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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Adreon

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Adreon

Heart Of The Cards Season 3 (Updates) - - IN PROGRESS

Adreon Last updated on April 4, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi there my name is NeoKorean(My journey from Silver to Platinum)
I have done a lot of progressing over the past half a year starting from september 2012 or when ever they announced the rewards in season 2 (lol). During that time I have since progress through ranks quite well, hitting a few roadblocks now and then. Now I'm at Platinum V, which is pretty impressive. I never thought I'd actually get there, but I proved myself wrong lol. I made this guide back in Season 2 when I was like 1521 ELO and now you can see my progression now that I'm in platinum its quite interesting. I would post the pictures of me in gold 1500s but I didn't keep the pictures lol. There hanging around in imgur somewhere, probably would never find them lol.
Overall I have progressed pretty damn well playing Swain and Twisted Fate. As you can see I've not played as much TF then Swain mainly because TF is getting banned a lot these days lol. I still have thoughts on rising up to, maybe not to Diamond lvl but close to it, because i definitely don't think I'm at Diamond lvl at all and probably will never get there, but thats not biggy for me I would never expect to get there.

My Twisted Fate GuideVan Helsing much? lol

Season 3:

I have yet to try and experiment with Twisted Fate in pre season 3 I havn't been able to try him out yet so I can't give you info yet atm so I will update this when I have tested him out a little more.

Ranked 5th out of all Twisted Fate guides THANKS GUYS! I didn't think I'd get this far
MANY THANKS. Keep it going!


I KNOW Twisted Fate DOES


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Pretty simple to understand the Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed grants TF a good amount of move speed and TF NEEDS that move speed It's essential I never realized how good it helped him until couple months ago xD. Greater Seal of Scaling Health grants TF HP which scales well into late game TF needs that extra HP more then you think, because TF is one of the squishiest characters in the game and in mid. It also goes well with Durability in the defensive tree which gives TF even more HP. TF needs that sustain against his opponents in mid. Greater Mark of Magic Penetration Simple this grants a good amount of magic penetration which TF needs to help burst down his enemies. Greater Glyph of Ability Power For the starting AP I actually recommend Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power rather then this because it scales better into late game, but its personal preference.

Other Choices:

- These seals will give you early mana regen of a total of 3.7 which in my opinion not that great for TF there are much better choices then that. For me I would rather stick with my Greater Seal of Scaling Health for that extra HP.

- As I stated before in the above section explaining Runes you can choose between these glyphs or Greater Glyph of Ability Power because that extra AP scaling into late game can be better then flat out starting AP. So It's personal preference here.

- To be honest I don't think there is a need for TF to have this much mana regen that scales into late game so I'll pass on these runes.

- I use to run these quintessences on TF for a long time but then I switched to move speed quints because in my opinion they work better because move speed is more essential for TF early and late game then AP. Still it's personal preference.

Season 3:

To be completely honest im still thinking of rolling this page on Twisted Fate because he still needs that speed more then ever so I won't change this.

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Alright so due to the changes for season 3 I've found out that going 0/21/9 is no longer viable since they got rid of and changed a lot of the masteries. So now I've gone back to 21/9/0 because this setup gives you better stats overall for Twisted Fate. There is absolutely nothing really viable for you in the defensive tree anymore except for the extra HP and resistances now. Sacrificing all the damage in the offensive for more beefiness isn't as great anymore now since season 3 changes has been intact.

BTW: Reason I don't put points into Havoc is simple 2% damage is complete **** and not worth it I'd rather have Butcher to help me cs better. Also Spellsword is great on Twisted Fate

A lot of people dont realize that TF is more of a support AP carry other then straight up AP carry. TF is used to put pressure in lanes do to his ult Destiny He is there to assist in getting kills and help feeding your team, not getting all the kills yourself otherwise everyone else is useless.

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Oh dear very long segment xD

Is your final late build basically, but you will probably never get into that late of a game to ever finish your build. The Banshee's Veil can be swapped out for Guardian Angel if wanted too (personal preference)

Other possible final builds:

Against heavy AD and a fair amount of AP.

Boots can also either be switched out for Sorcerer's Shoes (personal preference). Build is mostly for if you stomped early and bursting down enemies fast because you built DFG.

