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Master Yi Build Guide by Struhadlo

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Struhadlo

Master Yi AD aj AP

Struhadlo Last updated on March 27, 2012
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AD or AP

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Sorry, I´m not good in english,I have learned english only 6 years. PLease this is my first guid to champion it have much mistake sry for them and pls give me raiting .

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I would like to start with this..... Keep in mind that this is the strongest ad character in the game. Yi on the ad is the best from lvl 1 to lvl 6. Try to feed him the maximum you can on minions with alpha strike to lvl 9 , because if you do not, you will feed enemy and you will be defeated. Yi can be one of best killers in the game, but he is an excelent feeder of the enemy too . On lvl 1 with right runes, masteries and dorans blade he has 6 percemt lifesteel 600 and more hp 105 ad and if you castyou will have bonus 15 ad. You will have 90 percent done of the first blood if you will have good teammate or premede friends (skype or teamspeake) On the lane you can stay a long time cuz you will have good hp and good ad(Life steel). Best is to get up ,(solo lane /on 3v3/) get 6 hits on minions, it charges your passive ability and attack.....

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- and +

Next do not forget Yi has less hp. Low hp is the true reason to recieve The Great seal of Fortitude , dorans blade and frozen malet, it will make you 3,5 k hp on lvl 18 . He has too expensive abilites (on mana) thus make blue runes on mana . He have one unique passive from his ulti.IF HE KILL AN EMENY WITH ULTI ,than all his cooldown goes down to zero . + He has good dmg but thats what i told you about in the previous chapter.

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Next for feeding is best alpha strike. Cast it on minions and see money 100g and more do this every time if you can ok? Make red buff on lvl 4 and dragon on lvl 8 or if you succesfully get dorans blade berserker graves brutalizer and giant belt . And other buff every time if you can.

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Killing an enemy

Next.On lvl one after firs blood : On minions charge your passive and make lvl 2 . Wait for enemy and attack with alpha strike (95-80 dmg) cast wuju style and continue hitting to kill .(First hit with double hit and redy wuju make 250 dmg) after this fight to the death . You will have a very big chance to kill if you use ignite and heal if you have low hp. Only enemy with heal exhaust flash or any blink spells can escape you or have better chance to kill you.

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other builds version

Next. He can be right killer if you buy blood thister (instead of infinity edge) and black cleaver (instade of phantom dancer) but its only on your choice. Trininty force can be to usefull.

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Late game

Next... on late game can have Yi great existance troubles never forget press R skill E skill and youumuu blade (best on 2) and charge with Alpha Strike. BUT never sell your frozen malet it give you a lot of hp lil ad and good passive againts run away . NEVER focus tank with thornmail this can make you VERY big problems and lifetseel not help you . Keep you buffed and make many ward to dragon and capitaly to green buf its best buff for YI never make turret dive vs. STun blidn or blink champions fear is too bad but from snared you can still hit. Still attack to much low hp champions . If i play as yi i met morde gragas and ezreal againt me . I was alone and i win cuz they never go in group. You must hunt them if they leave group cuz Yi is pne of best again one enmy.

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Is best on 5v5 cuz he surrvive all fights with his medition.

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Items on ap (hybrid)

Best on start is tome and potion (he is low mana) he need apell wamp and lil of ad. With rabadon he will have much ap . Thx boats and morelio he will have good cooldown reduction. Hextech gunblade and Guinsoo Regeblade will give him ad and ap ( some as hybrid) . With full build he wil be a little hybrid he will have much ad and ap hp aveger. He surrvive all with medition and good hp he will do great ad dmg thx hextech and guinsoo and MEGA dmg eith alpha.Best is cast alpha to 5 enemies its deal around 800 dmg to all . He need mana from rod of ages spell wamp ( hextech gunblade) Lifesteel (to) ad guinshoo and hp. Trinity force can be to usefull.

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Frist alpha sure. Thi is very nice abilti to deal great dmg to all enemies isnt to usefull if you are in teamfights where are minions can atatck on them to. Wuju only on beginig help you with easy ad killing and meditíon give you A LOT of hp , magic resist and armor. If are you low hp in team fights cast it. DO not forget on ulti and wuju in team fights you are mabye ap but better say hybrid intseated mage. you will do dmg with ad and ap to . For run away from batle to safe palyce is ulti good too ;) Surge ... Why surge besace its give you abiliti power and much attack speed with ulti guinshoo and hextech can be a very dangerous combination. Clarity give you mana you need mana very much as Yi. You can pick Ignite againts healer or luckers. Heal isnt good idea with your Medition. Flash NOPE you are very fast so why use flash? beter is ghost but not to much. Ignite? no you re not jungler ( only if you rly get jungle). Promote... Claviorence is for supports. Good can be teleport but its good for all. And exhaust ned only slow or low hp champions.

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JUNGLE ( on 5v5 ) sure....... not a ap

Jungle yi is little bit off tank he can tank it with combo: Charge with alpha strike and after it use meditate. He must have bloodthister no lanter armor he will have from atma and guardin angel . Lifesteel is mabye nerfed but not to much for This quick killer!

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Way on jungle.

First start on wolfs and continue on Blue buff he will give you cooldown rediction and mana regen you mabye heard than mana rengen isnt good for Yi but he have very exspensive abilities on mana. Cooldown reduction is good for all champions. ( Udyr xD ) for jungling. Next you will go to wolfs and after get red buff . On blue use smite but on wolf NO use it for red . Next one you get wraiths and after them go to golems . Wolf are respawn every 2 minutes I think wrait 2 minutes to and golems 3. Blue golem every 5 minutes and red 5 minutes to. Dragon 7 and Baron (spawn on 20 minute ) every 10 minutes. After golems make wolf again and wraith . if you havent any buff and have 1050 gold go home buy madreds razor and boats of speed?! Now go to blue wolfs golems and wraiths back for lamp and make dragon . WARNING make dragon ONLY if you have next : :Wirggles lament
:Lvl 8
: Ulti wuju style redy
:300 and more mana.
: Red buff.
KILLING a dragon Use ulti wuju style and charge with alpha strike. Use smite pls. After you can gank and make lines war. Baron you make only with team or full build. Do not forget that baron is imune to true damage .

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Ganks from jungle

next...Bets to usefull gank is stedy in bush and wait for theyr low hp or if they are ( enemies) near your turet. Go to bush on top ar bottom and charge with alpha striek.

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Other usefull items for classic a AD Yi

If you want more dmg as atack speed buy a Blood Thister instade stark´s of Favor and black clever instated Phantom Dancer. If you have full build and Phantom Dancer sell Berserker graves and buy next Phantom Dancer his effecst are stack . You can sell Youmuu blade and buy Phantom dancer Last Whisper a black clever but remeber Efect form passive of Black Clever doesnt stack . And if you have two or mor Phantom dancer you you deff you will eb betetr if you sell Frozen malet and buy Warmog Armor . Trinity force can be to usefull you dont know what to buy sell boats or Phantom dancer and buy it. Very interesting build is 6 Trinity forces BUT two passive effecst doesnt stack with others ;)

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Other usefull items for AP Yi

6 Hextech Gunblades but effecst on fireable shoot can be use on one time in one minute ( cool down ) or buy boat of socceres and buy Nashor Tooth insteted Morelios evil tome . Or you can buy staff who frost with magic give 80 ap and 500 hp insteted Rod of Ages . Trinity force can be buyed insteted Hextech .

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Other usefull items for JUNGLE Yi

Trinity force insteted blood razor and phantom dancer .

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Thank you

Thank you i hope you will use this guid to be good as this Champion .