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League of Legends Build Guide Author Loovemachine

Master Yi early pwn= easy game

Loovemachine Last updated on June 27, 2010
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Playing Yi for a while, I started to notice that the better he farms in yhe beginning, the sooner you start to own with him big time!
So we all know that Master Yi's Alpha Strike has a chance to instantly kill minions, and that chance rises with each lvl. But the bad part about the skill is that it is wery mana costy.

So thats why i allways start with ma Meki Pendant, for the mana reg. And just in case if the other team has a range/nuker in the same lane I pick up the 2 health potions.

When u go to your lane, my suggestion is that u go to the nearest and weakest jungle camp, and if u are so lucky that there spawned wolfs. Then try your luck with the Alpha Strike. If u manage to kill 2 of the wolfs just with Alpha Strike then pop a potion and finnish of the last one. If your Alpha Strike didin't do so well, RUN, and pop a potion. And start the laneing as u would usually. Now that we get the mana reg from the pendant and from the masteries, Ushould not have the problem with mana in a while, depends on how offten u use the Alpha Strike. But the meaning with this build is to do it as much as possible.

The good thing with Alpha Strike is that it hits everyone in a small area. So it keeps the enemy champions away from farming and last hitting your minions, and there for gives u much more freedom to farm for the items u need later.

At lvl 6 you should have a kill or 2 allready. Tele. back to base and by the Vampric Sceptre and the boots. Now that u have life steal and atk. speed u can start to combine lane farming and jungeling. I still don't mean that u spend all the time in the jungle. Farm as much u just can, and gank allot!!! Yi is one of the fastest heroes when he uses his ulti. So u can run anyone down, so the killing should not be so difficult.

The next item u should get is the Phage. it gives u that much needed slow to chase down the enemy champions. After that buy the Zeal. Now u have the speed, atk, speed, and life steal to kill almost any hero 1v1. So try to find some low, lvl's or squishy champions that r defending or pushing alone in some lane. Free kill ;). But always keep in mind that it can be an ambush.

At this point i like to get 2 Averice blades to help a little with the money making. I usually also sell the Meki Pendan at this point. Now start to gank/jungle/push to start farming for those fancy items that u need to become unbeatable 1v1 even 2v1 in some cases for the rest of the game. Bloodthirster, Phantom Dancer, and the Frozen Mallet for the damage and slow. U can sell the Averice blades at any point u don't see the healping anymore with the farming.

When the item build is complete u can almost right the way say GG.

This is my first posted build ever, so plz comment. Any oppinons or comments for making the build even better are welcome. But don't comment about my english, cz I know it's bad. But hopefully good enough that u understand what i was trying to say.