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Master Yi Build Guide by cstott52

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League of Legends Build Guide Author cstott52

Master Yi - Faster Yi

cstott52 Last updated on August 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Welcome Summoners to the Faster Yi Build Guide. This build focuses on primarily attack speed and attack damage with a little life steal and movement speed. Late game stats will be about 290+ AD, 2+ AS, 450+ Movement Speed and 25% Lifesteal.

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About the Author

This is my first build guide and I'm also fairly new to League of Legends so I apologize for any flaws in guide; however, I have had much success with this build and hope you do too!

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Pros / Cons


    Great farmer
    Good early game
    Easy champion
    Amazing attack speed
    Good damage
    CD resets when you slay enemy
    Great for back-dooring towers

    Squishy :(
    Mana problems
    Easily disabled

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Skill Sequence

Start off with Wuju Style, it's passive gives you increased damage as well as it's active so you can farm easily and also do a lot of damage early game.

Next build up Alpha Strike, very good for farming as well as chasing enemies.

Get Highlander as soon as possible, amazing ultimate. It boosts attack speed (on top of your attack speed) and you are also immune to slow effects. If you get a kill while active all cooldowns reset.

Finally Meditate, not really necessary early game; however, it is very useful late game so you do not have to return to base to regenerate health.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust - Good for lowering enemy damage and movement speed.

Flash - Escape ganks or chase down your enemy.

Ignite - Used interchangeably with Exhaust, good for early game.

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Start off with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Pots. This allows you get to lane quickly and also escape from fights quickly.

Grab Berserker's Greaves next, increased movement speed and attack speed.

Next comes Recurve Bow, increased attack speed, you already have good damage due to Wuju Style so go for attack speed early and a key component in Stark's Ferver, which we will be grabbing later.

After grab B.F. Sword, nice to have increased damage early, also a key component in Infinite Edge which we will also be getting later.

Zeal, good attack speed plus critical strike to take out minions and enemies quickly.
Infinite Edge, what is there to say? Great damage plus critical strike.

Phantom Dancer, for the same reason as Zeal with an additional movement speed boost.

Stark's Fervor, life steal which will help in many 1v1 battles and more attack speed.

Phantom Dancer, yes again, same reason as above.

Black Cleaver, great damage with added attack speed.

If the game lasts awhile and you have extra money sitting around

Exchange your Berserker's Greaves with another Phantom Dancer, you will still have good movement speed, but now you have more critical strike and attack speed.

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Greater Mark of Alacrity Increased attack speed. (Attack speed is what we're going for here guys.)

Greater Glyph of Celerity Low cooldowns.

Greater Seal of Clarity Help with mana problems.

Greater Mark of Replenishment Help with squishy health problems.

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Classic 21 Offense / 9 Utility

* 3/3 Deadliness (Better crit chance)
* 1/1 Cripple (Better Exhaust spell)
* 3/4 Sorcery (Decrease cooldowns)
* 4/4 Alacrity (Better attack speed)
* 3/3 Sunder (Armor Penetration)
* 1/2 Offensive Mastery (Better for farming)
* 3/3 Brute Force (Better damage)
* 3/3 Lethality (better crit strike)

* 3/3 Good Hands (Less time spent dead)
* 3/3 Perseverence (For health/mana problems)
* 3/4 Expanded Mind (For mana problems)

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Playing Faster Yi

Early Game
This is where Faster Yi shines. With the Boots of Speed you will be able to make it to your lane quickly, I usually got top lane.
If you are playing with a teammate, signal them to come into the bushes with you. Post up in bushes together and wait for enemy champions to come. As soon as an enemy enters the bushes, use your exhaust spell to limit their movement and damage. You and your teammate work together to kill the enemy. After killing one enemy, try to kill the next. If you are too low on health retreat to tower and use your Health Pots. Upgrade your Alpha Strike and begin to farm. Also use Alpha Strike to lower enemy summoners; however, do not lock on to them as they may run back and you will go with them allowing for 2v1, which ultimately you will die. Once you have Highlander, find which enemy has the lowest health, ping them to your teammate and use Alpha Strike for first hit, then activate Wuju Style and Highlander and take them out. If you have enough health to go for other enemy summoner, activate Wuju Style and Highlander again and go for them. Use Alpha Strike to finish them off or escape if need be.

If you are playing solo, wait back at tower, last hit as many minions as possible. Upgrade your Alpha Strike for better farming, but stay close to tower, because you are very squishy. Once you upgrade Highlander you can start to intimidate enemy summoners. Use your Alpha Strike to catch enemy, use Exhaust spell to limit movement and damage and activate Wuju Style and Highlander to finish them off.

Mid Game
You now should have high attack speed and attack damage so you can start to have a little more fun with enemy summoners. You also will be able to knock out towers quickly, take out a summoner in your lane or lower their health and make them retreat to their base, quickly take out the next wave of minions and go for the turret. Let your minions go to turret first so you do not take any damage and take out the turret. Once you have taken out the turret in your lane, you can now start to help other struggling lanes; however, keep an eye on your lane to make sure it is not getting overrun. Go river and hide in bushes, ping the enemy summoner in that lane to let your teammate know you are coming to gank, then use Alpha Strike for first hit, activate Wuju Style and Highlander and take them out. Don't get too greedy and retreat to your lane to farm and defend turret after you have helped other lanes.

Late Game
Similar to Mid Game, but your team has most likely engaged in team fights now. You have very high attack speed, attack damage, movement speed and life steal, but you are still squishy so if you are targeted in a team fight you will most likely die. Help your team as much as possible. Use Alpha Strike to hit all enemy summoners, find the weakest and activate Wuju Style and Highlander to take them out. If there are other low health enemies around, go for them next. If not, retreat to the back of your team, activate Meditate to regenerate health and then go back to team fight using the same strategy. If you see and enemy in a lane alone, go for them, you will win almost any 1v1 using the same attack pattern as above. Be careful you do not fall into a trap though, or you will most likely die. If your team is not doing well, tell your teammates to keep enemy summoners busy in team fights. While they are doing that, you will go in a lane and build up minions to back-door turrets. You are the best champion in the game at taking down turrets, but don't forget you are squishy. Take out a turret then fall back so the enemies do not gank you.