The only thing different really is the adding of Liandry's Torment.

and 3 Always start with this never start Doran's Ring first or anything because TF needs that early speed.


Also I think that rushing Lich Bane is now better then rushing a Rabadon's Deathcap now on Twisted Fate because due to Riot giving everybody + 25 MS but reducing boots by 25 MS you need the MS more then the AP. Plus Lich Bane still gives you decent damage anyway. The MS helps just a lot more. However you can still rush the Rabadon's Deathcap after buying Doran's Ring.

Finish ASAP basically get it on your first back (you should have enough to buy Sorcerer's Shoes and 1 Doran's Ring if you farmed greatly or even got a kill)

After you have finished your core build start building a OR

After you finished OR and got both of them start working on either a or .

After you have built Magic Penetration aka Feel free to either build more HP or more AP like a or . After that you have either gone in to late game and the rest is history.

- These boots can be good for TF I have experimented with them before the move speed is great for him and it works actually quite well I'm not saying I would always go with mobies but it's another good option for boots. If you feel comfortable with your team and all and feel like it's no biggy go ahead and buy them.

- This item can be good on TF as well it can be a replace to Banshee's Veil if you didn't want the shield and the bonus HP and MANA from it you could either choose to go Guardian Angel and take the better armor and resistances to make you last longer in fights.

- So this item is basically a mana item and it really isn't worth building or rushing it because the items that lead to build it don't help you at all plus you don't need that much mana anyway because of TF's Blue Card.

- So this item is debatable because it gives a nice amount of AP and stats and MR and so forth. It can be an item that works but only if you have gotten fed but still there are other good items to build other then this on TF so I'll pass.

- So yea this item can be AWESOME but also it can **** you in the *** sometimes. Only get it if you KNOW you are going to get fed and totally breeze by the entire game. In my opinion I just never find the need for ever buying it the risk is to great.

- So this item is actually can be good on TF if you are against a heavy AD team the Unique spell that it grants can save your life sometimes and plus it gives good amount of AP and Armor so definitely get it if their team is heavy AD.

- So this item gives you HP, MANA, and AP as well as regeneration of HP and MANA everytime you lvl up. This item isn't that great of an item to rush on a TF especially with the build and masteries and runes we are running in this guide. The items that lead up to build this isn't that great on TF as other AP carrys. So I'll pass on this item unless im super fed and just feel like buying it for the HP and MANA and ETC.

- So it's an OKAY item on TF but it isn't worth the amount of time and money you spend into it, there are other items more worth the spending of money then this. It gives a good amount of HP and AP along with a nice slow for your spells but other then that it isn't that great.

- So this item gives AS and AP as well as mana regen and CDR it's an okay item but I only would buy it if im fed and im on a cake walk to win the game.

- This item is decent only if you need the tankiness and their team has a lot of MR.

- This item can be considered because it gives decent HP and magic penetration as well as AP. It also gives nice passive which goes well with Twisted Fate because you have Red Card and Gold Card.

- This item is probably the only other considered item for Twisted Fate from the changes of pre season 3. It gives decent AP, MR, MS and a nice unique passive which can be useful sometimes, but in the end there are better items to replace this that you benefit from more. For example I'd rather get a Lich Bane then this because you benefit from it more and it has better stats then Twin Shadows in general and a better unique passive.

Boot Enchantments:

- is usually what I get a lot cause of it's bonus move speed Twisted Fate needs that speed.

- This can also be considered too but it does cost a little more so really if you want to spend the extra money go ahead, it's basically the same thing.

- if you feel like you need a CD on your Flash by all means go ahead.

- Probably the most famous enchantment, it is a pretty good enchantment on basically everyone and [twisted fate]] especially since he can just use Destiny and have the homeguard boost of speed on him, its pretty comical.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

So lets go over them

- While Twisted Fate is alive, he and his allies receive an additional 2 gold per unit kill.

- Yea great passive being able to FARM FARM FARM and get bonus gold for you and your team.

- Twisted Fate throws 3 cards forward in an arc, damaging enemies they pass through.

- TF's main burst damage it does nice damage to squishies and all and is all around his main ability to do damage.

