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Master Yi Build Guide by Mazific

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mazific

Master Yi AP "MOD": Master Of Disaster

Mazific Last updated on July 3, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Introduction to Master Yi

This is my first Guide/Build i've ever made, but i'll try to do it as good as I can...

This is a guide of how to play Master Yi, no matter if your a skilled player or a newbie.
We all know that Master Yi is a very good AD champ and most people play him with an AD build, which is fine (for alot of people)... But I got tired of playing him with an AD build, and started creating my own build, which quickly showed up to be surprisingly effective against most teams. And AP Yi fits almost every champ-combo in-game.

I won't use alot of abbreviations so it's easier for new players to get the full understanding of the guide. (:

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Skill Sequence

Alpha Strike:
Alpha Strike (your "Q" skill) will do your main damage, and is very effective to just farm some minions or harass the enemies when they are getting a little too close. Alpha strike is also a very effective skill because it does damage to 3 other creep/enemy champ than the one you first clicked. When Alpha Strike is finish you return to the creep/enemy champ that you first clicked.

Meditate will also be a great help for you in both early, mid and late game.
Meditate takes about 5 sec. and heals you depending the skill-lvl and how much ability power you have got. When you have around lvl 3 or 4 in meditate you will be able to heal from low hp to full hp. In just 5 sec!

Wuju Style:
Wuju Style is not so important when playing AP Master Yi. You really only need it when trying to finish someone, when low on mana, or just to farm minions. That's why you choose Wuju Style as the last skills you get.

Highlander is your ultimate and will help you alot in catching up on opponents, but also to get away from a fight when low hp.
A very helpful thing that will make you able to do a penta kill (not so often) is that when your Highlander is active and you get a kill, all your cooldowns goes to 0, and you will be able to use Alpha Strike and all other skills again without waiting further.

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Item Purchase: Damage over all!

Shoes are one of the most important items in game, they will help you catch up enemies with low hp, but none less they will help you get away when being followed by a bunch of champs trying to get revenge over their dead team mate! (lol :P)

Next is all the ability power items, which will help you improve your main move Alpha Strike to do more damage, but also to improve the healing of your meditate which will be really effective in late game, where you might be able to tank 2 enemy champions, while your teammates try to kill them. And hopefully you will also get the full effect of Mejal's Soulstealer when you have gotten alot of kills and assists.

Last but not least you need a fine armor which gives some magic resistance, and also will help you on the attack-front.

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Runes: Do alot of Damage - Get kills - Win, win situation!

The runes are basically based on the offensive part of AP Master Yi and that's why you see alot of runes which gives Ability Power and Magic penetration.
You could also buy some runes which gives magic resistance, but in this guide I will focus mainly on the damage-part.

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Now to the masteries part.

I have chosen alot of AP masteries (ofc, it's an AP build man!) and there is not really much to say about this part of the build. As AP Master Yi you need alot of cooldown-reduction, Ability power and mana-regeneration.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost will be very effective all through game, because it increases your movement speed drastically, and will help you catch opponents or get away.

Exhaust is basically the same, just that you use exhaust on the opponent which decreases the opponents movespeed. Exhaust is also a great way to catch your opponents in start when you are after the first blood.

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What we found out:
AP Yi Is a nuke&run type of champion and will be able to get alot of kills, but also to help your teammates get some kills. AP Yi is a squishy champion, so often it's not a good idea to get into team-fight. Sometimes it's better so stand a little back and do alot of damage with your Alpha Strike and then get the hell out again.

Skill Sequence:
Alpha Strike is your main move and does alot of damage, whether you are in a big team-fight or just farming minions to get a little money or exp.
Meditate is your second most important skill and will help you survive alot of times during the game. You should use Meditate to heal up after the opponents have done damage to you or use it in late game to tank, as it can tank almost everything.
Wuju Style is a skill that you are not gonna use for anything special. Just to do last hits on opponents or to farm.

- Hope you enjoyed! (: