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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Spe

Master Yi, Crit happens

Spe Last updated on August 1, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This set up is for early ganking to get ahead and the item build to keep you there.

First of all you need to look at your team comp and make sure you have someone who can do decent aoe damage, the best I've found is Rammus. If you have a friend and just want to rack up wins, play this build with Rammus. He powerballs in, ults and shields to get focus you run in and clean up.

The problem with this build is if you can’t build your madreds in time to help. This means your team, if you aren’t tearing them up mid game, needs to make sure to wait it out for madreds and you can take down tanks with ease. Until then, focus on everyone else. Any non tank char will go down surprisingly fast with this build. Especially at lower levels.

The trick to this build is to go for it, don’t tower dive, but go for it. Your crits at low lvls will do crazy damage to squishy champs and they run in fear just seeing you.

You want the life steal first, because your crits give you back enough hp to make up for regen and it gives you more hp when in fight then regen will. The problem with this is if you push and get pushed back and they start denying you creep kills, use meditate, and it’s not that big of a deal. Remember for the level 1 fight that you have ghost, use it mid way through the fight. They will try to run so you don’t want to give him any time between seeing him run and you hitting the button. Ignite at the end. Even if it doesn’t kill him, he should have to port back, preventing him from getting xp and making the second attempt easier.

The only reason I get alpha strike before lvl 6 is for champs that run away. Ghost+alpha strike will take care of that last 10hp. Yes it helps with farming, but unless you’re pressed up against your tower, you don’t need it for that reason. You want them to be pushed toward you as much as comfortly possible. So you can attempt to deny those creep kills.

After level 6 you want to rush Infinity Edge. This is when I will try to jungle and gank as much as possible. This only works if your lanning partner can handle himself for a few moments. Even hitting the closest jungle creeps and then going to lane will help you both level faster, get more gold, and let the other team push and set up for getting ganked.

Until you get Infinity Edge try to get lizard as much as possible. Don’t kill yourself over it but I find it helps a little if your lanning with someone without a stun/slow. This is Yi's main weak point if you have to try to clean up later in games. If you make it a habit, you won’t need to get frozen mallet as badly or at all if you don’t want.

You know have Infinity Edge, squishies will run but tanks/jax will not unless you out level them and have friends that know how to help you. With any attack speed champ vs tank you want madreds, this also does crazy additional damage to non-tanks.

Jax is the one I hear most complaints about for ppl playing non caster champs, this is why I love Sword of the Divine. Although your team needs to make sure to not focus him while you use it because they may proc his stun and nullifying the point of getting The Sword of the Divine.

Granted these are the two most common set ups I have used because the problem champs I usually find are Mordekiazer and Jax. If you don’t have to put up with tanks/Jax I wouldn’t bother with either madreds or the sword. Go straight for the Bloodthirster.

If you want to tower dive or backdoor get something with defense like Atmas Impaler or Frozen heart. I don’t like Guardian Angel for the reason that this build is very squishy, Master Yi isn’t able to take hits if hes not meditating.

The main thing is to remember, you have 20% life steal and depending on the build 40-50% crit. So 20% of 700 crit is 140. 140 health per second, this means that you may have a better chance if you stay and fight than trying to run away without your Ult/ghost.

Sometimes, you get into a bind. Tank dies, or others leave you hanging. Whenever you’re targeted and know your getting focused, play tank. Hit meditate asap, pray your team jumps in then seeing how long you can just sit there and take it. Next Alpha strike, it’s likely they opposing team waited for you to finish meditating before going for the kill. Alpha strike nullifies a lot of spells and aoe attacks. Also allowing you to get a quick hit off as soon as soon as it’s done (+100 hp or so).

All in all, you are going to get focused, you can’t take that much damage if you are stunned. Thankfully your Ult prevents getting pinned down.

I left Skill after 6 blank, but you want to focus on Wuju Style and Meditate. I Meditate is useful, mainly if you have other champs that can do damage with you, allowing you to tank for a short moment.