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Master Yi Build Guide by campbell008

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League of Legends Build Guide Author campbell008

Master Yi: AP/Attack speed

campbell008 Last updated on May 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi everyone, this is my first build. I have been trying the different Yi build but none of them were that great so I decided to create my own that played on what i beleive to be his key strengths: his speed, attack speed and his high ability power to ability conversion rates.

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Here i have just gone for runes that will improve his general ability. The added attackspeed is of a great advantage when using this build, it gives you the speed you need to really help with the early game and late game when the stacking effects of my items come into play. THe coolddown is useful as it makes Yi's abilities more readily availible when you need them, wuji style for example coolsdown quicker allowing you to have minimal time with the disadvantage brought about by its cooldown. The resiliance and Warding seals are both very useful and depending on how you want to customize the build either is viable, however with the standard build the Warding is more likely to help due to Yi's low natural magic resistance and finally, the quintessences will allow you to aviad having to get much mana for thorugh items, leaving a valuable slot open for something else.

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These are relativly straight forward, there is a big focus on offense because ideally, you want to be able to use your offensive ability to defend yourself. The choice of a balance between attackdamage and ability power masteries is due to the balanced nature of the build.

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As you may have noticed there are three items which have a stacking effects, i take this because with highlander their effects can be gained almost instantaneously and even without can be gained very quickly. The abilities have tempted more than a few rivals into thinking they could pick me off but with meditate and the stacking abilities the tide quickly turns. THey also complement highlander nicely as you are likely to get an assist or kill, thus giving you the ability to do it all over again. The last four items are completely up to you, any of these last four is useful however i usually try to get Madreds bloodrazor and Frozen mallet or Trinity force depending on whether the health or the all round imporovements will aid me more greatly. The Bloodthirster though is not to be underestimated as with your high attack damage you can drain alot of helath, getting those minion kill to bring it to its full potential is a breeze as well with Alpha Strike.

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Skill sequence

I have started with Wuju style as it can help you get a quick kill if you get in there with your lvl 1 alpha strike, the added attack also doesnt hurt and makes farming minions easier, i try to get at least 100 minion kills in the first 15 minutes or I try to get the most minion kills out of anyone by this time, it makes a big difference and the minion kills are worth alot more than a kill in which you end up dying in the process, remember Yi is one of the best farmers around, especially with this build.

Alpha strike comes second for me as it is great for harrassing the enemy, however if I am up against someone harrasing me I might level up meditate a bit as well at this point. Alpha strike can be a bit draining on the mana to start however it is not terribly insufferable, hoever rembmer to recall if low on mana as you can jsut run back out there again. But without it the alpha strike will be next to useless and you will have lost a potent initiating ability.

Meditate comes last for me as the laning phase does not hold any serious threat to your life so long as you recall, it is important though late game where MEditate can get you back to almost full health(depending on what items you choose to take) and let you continue on your way.

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Summoner spells


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Summoner Spells

I usually take Flash and Ignite, they give me the abilty to finish off and opponent or get out of a sticky situation. Alternatives to this are Exhaust, to improve your abilty to chase down opponents or win in 1 v 1 situations by completly turing the situation on thier heads. All the abilities can be fairly useful however i find that promote is not that helpful and garrison is very useful on Dominion but not Rift or Treeline

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Hope you guys like what I have advised. THis is my first guide so I will be working on it for quite some time but your input and ***itance on improving it ywould be great, if you have any vaqriants you found really useful you can send them to me and I can add them as another buidl.