- Cards flash over Twisted Fate's head in the following order: blue, then red, then gold (this cycle repeats itself). When he uses the ability again, he picks the current card over his head; the card picked adds a special effect to his next attack. This attack cannot miss or crit.

Blue Card

Twisted Fate's next attack will deal magic damage and will restore mana equal to 65% of the damage done.

Red Card

Twisted Fate's next attack will deal magic damage and will damage all enemies within 100 range of the target for the same amount. All enemies hit will also be slowed for 2.5 seconds.

Gold Card

Twisted Fate's next attack will deal magic damage and stun the target.

- So all around easy to explain Blue Card is for CSING as well as getting mana back
- Red Card is for clearing waves faster do to the splash damage as well as slowing down enemies.
- Gold Card is TF's signature ability and is used to gank stun people and basically catch people and kill them.

I think this should of been called Counting Cards or something xD

- Twisted Fate gains bonus attack speed and cooldown reduction. In addition, every fourth autoattack will deal bonus magic damage.

- So overall just for doing bonus damage nothing much to say about it the CDR and AS is nice too.

- Twisted Fate reveals all enemy champions, including stealthed champions, for a few seconds. While Destiny is active, Twisted Fate can use Gate to bend through time and space to teleport to anywhere on the map in Gates range.




- After channeling for 2 seconds, Twisted Fate teleports to a target location.

- So makes TF able to gank form afar and what makes TF SHINE.

Use it to escape use it to gank use it to pressure lanes. Also always look for opportunities to gank low hp people and keep an eye out. HAVE MAP AWARENESS.

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Summoner Spells

- Simple to understand TF needs that gap closer since he has none and plus its good for being used offensively to flash and gold card them and kill them with Ignite too if necessary, and of course used to escape ganks and such.

- Also a must on any AP carry getting that extra damage to hurry and burst down your opponent is essential make sure to always get this.


- I barely ever use this spell for TF because you would much rather have a gap closer like then this speed buff.

- Heh this can be good at times if you want to just troll the **** out of your enemy team. It can also go good along with other champions that have global ults like Shen 4 teleports OP! In sacrifice though you lose Ignite which can screw up your laning phase a bit but who cares you are going to be ganking more then laning right?

TBH their isn't as much other spells that are worth going over for TF.

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Pros / Cons


+ Great at ganking
+ Does fairly well early and late
+ Global Ult
+ Fast pusher with his Q
+ Good sustain with mana (Blue Card)
+ Has a good amount of CC due to Gold Card and Red Card
+ Possibly wields the power of the Egyptian God Cards
+ Counts Cards whats not to like


- can get countered by many people
- can get caught easily
- falls bit off late game
- Poor sustain with HP
- Can be hard to master due to his Pick A Card

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Playing Twisted Fate:

Things you NEED to know about TF.

His You need to know that the order of these cards are Blue, Red, and Gold (Then repeats) Knowing this cycle of the cards will help you a lot always remember after red it's your Gold Card which is your stun. A trick about picking a card is that sometimes if you picked the card quickly the next time you use Pick A Card and double tap it twice the card will be the previous card you have. Though to do this is hard and rarely happens.


When ulting you must be careful where you position it try and predict where the enemy will go teleport right there. Also make sure you don't accidentally press SPACE when you are ulting otherwise your camera pans back to your champion and you are screwed cause you have to scroll back to where you teleported too (I've done that a few times and it sucked xD).

Early Game:

Early game you should focus on last hitting creeps with Blue Card as well as harassing your enemy. Once you get 6 you should obviously try and gank lanes that are overextended. TF works well with any champion that has a stun or slow when ganking with his ult (Go Figure).

Late Game:

Late game is more simple push lanes and harass enemies in team fights with Wild Cards cause late game your Q packs quite the punch against your enemies. You also have to stay way the **** back in the team fights so you can do maximum damage to the enemies, you have to stay in the backlines because if you get caught your entirely ****ed since you won't have any escapes really except 1 Flash so you HAVE to watch your positioning in late game team fights.

I might add a game play video later but for now this is all I got atm.

