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Master Yi Build Guide by Colosussss

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Colosussss

Master Yi, Carry Build

Colosussss Last updated on July 14, 2011
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Welcome to this guide, first I'd like to say English is not my first language, so sorry if you find any mistakes.

Master Yi is one of the best carry/pusher in the game, he has a great escape/chase ability, and a safe harassment tool.

Yi is my main champ and i find this build working very good, I role as a carry in most of the games I play. In this guide we will use all of Yi's abilitys through the game instead of focusing only few of them. Do not underestimate the power of Meditate.

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Runes & Masteries

In Runes i go for ArP Marks and Quints, because it will make you own your lane in early game and will boost you through the entire game. I get Dodge Seals, and AP per lv Glyphs, these 2 i boost them with masteries to make them more effective.

You'll notice that I focus some AP instead of crit chance, thats because you wont get any more AP from any item in the build, so it's a nice boost tou your AP based abilities, wich is the key for succesfully play a carry Yi.

Crit Chance and attack speed masteries are very unneffective for this build in early game, and in mid game will get useless when you get Zeal

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You will start with Dorans Ring, simply because it'll give you mana regen (main Yi problem) some Hp (also a main Yi problem) and some AP, enough to make your alpha strike and early meditate useful, combined with runes and masteries you'll have 23.52 AP at lv 4 without using ignite, this means when you spend your first and only point in Meditate you get a lot of healing from it.

The key of this Build is never spending a single coin in potions and getting kills even with early tower diving (i'll explain next chapter). + Farming with Tiamat will make a huge gold income.

The core build is Berserker greaves, Phantom Dancer, Tiamat and Bloodthirster, with this only 4 items you'll be able to slain almost every champ in a few seconds. That leaves you 2 slots for situational items.

Get Quicksilver Sash if you're getting disabled, it's more usefull than banshees in some situations

If you're getting to focused try to get some surviability, a Banshees Veil or GA depending on the enemy team

If you're facing high armor teams get Last Whisper

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So, you start with dorans Ring, you can solo mid or duo lane, never go solo lane because youre too fragile.

In early game Harass with alpha strike to minions only when 1 or 2 champs are near it and you can get back safely to your partner, with the early AP boost it will do a LOT of damage to most champs, be very aware of your passive. If your enemies are squishy or at least one of them is, focus him. Alpha strike him directly and activate wuju, it will leap half of the life bar of most champs, exhaust and keep hitting unless his partner is killing you (DONT WASTE YOUR IGNTE UNLESS YOU'RE REALLY SURE HE IS GONNA DIE) If he survived and dont return to his base keep them in tower by harassing minions without alpha strike. If he is low enough wait until your passive is on and alpha strike him even in tower, with this and a Wujued double hit + Ignite hes is dead, and you'll get safely back with at least 2 tower hits.

I mentioned early never spending a coin in potions, How to do it? simple, Tiamat's recipe has a mana regen item. Try to stay in lane until you get 1100 gold. Then brb and get Berserker Greaves and faerie charm. This will control your mana problem, and you'll be able to stay in lane undifinetely because of Meditate. After this first visit to your base gank if possible or return to your lane until you rip your first tower.

In mid game, avoid direct confrontation with enemy team because you'll get focused, so try to BD or push lanes every time you can. DONT WASTE YOUR ULT DESTROYING TOWERS UNLESS YOU'RE SURE WHERE IS THE WHOLE ENEMY TEAM, save it for escaping. With Tiamat you can get to a tower with a wave of minions in a matter of seconds. If you engage in team fight, do not initiate, wait until the battle beggin and Alpha Strike the carry, Highlander, wuju, exhaust, if you get the Kill focus the next one, aaand the next one, you will get them if they try to escape a lost teamfight. Tiamat WILL help a lot in teamfights becuase you'll hit everything near the target

If you're engaging teamfights more often than you're pushing, get vampiric Scepter earlier.

When you get Bloodthirster you'll be an ********* machine, you can feed it in no time thanks to Tiamat, so play smart because you will get even more focused.

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This build has worked a lot for me, I'll be aware of any feedback to improve it
Thank you for watching this!