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League of Legends Build Guide Author Encryption

Master Yi - DPS/Survivability build

Encryption Last updated on January 30, 2011
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Alright, this is my first build so bare with me. Please point out any mistakes and I will try to correct them.

I have been playing Master Yi for a while now and he has become the Champion that I play best with in Normal Que games. I normally Jungle with him but since there is already a great guide on that I'm going to tell you how I lane with him.

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Laning with Master Yi

Laning with Master Yi is one of the most simple things you will ever do in League of Legends. It's essentially the same exact thing you would do with any other melee champion. Try to lane with a Ranged champ so you dont get harassed to much.

I takeAlpha strike first because it's Yi's greatest farming/harass ability. Use it when there are only 3 of their creeps left and the enemy is close to those minions and you will be sure to hit them while being taken back to the first minion you used it on. (Try and hit the ones that go up front)

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Start with a Longsword for the Extra Damage or Cloth Armour for extra survivability. Once you have around 1000 gold, port back to base and buy Madreds Razors and a Vampiric Scepter. Now you may want to give your Laning partner some heads up that you will be going into the Jungle for a bit.

This is where it gets interesting, Now you have your Madreds Razors and Lifesteal item, this enables you to stay in the jungle forever with The lifesteal combined with Razor procs. I normally clear the small creeps first and then get Blue buff followed by Red. Now you should be around level 4-7 by now depending on how your laning went. This allows you to easily gank the lane that you came from because of your ultimate plus Wuju Style.

After you have gathered enough gold for Berserker Greaves and Wriggles Lantern, you are going to want to rush Starks Fervor and Phantom Dancer, This allows for massive attack speed and great crit chance.

After you have those two, you should be good to finish the build how you see fit. I Normally Grab Infinity Edge and Bloodthirster if I have time. Then depending on how long the game goes on, I grab Hextech Gunblade (sell Wriggles or Boots).

Using this Item you get good Attack Damage, Lifesteal, Ability Power (alpha strike) and SpellVamp and it's amazing Active (DO NOT FORGET ABOUT IT!)

Using this Build, I once took on 3 Champions by myself (yeah I know) I didn't die but ended up with around 300 hp because of the massive Lifesteal+crits(like 218 HP gained per crit and I crit most of the time) that saved my ***. I took them all down and then ended up dieing from some other Guy who had a stun -.-

Stun's are Yi's death.

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Skill Sequence

I max Alpha strike and Wuju style first to be a great farming tool. As always max your Ultimate whenever you can and then late game get meditate.

You can always put 1 or 2 points in meditate in early game if you're getting harassed to much.

Start your ganks/fights with an Alpha strike and then press E and R in fast succesion to enable Wuju style +ultimate, If they start to run and you cant keep up for some reason, use exhaust and take them down. If they are still alive, finish up with another alpha strike.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport - Get anywhere fast and great for Back Dooring (if you do backdoor, do it with another dps champion such as Tristana)

Exhaust - Easy takedowns


Flash- Good for getting out of any situation

Ghost -Better chases but not normal because of Yi's Ultimate

Cleanse - Get rid of Stuns because Stuns are Yi's death

Any other spells are really mentionable.

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[*] Use him as a Ganking machine, Go for the squishy champions first and then focus on the others
[*] If you're up against a team with tanky champions or are stacking Armour, Buy Black Cleaver or Last Whisperer.
[*] Don't go alone
[*] If you're low on HP, Go into the Jungle and kill some Creeps, Your lifesteal should give you quit a bit of health
[*] Try to grab golem whenever possible, this allows you to spam your abilities to no end.

All in all just have fun completely wrecking Squishys and being able to be at almost full HP afterwards because of that sexy Lifesteal.