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Build Guide by killingspree777

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author killingspree777

Master Yi DPS for any situation

killingspree777 Last updated on May 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi this is my first guide so please cut me a little slack. If you can please help me. Tell me if there is anything I can add or any tips you can give me. I know it long but please read the guide it has information that if read can truly help help anyone to master playing Master Yi successfully in all aspects of the game.

Other than that Master Yi is my main so i spend about 95% of my games playing as him. I know he is much harder to master playing fives because he can be very squishy and is very easily targeted by teams with lots of cc. Mostly I stick to playing him in three's to avoid teams with lots of cc but it is much harder jungling. Master Yi in my opinion can be the best jungler in the games if it is done right. If you can jungle right with him it gives you the opportunity to level up much quicker, buy items faster, and gank more easily. Hopefully this guide can help anyone learn to play Master Yi and give a few nice tips to help wipe out teams with in a few quick strikes.

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Pros / Cons


    Probably the highest dps in the game
    Great jungler
    Great at Ganks
    Amazing late game
    Can run from any situation if he needs to or can chase anyone down
    pretty low ulti cd
    Fun to play

    Very squishy
    Bad Early game
    Mana hog
    Has pretty high cd for most of his abilities
    Stuns and snares kill him very easily

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For my runes:

    Armor Pen marks and Quints really help to give a bit more damage especially early game, they help with the early jungling and farming to take down minions a little faster.

    Dodge Seals are for a little bit more survivability and even though it is not that much dodge chance it still comes in handy.

    Attack Speed Glyphs are mainly for the start until you can get some attack speed items. They help with the early jungling and speed up your auto attcks for the ganks and early farming.

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For my Masteries i like to go 9/0/21.

I find that the offensive masteries i use help Master Yi a lot and the later offensive masteries do not really do that much more for him. The smite cooldown and extra gold really comes in handy. The critical chance and attck speed are really nice at the start of the game. Also you get a little bit more armor pen to.

The utility masteries are great because they ghost gives you a little bit extra movement speed and a little more duration. I like that you get a little more mana regen, cdr, and longer buffs because they can really help Yi because early game he is very mana hungry and has high cd. The longer buffs are nice because of the constant jungling. Greed is nice even though it is not that much gold it adds up over time. The extra movement speed helps Yi because it stacks with his boots ghost and ulti making him insanely fast. The quick he can use his summoner spells the better because smite gives that extra gold and makes jungling that much quicker.

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Skill Sequence

For his Skills i like to max out alpha strike as quick as possible because it helps to farm and kill neutral monsters with the higher damage and higher crit chance it get with each increasing rank. That first meditate is to help lane and kill neutral monster so u do not have to constantly go back to base. But after you are level six i find that it does not seem to help having higher ranks of meditate because you get life steal very quickly. After that first rank of wuju and mediate i like to get wuju style up as fast as possible because the increased damage helps clear waves of minions quick.

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The Items kind speak for themselves. The Dorans shield helps to get some health and armor early since Yi is very squishy. But the items i have are just for a general team with some ap a tank and some dps. I like to try and rush to get my first life steal item as it helps in farming and jungling very much. I prefer getting the lantern because the ward helps to show enemies changing lanes or setting up for a gank. and at the least it can help make sure you do not get ganked while jungling. Now You can change items depending on how the other team changes. If they have multiple tanks maybe buy a Bloodrazor instead of a second Phantom Dancer. Or say the team was stacking armor try get a list whisper to get a little bit more armor pen. Every persons taste is a little bit different to so change some items to suit your style of play.

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Jungling and Farming

OK this my be the most important part of the guide for Master Yi. A good Jungler and Farmer has the ability to get at least 100 minion kills if not 150 by the 15 minute mark with master Yi. Depending on if you are playing fives or threes there are many different approaches to jungling. But in general Use your Alpha Strike on the group of monsters first. Follow this up by you smite if you have it. use it on the strongest monster of the group to guarantee that you will finish them off as quickly as you can. If you have low health do not let that stop you pop the meditate and continue to kill as many monsters as you can. It is important to by a life steal item ASAP to guarantee that you can stay in the jungle for as long as possible.

Farming on the other hand I like to alpha strike minions as much as possible. This normally gives you at least one minion kill even with only one rank of alpha strike. second i do not like to auto attack the minions. I like to try to last hit them and harass the opposing player in the lane as much as possible so they are not getting as many minion kills while you are just raking them up. If you can try using your alpha strike with the opposing champion as the target to get some damage on them and hopefully scare them away a bit. Also if you do not have your life steal item just yet use your meditate to be able to stay in the lane longer.

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Ganking is a major part of being master Yi because it is not until mid game and sometimes even late game that it is guaranteed you can successfully 1v1 opponents. Mostly i like to wait until my team is either being a bit more aggressive or the enemy has put some distance between them and safety. When your team mates are being aggressive and enemies are pushing back it is nice to jump push that ulti and wuju style and watch as they were not ready for you to pop out as you run them down and kill them. And if an enemy is weak or is pushing hard and is far from there turret ghost to them and either finish them off quickly since it is hard for most enemies to run from you. If an enemy is pushing very hard just take them head on mostly they will back off but if not you can normally escape with your life while an Allie comes to finish them off.