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Lane Match Ups



It should be noted that in any lane your job is to push the lane and just gank with Destiny. Other then that if you are good enough harass your opponent, just don't get to close because most of the AP carries you will be against will be able to close the distance between you and him/her and will be able to **** you over.

- With help from your jungler you can win this lane or even just outplay her. and if you find yourself in a spot where you can't do much just out push her and gank with Destiny It's mostly all skill in this one. She can harass you better with her Q and all she needs to do is dodge your Wild Cards because she is much faster then you even with MS quints so you have to be careful cause if you get in range to stun her you get jumped on and she chunks off a ton of HP. She's probably the most annoying match up for you. DECENT MATCHUP

- Harass her pre 6 because then she can't dash to you yet and **** you up. Basically dodge her Q and you win the early and late. Dodging her Q is essential and imo pretty easy to dodge. Later on in the phase of the game she will be able to beat you and kill you because her kit is a lot better then yours and she's an exceptional duelist, so just push and gank with Destiny. DECENT MATCHUP

- You do decent against him though be careful of his Q cause if you try and run at him and stun him he can just wall and Q you and kill you. Play smart and dodge his Q's and when you see an opportunity try and stun him and kill him cause he is extremely squishy. DECENT MATCHUP

- This can be a hard match up because he has a stun and a lot of burst and burning DPS from his passive. You can get ****ed in this lane if you don't play smart. Try and dodge his skills and stun him whenever you see an opportunity and Q him and ask help from jungler. HARD MATCHUP

- You kind of stomp on Syndra because she is a very squishy champ and you can poke her easily. Dodge her spheres and just poke her and then eventually you can flash ignite her if necessary. Beware of her stun though it can cause some problems. YOU SHOULD WIN THIS MATCHUP

- Yea believe it or not I had to face a Lee Sin a couple times. You can win this match up but then you can't it's 50/50. You either need to poke him early and try and harass him pre 6. Don't get to close to him otherwise your going to get killed. Play some what passive against him. DECENT MATCHUP

- This matchup isn't as hard for TF you should be able to win this lane early just dodge her snares and her other aoe skill. Look for opportunities to stun her because you are going to be much faster then her. Late game you do lose though cause her Lucent Singularity is OP. DECENT MATCHUP

- Now this matchup can be tricky it can go both ways cause he has a higher range then you so he can poke you better then you can and he has a fast dash so it can get tricky. I would just play sort of passive wait for your jungler to gank but do look for opportunities to harass him. DECENT MATCHUP

- Yeah I know but I have actually had to face some Janna's mid and yea you stomp on her easily just dodge her tornadoes and you win this matchup hands down. YOU SHOULD WIN THIS MATCHUP

- Now this match up can go both ways. It depends early game if you got some good ganks off you will be able to lane with her better. Don't be aggressive early cause she can kill you early. She out pushes you early but later in the laning phase you will do better. You can harass if you dodge her skill shots but they can be hard to dodge so it's going to take a lot of skill in this match up. My advice just push and gank with Destiny.

- Akali can go both ways. harass her pre 6 and out push her so you can gank with Destiny. In a 1v1 you will lose (obviously) but you can do decent against her since you can stun her and your cards can hit her through her Twilight Shroud just don't fight her head on post 6 because her burst is insane. Just keep your distance and gank with Destiny. DECENT MATCHUP

- Coming Soon

- Coming Soon

- this match up is pretty boring I must say because she has Black Shield which means you basically can't do anything to her such as stun her with Gold Card. Honestly this lane is just a farm lane cause she can push fairly well because of Tormented Soil and then you push well with your Wild Cards, so your only option is push and gank with Destiny. Do be careful for ganks though from enemy jungler try not to fall for her snares and her ult. Soul Shackles can REALLY hurt you, so make sure you wards bushes and all. DECENT MATCHUP

- Ok this matchup can be hard and can go both ways but really it all comes down to individual SKILL you can do decent against him but he can dodge your cards with his E if he's a good Fizz player. You can harass pretty well pre 6 though and you out push him so I would just push and gank with Destiny and so forth. He can be a ***** to lane against so keep your distance. He can be a hard counter if he's a good Fizz player and you aren't as great with Twisted Fate, but for me it's not as hard so imo I'll make it a DECENT MATCHUP/HARD MATCHUP

