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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DoGKealthalas

Master Yi DPS FYC build.

DoGKealthalas Last updated on July 18, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The build I've been using with Master Yi as of recent.

Spells - Exhaust - counter enemy DPS mostly.
Ghost - To run when Highlander is on CD
Cleanse - If you've been unlucky with Disables
Rally - Don't underestimate this one, it makes a differance ironically :P

Runes - I don't use runes, but I would suggust either Attack power, AS, or Crit.

Early Game -
Early Game Yi can be what makes or breaks this. No joke. I prefer to play 3v3, so This build is more centered towards that. Early game is mostly you trying to farm, and staying alive. Perticipate in Ganks, but most importantly PLAY SAFELY don't do anything stupid. Never travel alone, and if possible, ask someone to babysit you in the lane. Master Yi Shines bright Mid-Late game, and has potential to be good Early game, but you need to play against people who are either A) Noobs or B) have bad connection to have a sparkly Early game. For starting Items, get Boots, 2 health pots, and a mana pot. I see a lot of Yi's get Meki's. don't its pointless. Yi isn't a MP hero, he is meant to use all his skills to get the job done the first time.

Mid Game -
Mid game starts when you either A) Hit 10 kills, or B) one or two towers go down. At this point, you should have berserkers greaves and either lifesteal *I use Wriggles, but of course Moba is slow about adding that >.<* or You should be working on getting Youmuu's. Youmuu's will let you slice through all armor and the crit chance is very sexy. During this phase of the game, you will notice that you are doing lots of damage, very quickly. You want to pick 1 hero, and attack them nonstop, hunt them down. Hunt them down till they start traveling with a friend, then Pick another hero. When it comes to team fights, stay back until you see a lot of the CC and spells go off, then go in and mop up. Use exhaust on whoever is attacking you and is not your target. You should also control Lizard, because his buff his awesome for Yi. More damage and slow = Awesome Sauce. once you Have Lifesteal and Hopefully Youmuu's, you have your "core" build. These are the 3 items that you should always get, because they are just that versitile for Yi.

Late Game - Here is when People will hopefully be complaining about you and your epicness. You should grab Last Whisper, so you can say "**** your coach" to everyone, and do lots o Damage. You will probably Notice that you are critting and hitting very hard, but it gets better as the game goes on. If there is a Jax on the enemy team, get SotD before First whisper, so you can say "**** your couch" to his dodge chance. If the game is still goin on, grab an Infinite Edge, because that bonus crit will seriously allow you to hit over 1k a hit, and with Highlander & Wuju, you will be hitting that much very often. I have played games where I could 5 shot enemy tanks with 4k HP.

Your BnB - Alpha - Wuju - Highlander - Exhaust if needed. Thats your BnB, and its simple to do.

I have some pictures of me going 20-1 and 22-0 with Yi with this build, but Uploading them is beeing a pain. Meh. Try this build out for a few games before you judge it, and remember, luck and skill arn't always on your side. No build will make you a god, your TEAMS skill level compared to the enemy TEAM skill level will often decide winners. the other times are compared to who backdoors the most. O well, have fun with this build if you decide to use it ^_^