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Master Yi Build Guide by imsxyniknoit

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League of Legends Build Guide Author imsxyniknoit

Master Yi, Better then ever

imsxyniknoit Last updated on December 9, 2011
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I see you've stumbled upon my build for Master Yi, and if i don't say so myself. Its a real winner! When you're playing this master yi build, you should feel like a real sword in their side! Literally, you will be, IN THEIR SIDE. SPLICING THEM OPEN. Enough of that! Let me tell you about this build and how it works... (:

Beware: Not all facts/details in this build may be 100% correct. Im sorry if they are not, but they body of this build is to give people an idea of how to play yi.

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Runes, Makes ya stronger!

Although quite a few of you aren't exactly 20 (the level i recommend you start buying runes at), i'll tell ya a bit about the runes i chose and why!

Firsty - You're playing Yi, an auto attacking full on melee player, one of the best armor penetration-use heavy champions. Your goal as Yi is to hack away until the enemy is dead, clear? Im no mathematician, but I know matter-of-factly, that armor pen works best! Don't ask why, just nod your head and agree.
SO, You'll need to buy:And Nine of 'em!
3 of THEZE.

Secondly - Yu're playing a guy in what looks like leather, and if im not mistaken, magic, swords, and alot of other nasty things generally can pierce/bypass leather. So, you're going to want to upgrade your leather to dragon scales! Why though? Why should i focus on defense when im so heavy offense? Son, you're going to get hit by shiz when you're on the rebound from hacking away at your opponents, you ain't no invincible guy. Half of my deaths are from Taric and Sions stuns, but the other half is from minions, and ranged. Ranged come in a variety of magic to physical damage. So, yeah, you're going to want protection.
Use this!

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MASTERYI'S (Masteries)

So, you're gaining levels huh? HUH PUNK? Good

Masteries, they are handy, they help you kill ****. I cheese these masteries because they really highlight your offense, you being a ninja, you need to emphasis your utility, yeah? So, its logic to make yourself faster? Make yourself be able keep on the battlefield zigging this way and that, never stopping... always kill.. my pretty pretty red... (":

So, these masteries are pretty wicked 'aight? What you're aiming for us utility, extra pen, some regen to keep going and going, plenty of gold cause that just helps alot. And you dont wanna be unable to use your slashing abilties waiting for long c/d's (which they can be in the heat of battle), so going for the utility tree and touching in the dps tree is imo a pretty good idea.

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Hello, in this section we'll be discussing item choice.

These items i/you aswell now, have decided to choose un/willingly are good. If i might say so myself, very good. The first set of items you are going to buy (at start of the game) are crucial for your survival, you'll start with;



Your next items are where your build really starts to take off. Yes, this early? Surely not? Well, even though the change of your strength gradually in this build makes you uber while others are saving for items. These items are were you get to have your first taste of low-cost awesosmness weapons.
You'll need to buy

Then (almost immediately after, cause its so cheap)

With these newly found powers, your goal becomes. Hit the enemy with your 'q' when ya can, and just farm those minions. You'll eventually pickup a few kills with the q and your summoner spells (your teammates summoner spells/help too).

Then we go back to damage with the Madreds Razor claws

This helps ya to kill those minions quickly (getting gold by last hitting with items passive)it also adds the armor you lack, with a lovely damage boost.
Once you have saved enough gold up, grab yourself Wiggles Lantern

Now you get free wards, some item improvement. Its just downright handy (escp when taking red/blue buffs if ya feel like it, but with this build you dont need the buffs from past half-game).

Because you're going to need to keep up with the increase enemy damage and your tower dives and what not, you'll need to grab one more

Then start building towards your attackspeed/dps/armor item.. the mighty...

Atm we're keeping our lifesteal/armor/damage and attack speed perfectly even imo.

You've probably noticed, the enemies are finding you a threat now, and you are getting targeted more frequently, and they're running away even more! Ha, but we get the last laugh with!

but because before we get that.. we'll shortcut to

Cool hey?

Now we want damage and lifesteal again, this'll continue to keep us on top of all the others.
get this:

Then this, behold:

This little toy will make you hit insanely hard.

By now you're the strongest on your team (hopefully if you are any good), and you'll of noticed they're a little short on items cause you've kill everyone else. Well, for the sake of boosting our own stats, and theirs. We're going to grab:

Now i'd say we're just pretty beast in general. If you want though you can always buy

but meh i prefer the other. Ghostblade if you want to be the only one on your team with kills. Stark if you want your team to have a improved chance of winning.

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How to Play + Skills

Skills & Advice

Well, how you play comes alot down to how good/well practiced you are. But, i can gives you some tips. Im not the best nor the greatest, but i fair myself pretty well with other Yi's i've seen.


Alpha strike.. Heh, this move you're going to use to farm gold. It becomes less powerful late game, but its great for chasing people. use it to quickly farm minions, when you destroy the meat shield in-front of the enemy, they get annoyed. its also great for diving from the bushes.

Now, your meditate


Well, its just ****. It wastes mana, and does a poor job at healing. We have Health Potions for that.. Don't use this for healing...

Alright, now Wuju Style.

I know alot of people really like this ability over Alpha strike, but i believe alpha strike is more useful early game, cause it hits the jungle cretins hard. And it helps you harass the enemy to a very satisfactory state. This is just a damage boost, to hit the enemy early game with this is still pretty effective, but i believe if you're going for utility you want to upgrade alpha over this.


This is the move that pulls the build together into extreme death beast modeness. It gives you an epic attack speed boost, epic movement (cant be slowed) and you move really quickly... Hitting as hard as you do, and having lifesteal, and armor.. This ability just.. its just OP when you build my way (this build). I cant reall describe it, but what it is essentially; its like you are a one man army for 12 seconds, but if you get a kill, +12 more seconds, and if you get another kill +12 seconds. That's why this build is so awesome! It amplifies your ultimates power so greatly! Go play a match, come back, and don't say that this ultimate isnt deadly when built properly.

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Summoner spells

*flash* HEYA *exhaust* NAW WHATS WONG? YOU SICK?

Its useful, very useful for engaging sessions of extreme love making when you use your ultimate.

When they pop their ghost and you're using your ultimate, what do you do?

Yup, slow 'em down.

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Well, im bored. And tired of writing for 3 hours, so im going to leave on a small note. Although i believe i gave you very nice information about Yi, i cannot say that ALL of it is accurate. I wrote this Guide in a fun and bearable form to read, so. If there are some inconsistancies with the language and things i miss out, like; When you kill someone with Highlander it resets the Cooldown on it. Things like that. Anyway, just have fun with this build. Its really great for agressive players.