- Coming Soon

- Now this matchup can go both ways as well but actually you can poke her equally as she can. Play careful and try and dodge her skills since you are going to be much faster then her definitely try and harass her a lot cause she is very squishy. Do be aware of her skills though don't get to close to her cause you can get ****ed easily if you make a mistake. DECENT MATCHUP

- This matchup can be relatively easy for you or it can be hard for you depending on the players skill level. You can out push him fairly well and all, but he can also combo you really well and kill you and also use his Rune Prison for setting up ganks with his jungler so you have to careful of that. But in the end you have to do basically what every other matchup is which is push and gank with Destiny. DECENT MATCHUP

- This is probably the hardest match up for Twisted Fate in general no matter what runes or masteries you are using. There are either 2 things that will happen in this lane. You farm and TRY and out push him but you will probably end up dying a few times because of Riftwalk and might be a little useless through out the game Or you either play super PASSIVE and will lose most of your CS and will most likely be useless through out the game. He also is a really good roamer and ganker just like you. So my best bet is to avoid him as much as possible and gank other lanes with Destiny and hopefully you succeed. You can harass him pre 6 but it won't be enough to really win the lane. You out right lose this lane 100% unless the Kassadin is outright ******ed. It's basically up to you which choice to make on facing Kassadin this is definitely the hardest match up for Twisted Fate hands down. What I usually do is try and farm I do end up dying maybe 3 times total which isn't great you can do better then I can but it also just depends on skill and all. You can ask help from your jungler possibly early game before he's 6 to kind of shut him down but it's still highly unlikely you will win the lane.

- Coming Soon

- This matchup is actually kind of easy for you. You out push him through out the entire game. Make sure you harass him pre 6 and all. He can't really do anything to you once he's like lvl 9 and his Q is fully maxed out. The only thing you need to be careful for are ganks. Other then that harass him whenever possible, since you are going to be much faster then him. DECENT MATCHUP/YOU SHOULD WIN

- This matchup can go both ways as well you are able to push better though and much earlier pre 6 other then that it's just a farm lane because Anivia can ult the minions. You lose against her 1v1 because of her stun and slows and Frostbite so don't fight her head on harass her a little bit but you won't really be able to kill her unless you have help with your jungler. My advice is to push and gank with Destiny. DECENT MATCHUP

- This match up is kind of easy for you, both of you push well though you push better then he does and faster so that means you can gank more easily with Destiny. You can't really beat him 1v1 cause lets face it TF is one of the worst 1v1 in the game and Malzahar has a godlike 1v1 ult so never fight him head on. Just harass him and over push the lane and gank with Destiny pretty easy. Obviously dodge and not get hit by his skills just push with Wild Cards and gank. Once you have ganked other lanes and have gotten assist/kills you will find yourself ahead of him and you eventually win. DECENT MATCHUP/YOU SHOULD WIN

- I wanna say this is kind of like a Malzahar match up because Annie almost has the same kit as Malzahar well not really but you get the point. It's basically the same thing just keep your distance don't 1v1 her head on cause you lose due to her ult stun combo. harass her with Wild Cards out push her and just gank with Destiny. You find yourself winning later on after you gank. DECENT MATCHUP/YOU SHOULD WIN

- So this fat bastard is pretty tanky early and can be annoying to lane against because of his barrels and barrel rolls. You must be CAREFUL of his ult because he can use it really offensively and it can **** you up extremely. He can use it to set up for a gank against you with his jungler so be careful of that. In the long run though you out push him fairly well, though he still pushes good, you do it better. Just harass him pre 6 and all and gank other lanes with Destiny. Later on in the game you will find yourself ahead of him. DECENT MATCHUP/HARD MATCHUP

- This matchup is relatively easy for you. Just out push her and gank with Destiny. Harass her once and awhile when you see an opportunity. She's fairly squishy and you will move much faster, though beware of her ball. All you have to do is just stay away from the ball and you basically win. DECENT MATCHUP/YOU SHOULD WIN

- This matchup is actually pretty even. you do out push him and all and you are able to gank with Destiny and all. The only thing you need to worry about is his Resolute Smite, this spell is probably the most annoying skill to dodge cause it travels so fast. You also have to watch out for his ult cause he can use it with his jungler easily to gank you. You can do well harassing him early and all but I don't think you will ever kill him unless having help with your jungler. DECENT MATCHUP

- This matchup is also relatively easy for you cause you can push much faster and better with Wild Cards and can gank a lot safer and more with Destiny. Swain can't really do much to push the lane, but he can hurt you, you as Twisted Fate have to be careful of his snare and slows cause he can kill you if you get caught in that. Most of this matchup can be based on skill of dodging his skills cause if you can dodge your good to go but if you can't dodge his skills then your basically ****ed and lose this lane. Most skilled Twisted Fate players though know how to face a Swain and how to dodge his skills so it's pretty easy. DECENT MATCHUP

- You are actually a good matchup vs Elise cause your Wild Cards can basically kill her spiderlings pretty quickly and you push the lane much faster then her. You do have to be aware of her Q Neurotoxin, this hits quite big later on in the laning phase. You also have to watch out for ganks and her Cocoon and Rappel. But all in all you push the lane faster and you can gank freely with Destiny. DECENT MATCHUP/YOU SHOULD WIN

- This lane is considerably easy, it isn't as hard as you think though it depends on skill of the player. You do well against her pre 6 and all you push much faster which allows you to gank more often. Don't fight her head on though at full health or anything cause she will win. Your best bet is to push, farm, harass, then gank. She can roam pretty well so do warn your team and her ganks are almost on par with yours. DECENT MATCHUP


All I've faced so far to really know a lot about them (more coming soon)

Season 3:

Some of the matchups might be changed due to change in masteries and items and info might not be entirely correct atm due to changes. Will change the info later on when I've experimented more.

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All I have to say right now I am gonna go back to this guide and finish it up a bit maybe add more stuff but as you can see I'm getting lazy and just want to publish it right now so you can see it and rate it now to see how well it is atm.

Please try this out first before rating it.

Rate it up if you liked it or down if you didn't and sry if it was bad :(

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Match History

This section is just to show more results of me using this build/guide

- Basically one of the first games I played using this guide turned out well :)

(Outdated Season 2)Not entirely great but it's decent.
- Here was a pretty long game where everyone was basically fed to max and it came close to us losing lol P.S. SO MANY Guardian Angel DEY OP!!

- Couldn't carry hard enough :(

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Current Status

Made 2/9/12

So I haven't really been playing Twisted Fate since S3 mainly cause I guess I sort of got bored lol but I will try and come back and see what I can do to make this guide better and all. I have recently been playing other people mid such as Swain You can check out my other guide on him below


I have come back and edited some of it slightly. But however I'm still working on my Swain! xD

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Update Log

11/06/12 - Guide is made and published
11/07/12 - Tweaked out the Lane Match Ups section a bit and Summoner Spells Section a bit
11/08/12 - Fixed few grammatical errors, added more items in Item Section, added more runes in Rune Section, and tweaked out few words.
11/09/12 - Tweaked out Summoner Spells section a bit and added a new section called Gameplay
11/10/12 - Added Vladimir, Ahri, and Anivia to Lane Matchups Section and added new section called Match History
11/11/12 - Added Malzahar, Annie, Akali, and Fizz to Lane Matchups and added more match results
11/12/12 - Added Gragas to Lane Matchups and added more match results
11/13/12 - Added Ranked Play section and Season 3 section

11/14/12 - Added Orianna and Kassadin to Lane Matchup section
11/15/12 - Added match result
11/16/12 - Added Galio to lane match ups
11/18/12 - Added some style to the guide
11/19/12 - Added Morgana, Swain, and Twisted Fate to Lane Matchup section
11/21/12 - Added Elise to Lane Matchups.
11/23/12 - Added Ryze to lane Matchups.
11/26/12 - Added some humor and funniness to the guide.
12/5/12 - Added few explanation in guidance of Pre Season changes and added a few changes for Pre Season
12/12/12 - Edited guide slightly and made it slightly more appealing

12/13/12 - Added Evelynn to lane matchups
3/18/13 - Made some few minor corrections in the build orders.

Future Tweaking coming soon.