damage
Very Fast
Pro Escapist

Easily Kite able
Melee Range Attack

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Creeping / Jungling

Ok the most important chapter of the segment

Basic jungling pattern from the star is Wolves>Blue>Wraiths>Golems>GANK>Red>Wolves>Wraiths
and so forth. Now realize i said gank after golems this being said udyr clears out creeps fast with phoenix you easily destroy wolves and blue and you go on to wraiths and probably at 2:40 in game u just killed golems u are at lvl 3 and u get bear stance now u can gank top or bot (depending if you are on team blue or team purple) Now sometimes your allys push the lane and sometimes u wont need to gank but usually they are pushed and u will get a successful gank. GANK WHENEVER POSSIBLE if a lane is being hammered down by the enemy team gank that lane a lot. NOTE:IT IS YOUR FAULT IF U DONT HELP THE LOSING LANE THAT IS BEING HAMMERED DOWN AND IS YOUR FAULT FOR THAT ENEMY CHAMPION FOR BEING FED. Unless the solo or ally champion just sucks and is trollin then it isn't your fault.

Counter jungling is easy on udyr since he is SUPER FAST and can counter jungle easy but u need to be an expert on who is jungling on yur enemy team and know what times they are mostly at, at there creeps (wraiths,wolves etc.) Or else you will get ****ed early game and yur jungle will be invaded A LOT.

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Udyr is extremely fast at clearing his jungle and clears lanes even fast with his phoenix stance aoe cone damage.
This also makes him an exceptional counter jungler.

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Ranked Play

This is where you would probably want to improvise because ranked is different and a little harder then normals (To be honest i dont play much ranked but i have play like 20 games of udyr and i do extremely well) But in ranked play depending on what elo you are at the early oracles are gonna be crucial.

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Team Work

Udyr makes team fights very hard for enemy team since u can basically stun each of em for 1 second which gives your team an upper hand. You can also do tons of damage in team fights as well as be tanky to take all the damage because of Turtle Stancewhich makes you absorb a lot of damage and still do decent amount of damage. Phoenix Stance is gonna be your number 1 stance to do damage though in team fights.

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Sum Up

That basically raps up mostly everything on the guide but not EVERYTHING it is missing a lot i know but like i said this is more of a guide for the people that kinda know what there doing already and just need some ideas on what to do.

Hope you enjoyed it ive been using this exact build for awhile now and i usually get a 90% guaranteed win on udyr.